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Apex Legends' Revenant Is Causing An Uproar

As part of the launch of Season 4 of battle royale game Apex Legends, Respawn Entertainment recently added a brand new character to the arena. Revenant is a bloodthirsty cyborg with a vendetta against the people who created him. He's easily the most aggressive character to join the roster in quite some time, as even the official EA description of Revenant says that he doesn't need a reason to kill.


Since then, players have been getting used to the character's arsenal of moves. Among Revenant's more popular abilities is the capability to scale walls, which makes it especially hard to hide from him. He's also pretty ideal to have on your team, as his "Death Totem" power will keep teammates from meeting an untimely end. Anyone using Revenant's Death Totem will find themselves transported back to the Totem, rather than being down for the count. In other words, Revenant is already a pretty capable Legend in his own right.

That's why it's frustrating for many players to report that Revenant has brought with him more than a few bugs. One of these bugs makes the character take an insane amount of damage while another makes Revenant impossible to see, meaning that anyone who wanted to take advantage of the extra damage may be unable to.


One of the biggest issues players have run into with Revenant so far is the size of his hitbox. This is essentially what determines how easy or difficult it is to make contact when attacking a character. What's bizarre about Revenant's hitbox is that it seems to be relatively inconsistent in size. 

Dexerto recently ran an article comparing the hitbox sizes of all of the different characters in Apex Legends. While the towering Gibraltar unsurprisingly has the largest hitbox of any Legend, Revenant's appeared to be absurdly small. One Reddit user who was experimenting with trying to shoot Revenant as point blank range described the cyborg's hitbox as "broken." Even when standing right in front of Revenant, this player had a relatively difficult time landing shots on the cyborg's actual frame. Aiding in this is the cyborg's "Low Profile" passive skill that makes him harder to hit in general, with the trade-off of landed attacks doing a bit more damage than normal.

However, it has also recently been observed by other players that Revenant's hitbox is significantly taller and wider than his lithe frame would suggest. Reddit user SAS97x uploaded a video showing that Revenant can be damaged with a shot fired just above his head or between his legs. These blows that don't even make physical contact are still doing the extra 5% of damage that comes with the Low Profile perk. It's one thing to have a weird hitbox on a character, but it's another thing entirely for that hitbox to be so inconsistent.


This has led to some players feeling as though Revenant isn't worth the trouble of dealing with the additional damage. As one Redditor said, it sometimes seems as though "you can melt this character way too easy, just hipfire any gun and he is dead." Not exactly a ringing endorsement for a new character who is meant to strike fear into the hearts of the others.

However, yet another glitch has been found with Revenant, one that renders him completely invisible. Reddit user BigBuluga uploaded a video showing that Revenant will occasionally disappear when equipping golden armor. The resulting visual of two guns floating in mid-air is pretty comical, but imagine being on the opposing team and realizing that now you had to deal with an unseeable enemy with a broken hitbox. 

Players were shocked last month by the surprise addition of Revenant to the cast of Apex Legends. After teasing a character named James "The Forge" McCormick, Respawn posted a video in which they pulled a total bait and switch: while shocked players watched, Revenant made his presence known and killed Forge. This act of violence set the tone for Revenant's character in a major way, letting players know that he was not messing around.


Shortly afterwards, we were treated to a wild trailer formally introducing Revenant and some of his dark backstory — as well the possible presence of the next character to join the Apex Games. Yes, it seems likely that another character will be introduced in the near future, one whose origins are tied directly to Revenant. However, hopefully these issues won't repeat themselves with the next character debut. Maybe Respawn will iron out the kinks with Revenant before any more characters are introduced. 

In the meantime, if you enjoy cheesing your way to victory, then Revenant might just be the cyborg you've been waiting for. Just make sure to grab some golden armor and stay crouched.