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GTA 6 Voice Actor Breaks His Silence

While fans still don't know exactly what to expect from the overall plot of Grand Theft Auto 6, the identity of one of the characters may have been revealed.

This possible leak comes from an unlikely source: actor Jorge Consejo, whose resume was recently updated to include Grand Theft Auto 6. Consejo's previous work includes theatre roles and appearances on series such as Dangerous Liaisons for Spanish-language network Telemundo. 


He lists his Grand Theft Auto 6 role as "The Mexican," but no other information regarding the character or the game is listed on the CV. If this is accurate, it would seem to mark Consejo's first voice acting credit. If you're going to start voice acting, might as well kick things off with a role in one of the biggest video game franchises of all time, right?

Naturally, Grand Theft Auto fans noticed this update fairly quickly, taking to social media to try to get to the bottom of it. Consejo responded to the speculation in a very diplomatic way, attempting to appease the excited fans on Twitter.

"While I read every message from you, please know that because of contract stipulations sometimes I'm unable to comment on certain projects. Please don't feel ignored or unseen. I appreciate and value every single one of you," read the tweet.


To be fair, the actor doesn't actually mention Grand Theft Auto 6 by name in this tweet, but that's kind of the point. When working on a super secret project, most actors are required to sign some form of non-disclosure agreement. This usually precludes them from having any kind of open discussion regarding the project until such time as the head of the project allows it. If this is the case here, then it may have slipped past the notice of Consejo or his representation when his resume was updated.

It's clear Consejo has been receiving a deluge of messages from intrigued Grand Theft Auto fans. It makes sense, considering this is the closest thing they've gotten to an official confirmation that Grand Theft Auto 6 is deeper in production than they may have suspected. It's worth noting that Consejo's resume places his Grand Theft Auto 6 work at some point in 2018, which could mean the majority of the dialogue has been in the can for some time, with Rockstar building the game around it. 


One fan on Twitter pointed out Consejo did some motion capture work for some project in 2014 that doesn't seem to have released. It's highly unlikely that Rockstar began recording motion capture for Grand Theft Auto 6 that far back. However, it is possible that Consejo did some uncredited work on a game and that's where his professional relationship with Rockstar began. It's hard to tell, considering how tight-lipped Rockstar is about its productions and the fact Consejo is avoiding answering further questions. 

There's also the extra detail that Consejo's resume lists his work on Grand Theft Auto 6 as being CGI-related. This suggests he might have done some motion capture for the upcoming game. Perhaps the previous picture of him in a motion capture rig was a test run for his eventual role in Grand Theft Auto 6. Maybe Rockstar completed more work on those canceled Grand Theft Auto 5 DLCs than previously thought. Without any confirmation from Rockstar Games or Consejo, it's hard to tell.

As one fan speculates, Consejo may have performed some uncredited work in Red Dead Redemption 2, which started motion capture production around 2014.

Rockstar tends to have exceptionally long development periods for its big games. It would actually make quite a bit of sense for an actor to have worked on a new Grand Theft Auto game years before it's even released.


At this point, Grand Theft Auto fans are searching for any and all signs of a new game. They've latched onto small updates to Rockstar's website and many people were even fooled by a fake Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer that dropped over the weekend. When Grand Theft Auto: Vice City artist Stephen Bliss posted some artwork reminiscent of his work on the series, fans flipped out over the possibility of a return to Vice City. Bliss denied that he had anything to do with a new GTA game, adding the hashtags "#noideaaboutnewGTA" and "#justpostingimagesILike" to his later posts to keep the speculators at bay.

With rumors concerning the next Grand Theft Auto game reaching a fever pitch yet again, hopefully Rockstar will throw fans a bone and officially announce the new game in the near future.