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How Big Is The Map For Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare's 'Warzone'?

Back in December, fans got their first taste of the massive Warzone map in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. This wasn't a sneak peek or an official announcement, but a glitch posted to Reddit. Nevertheless, players liked what they saw: a sweeping terrain filled with interesting, and likely dangerous, locations.


Initially, it was rumored that this map would support 200 players at one time. While that turned out to be hearsay, it is true that up to 150 players will swarm over the map at once. That's just how big it is. 

The city of Verdansk is a vast place, with dozens of points of interest. Some of these locations are almost mini maps unto themselves. The airport, the dam, the stadium, and the lumberyard are huge. There are plenty of roofs for snipers, hiding spots for sneakier players, and open road for those lucky enough to get their hands on a vehicle.

It speaks to just how large this map is that the devs thought to add in vehicles like trucks and even helicopters. There is quite a lot of ground to cover and there's no way a player could do so on foot. It's no wonder that when dropping into Warzone, giant subtitles helpfully clue you in on which area is which. Given the brown and grey color palette, it's kind of hard to tell the difference between the junkyard and the boneyard.


It's going to take a number of matches to get familiar with the city of Verdansk. It's likely the devs are counting on this massive, sprawling map to take a while to explore. After all the work put into such a huge undertaking, Warzone probably won't get a new map anytime soon. Verdansk will keep players occupied for a long time to come.