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Twitter Reacts To The Resident Evil 3 Demo

After months of waiting and speculation, the demo for the Resident Evil 3 remake has finally arrived. Fans of the long running survival horror franchise have been chomping at the bit at the prospect of once again mowing down zombie hordes in Jill Valentine's first adventure. So how does it stack up to expectations? Let's see how folks on Twitter are enjoying it.


One of the biggest questions we have had about this game is just how the monster known as Nemesis will differ from Resident Evil 2's Mr. X. One of the things we've worried about with the Resident Evil 3 remake is the idea that it might feel like more of the same. It turns out that we should never have been afraid of that. 

Several players have been completely caught off guard by the movement speed and ferocity of the game's signature baddie. One user posted a clip of Jill attempting to escape from Nemesis in a mad dash down some scaffolding. Nemesis appears to literally dash in front of Jill before using one of its tentacles to make a very quick disappearance. It's all a bit too much for this player, who tweets, "Dude, I knew Nemesis was gonna be fast, but this is getting out of hand."


This specific move has been pointed out by more than a few players as being particularly unnerving. One player shared a clip of Nemesis stalking towards Jill in an empty street, then suddenly zipping straight up into the air and disappearing. This gamer compares the move to a character who is decidedly more friendly, writing, "Nemesis is Spider Man [sic]."

It seems like Nemesis has no shortage of ways to scare, chase, and intimidate its prey. This pretty much lines up with what we've been reading about the character for quite some time. It was recently revealed that Nemesis will be the first enemy in the history of the Resident Evil franchise with the ability to break into safe rooms. Unlike Resident Evil 2's terrifying Mr. X, Nemesis won't think twice about ripping your head off before you can use the nearest typewriter to save your progress. Capcom has since clarified that there will be at least a few spots in the game where Nemesis cannot follow, but it's unclear if this means that there are specific safe rooms that are actually safe — that's another thing we'll have to find out for ourselves.

The demo also apparently accomplishes a decent bit of world building in its set decorations, particularly when it comes to the many posters cluttering the walls. One player found a poster featuring two scientists who resemble Dr. Light and Dr. Wily from the Mega Man series. The poster advertises some kind of scientific lecture and reads, "Will robots surpass humanity?"


Elsewhere, Jill can find a poster advertising the fictional band Big E. As explained by Resident Evil fan account Where's Barry, "Big E is a rock band originally mentioned in a random poster on the wall in [the original RE 3]. Later they were brought back in the Outbreak series. Looks like they're coming back." These little nods to previous games in the series are greatly appreciated, as well as a few surprises that reference last year's Resident Evil 2 remake. Fans are extremely excited to discover the presence of Marvin Branagh, the ill-fated police officer who helped Leon and Claire during the events of RE 2.

In a humorous move, players can also find multiple posters for the RE 3 remake itself in various places. As one player pointed out, it's almost like the game is reminding itself that it exists. However, this is just another cheeky way that Capcom is building hype for gamers who are excited to scream their way through the full experience of the game.

Other players who have completed the demo are applauding the game's tense action sequences and immersive sound design. One gamer tweeted, "After playing the demo, I gotta say I'm even more excited for this game. Nemesis' persistence was what I hoped it'd be ... Also loved hearing ambient gunshots & screams in the distance indicating other civilians fighting for their lives."


Another user built off of this, writing, "that was one of the most tense experiences I've had in a while, can't lie I jumped a few times ... Headphones are a must for this game."

While we won't be able to play the full game for another few weeks, it's looking as though Resident Evil 3 will be well worth the wait. The demo is currently available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC gamers, and the full game arrives April 3.