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Apex Legends Players Make It To Secret Island

From giant sea monsters called Nessy to adorable stuffed dogs hidden in the map, Apex Legends continues to yield some bizarre secrets. The latest such secret to be discovered is that players can actually reach an island that was long thought to simply be part of the background. 


In the game's small firing range map, players can see an island off in the distance that contains some kind of massive airship. There doesn't appear to be any conventional method of reaching the island without some kind of ridiculous trickery. While the ship is way off in the foggy distance, Reddit user XeDevn and friends figured out at least one method of reaching it. You just have pick the right Apex Legends characters for the job. Also, you have to be a hilariously precise shot to make it work. 

As seen in XeDevn's video of the feat, two players need to be using the Legends Caustic and Pathfinder. After heading to one of the highest points in the firing range, Caustic needs to place two of his combustible gas canisters on the ground at the peak. As the canisters launch, Pathfinder needs to grapple onto one and hold on tight. With a bit of precise aiming, the resulting flight should take players straight to the mysterious island. 


Naturally, the other fans in the thread had plenty of questions regarding the island. The biggest one on everyone's minds seemed to be whether or not the island had any further hidden secrets. According to XeDevn, there's not much to the island. The massive airship itself, it turns out, is essentially just set decoration. In fact, it's not even solid. So if anyone was hoping to steal that airship for themselves, you will be sorely disappointed.

What they did find was another structure that could be explored a bit. As XeDevn explains, "There is a little tower you can climb up that has a few targets though!" However, the targets act just like the ones in the other parts of the game. In other words, the mysterious airship island is almost a glorified extra section of the shooting range. Otherwise, it doesn't appear as though there are any other surprises to be found on the island. No, not even a majestic Nessy.

This isn't the first time Apex Legends players have managed to glitch themselves into uncharted territory during matches. About a year ago, it was discovered that a series of well-timed jumps could get players outside of the normal field of play in the game's King's Canyon map. Though players would receive the normal warning message that tells them they've left the designated battleground, the game shockingly didn't punish them for this. Somehow, every time a player made a small bunny-hop outside of bounds, the timer reset, allowing players to stay outside the battlefield almost indefinitely. Players could just wait outside the war zone until the timer had elapsed, essentially winning them the game by breaking it.


It's also nice to find a glitch in Apex Legends that gets players excited. Currently, players are having some major issues with the new character Revenant. The latest Legend to join the game's roster, Revenant also seems to have a very wacky and inconsistent hitbox, which is causing some players to either have trouble hitting him or is causing direct hits to not even register. When combined with Revenant's "Low Profile" skill that makes him harder to hit (with the trade-off of increasing his received damage), the result is a character that is both a blessing and a curse for even experienced Apex Legends players.

In fact, Revenant is a key part of another bizarre Apex Legends glitch that removes players from their normal field of play. As posted by Reddit user P-Soup, Revenant's Death Totem ability can have a very odd effect. The Death Totem is meant to respawn Revenant after a defeat (albeit with reduced health) to give the player another chance to wreak some havoc. Though players are supposed to reappear where they dropped the Death Totem, it apparently will teleport them miles away from where they were supposed to be. As you can see in P-Soup's video of the phenomenon, it's a very disorienting experience, leaving the player looking around to figure out where they've ended up.


Apex Legends still has some kinks to work out in its 4th season, but it's still always kind of a blast to see what kind of odd things players can discover — even if they're not exactly what the developers intended.