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Ninja Savagely Roasts Cloak Over Mixer Jab

While we've gotten pretty used to streamers feuding with one another over the years, sometimes a jab between players can actually be pretty funny. Over the weekend, Ninja joined Summit1g and Cloak (a.k.a. Cloakzy) for a stream of Call of Duty: Warzone. During the match, a few words were exchanged roasting Ninja's public move from Twitch to Mixer as his streaming platform. However, this one turned into a much more fun example of two streamers roasting each other than we've grown accustomed to.


In a clip of the exchange, Ninja can be heard telling his team where he thought an exit was located. Without missing a beat, Cloak told Ninja, "We don't listen to Mixer streamers."

There was a brief pause in the action as everyone realized what was said, with some of the streamers laughing through mouths full of food. But it wasn't long before Ninja fired right back.

"Hey, Dennis," Ninja said. "Hey Dennis, will you listen to the guy who hasn't streamed in seven months and is still the most followed streamer on Twitch by like five million followers? ... Will you listen to that guy?"

This is not the first time someone has taken aim at Ninja's Mixer move. Dr. Disrespect has previously made some sly comments regarding Ninja's alleged pay raise from moving to the streaming platform. Moreover, this isn't even the first time that someone has made one of these remarks to Ninja during a livestream.


However, this time, it went over much smoother than last time. Back in January, Ninja blew up at his longtime Fortnite Duos partner Reverse2k after a joke was made about moving to Mixer. It got really ugly very quickly, with Ninja immediately becoming defensive.

Thought Reverse2k and the other folks on the stream attempted to calm him down, insisting that it was just a bit of fun, Ninja demanded an explanation. It was an extremely tense moment, with everyone involved clearly trying to figure out when and where their fun stream turned into an argument. It's also worth noting that it wasn't too long after this that Reverse2k and Ninja officially split as Duos partners. While Ninja quickly found a new Duos partner in SypherPK, it was a shame to see this dream team go down like that.

There was also a recent blowup between Ninja and Nadeshot, in which Ninja told his teammate during a Warzone match that he was "doing nothing." This set off a debate over whether or not Ninja was "backseat gaming," an accusation that gets lobbied against the streamer fairly regularly.

Compared to those more tense situations, it was almost a relief to see some friendly ribbing like this between friends. Ninja was clearly tickled by the joke and took the opportunity to fire back with some a good-natured roast. It was a far cry from the seemingly more angry and defensive side of the streamer that we've been seeing lately.


Also, unlike Twitter's reactions to that awkward Warzone stream, people seemed to be rather amused by this latest exchange. One fan tweeted, "Gotta admit that clap back to Cloak was [expletive] hilarious."

Everyone seems to get a kick out of the back and forth during the stream. Everyone is cracking up throughout and Summit1g even pointed out that Ninja was being a little modest, even in the midst of a slam. Summit mentioned that Ninja actually has "more like 7 million followers" on Twitch. He also added that the channel and those followers "probably will still be there for, like, another five years."

It should be noted that Ninja isn't particularly a fan of Call of Duty: Warzone. The streamer recently expressed his distaste for the game's custom load outs, which he felt give the game "so much less variety." This displeasure could have led to his frustration while streaming with Nadeshot, but it doesn't account for how much more relaxed he seemed in this latest clip. 

Earlier this year, Ninja came under fire for his comments about the phrase, "it's just a game." Ninja wrote that this line of thinking "is such a weak mindset. You are ok with what happened, losing, imperfection of a craft ... When you stop getting angry after losing, you've lost twice."


Some people took this as essentially an endorsement of toxic behavior while gaming. Maybe Ninja has come around to that school of thought and is chilling out a bit. With a new Duos partner and a new game to learn like Warzone, maybe it's not so bad for him to embrace the idea that "it's just a game."