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How To Craft Every Wearable In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The latest title in the much-beloved Animal Crossing franchise has more customization options than ever before. Finally, you are able to make your avatar a little less creepy and a little more cute. That vacant stare has haunted many a player's dreams.


You have more hair styles, colors, face designs, and skin tones to choose from and New Horizons has also seen fit to let you accessorize. Villagers are free to express themselves with hats, flower crowns, bags, and more while chilling out on their island paradise.

Need to coordinate the perfect outfit? Here's a comprehensive, ever-expanding list of all your fashion options in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. This guide covers everything and anything you can DIY and then place on your villager. You can also check out the Tools Guide and Housewares Guide.

Acorn Pochette

  • Acorn x6

Apple Dress

  • Apple x8

Apple Hat

  • Apple x5

Apple Umbrella

  • Apple x7

Armor Shoes

  • Iron Nugget x5

Bamboo Hat

  • Clump of Weeds x10

Basket Pack

  • Young Spring Bamboo x6

Blue Rose Crown

  • Blues Roses x6

Bunny Day Bag

  • Earth Egg x1
  • Stone Egg x1
  • Leaf Egg x1
  • Water Egg x1
  • Wood Egg x1
  • Sky Egg x1

Bunny Day Crown

  • Earth Egg x1
  • Stone Egg x1
  • Leaf Egg x1
  • Sky Egg x1
  • Water Egg x1
  • Wood Egg x1

Cherry Blossom Pochette

  • Cherry Blossom Petal x6

Cherry Blossom Umbrella

  • Cherry Blossom Petal x6

Cherry Dress

  • Cherry x8

Cherry Hat

  • Cherry x5

Cherry Umbrella

  • Cherry x7

Chic Mum Crown

  • Purple Mum x3
  • Pink Mum x3

Chic Rose Crown

  • Purple Roses x3
  • Black Roses x3

Chic Tulip Crown

  • Purple Tulips x2
  • Pink Tulips x2
  • Orange Tulips x1

Cool Hyacinth Crown

  • Blue Hyacinth x4
  • Pink Hyacinth x2
  • Orange Hyacinth x2

Cool Pansy Crown

  • Orange Pansy x3
  • Blue Pansy x3

Cosmos Crown

  • Red Cosmos x2
  • White Cosmos x3
  • Yellow Cosmos x2

Cute Lily Crown

  • Pink Lilies x2
  • Orange Lilies x2
  • White Lilies x2

Cute Rose Crown

  • Pink Rose x3
  • Orange Rose x3

Dark Cosmos Crown

  • Black Cosmos x7

Dark Lily Crown

  • Black Lily x6

Dark Tulip Crown

  • Black Tulip x5

Earth Egg Outfit

  • Earth Egg x3

Earth Egg Shell

  • Earth Egg x2

Earth Egg Shoes

  • Earth Egg x2

Gold Armor

  • Gold Nugget x8

Gold Armor Shoes

  • Gold Nugget x4

Gold Helmet

  • Gold Nugget x5

Gold Rose Crown

  • Gold Roses x6

Grass Skirt

  • Clump of Weeds x7

Green Grass Skirt

  • Clump of Weeds x7

Hyacinth Crown

  • Red Hyacinth x4
  • Yellow Hyacinth x2
  • White Hyacinth x2

Iron Armor

  • Iron Nugget x5

Knight's Helmet

  • Iron Nugget x5

Knitted-Grass Backpack

  • Clump of Weeds x20


  • Clump of Weeds x5

Leaf Mask

  • Clump of Weeds x10

Leaf Umbrella

  • Clump of Weeds x15

Leaf Egg Outfit

  • Leaf Egg x3

Leaf Egg Shell

  • Leaf Egg x2

Leaf Egg Shoes

  • Leaf Egg x2

Lily Crown

  • Red Lily x2
  • Yellow Lily x2
  • White Lily x2

Log Pack

  • Wood x3
  • Hardwood x5

Lovely Cosmos Crown

  • Pink Cosmos x4
  • Orange Cosmos x3

Maple Leaf Pochette

  • Maple Leaf x6

Maple Leaf Umbrella

  • Maple Leaf x7

Mum Crown

  • Red Mum x2
  • Yellow Mum x2
  • White Mum x2

Mush Umbrella

  • Flat Mushroom x3

Orange Dress

  • Orange x8

Orange Hat

  • Orange x5

Orange Umbrella

  • Orange x7

Pansy Crown

  • Red Pansy x2
  • Yellow Pansy x2
  • White Pansy x2

Peach Dress

  • Peach x8

Peach Umbrella

  • Peach x7

Pear Dress

  • Pear x8

Pear Hat

  • Pear x5

Pear Umbrella

  • Pear x7

Purple Hyacinth Crown

  • Purple Hyacinth x6

Purple Pansy Crown

  • Purple Pansy x6

Purple Windflower Crown

  • Purple Windflowers x6

Recycled Boots

  • Boot x2

Rose Crown

  • Red Rose x2
  • Yellow Rose x2
  • White Rose x2

Shell Pochette

  • Giant Clam x2
  • Summer Shell x6

Simple Mum Crown

  • Green Mum x6

Sky Egg Outfit

  • Sky Egg x3

Sky Egg Shell

  • Sky Egg x2

Sky Egg Shoes

  • Sky Egg x2

Snowflake Pochette

  • Snowflake x6

Snowperson Head

  • Large Snowflake x1
  • Snowflake x5

Star Head

  • Star Fragment x5

Star Pochette

  • Star Fragment x6

Straw Umbrella Hat

  • Clump of Weeds x10

Stone Egg Outfit

  • Stone Egg x3

Stone Egg Shell

  • Stone Egg x2

Stone Egg Shoes

  • Stone Egg x2

Traditional Straw Coat

  • Clump of Weeds x8

Tulip Crown

  • Red Tulips x2
  • Yellow Tulips x2
  • White Tulips x1

Water Egg Outfit

  • Water Egg x3

Water Egg Shell

  • Water Egg x2

Water Egg Shoes

  • Water Egg x2

Windflower Crown

  • White Windflower x2
  • Red Windflower x2
  • Orange Windflower x2

Wood Egg Outfit

  • Wood Egg x3

Wood Egg Shell

  • Wood Egg x2

Wood Egg Shoes

  • Wood Egg x2