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Dr Disrespect May Stop Streaming Warzone

Call of Duty: Warzone has proven to be something of a divisive game. Though it has received pretty positive reviews from critics, it has also been a frustrating experience for many professional gamers. Recently, Warzone drew the ire of the one and only Dr Disrespect.


Over the top, angry rants are certainly nothing new for the Doc. It's generally part of his persona as a streamer. Still, this blowup feels particularly real and has been seemingly brewing for quite some time. This time, Dr Disrespect laid into Warzone and his frustrations with the game. During a broadcast on Monday, the Doc found himself on the losing end of a close-quarters firefight. After trading bullets for a moment (and seemingly landing a few shots), Dr Disrespect was furious to find himself killed in action. 

"How do I lose that? The game's such a [expletive] phony arcade piece of [expletive]," he shouted.

This was compounded by the fact that the replay of Dr Disrespect's death showed him the firefight from his point of view. Despite the fact that he'd squeezed off several shots, even from the ground, the Warzone kill cam replay simply shows the Doc's character laying on the ground and soaking up bullets.


"It doesn't even show me shooting on his [expletive] screen. I'm hip-firing, shooting him ... Like, nothing registers. It's [expletive] stupid," he said, losing steam with every sentence. Dr Disrespect's frustration at this point is quite palpable. 

As his character entered Warzone's Gulag for a chance to fight his way back into the match, he said an even more ominous thing: "I give it a week ... I give this game, like, another week, week and a half."

This could easily be interpreted as Doc saying the game itself was doomed to lose its player base. However, given how angry the game clearly makes him, it's more likely that he's letting his viewers know that he doesn't want to deal with Warzone's issues much longer.

This isn't a new problem for the Doc. Since Call of Duty: Warzone's release, Dr Disrespect has expressed his great displeasure with it, often comparing it to other games in an unflattering way. Earlier this month, Dr Disrespect went into an expletive-filled rage when he unloaded on an enemy and the other player was still able to take him out. Just like in the more recent clip, the Doc couldn't believe what he was seeing, going on a screaming tirade against how unbalanced the game felt to him.


At one point, Dr Disrespect angrily asked, "I don't mean to sound like a whiny little brat, but I am ... Am I playing Apex, or what? ... Like, how can I take it seriously?" 

This likely referred to some of Apex Legends' issues with inconsistent hitboxes. This has especially been a problem with new Apex Legends character Revenant, who seems to either be impossible to hit or super easy to kill, with no real in-between. Dr Disrespect has a history of calling things like he seems them, particularly when he thinks a particular game is unfair or broken in some way.

In fact, Dr Disrespect isn't the only high profile streamer who has expressed dissatisfaction with Call of Duty: Warzone. Ninja recently complained about Warzone's custom loadouts that were afforded to players, which he felt made the game entirely unbalanced. 

As Ninja explained on Twitter, "Unpopular opinion. Custom load outs in war zone = everyone has a thermal sniper and there is so much less variety. Annoying getting sniped by 30 people and being thirsted from 400M away cuz some player has an HDR thermal 16x scope and kills me knocked." 

This complaint had less to do with the game's hit detection, but the fact remains that people have major issues with Call of Duty: Warzone. Just recently, players discovered an insane exploit in Warzone that gave them an early lead. While all of the players are parachuting into battle, a few gamers discovered that it was possible to cut their chute early and empty a clip into the other players. Basically, players were finding themselves killed off before the match had even properly started. 


Much like the problems with Apex's wonkier characters, it's unclear how or when Call of Duty: Warzone's issues will be fixed. The game is still relatively new, so a little bit of awkwardness is certainly expected in the early days. Still, it's not a great look on Warzone's part to have just about alienated one of the biggest FPS streamers in the biz.