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Isabelle Makes Her Resident Evil 3 Debut

Animal Crossing fans have a way of getting their favorite characters involved in just about everything. The latest example of this trend is the surprise appearance of fan-favorite character Isabelle in Resident Evil 3. Naturally, this comes to us thanks to a mod from a mad genius by the name of Crazy Potato. In this mod, Crazy Potato has put Isabelle's head on RE 3 protagonist Jill Valentine's body. The results are nothing short of amazing.


The mod can be seen in action in a video posted by GrizzoUK. In the clip, we see the cutscene that opened the demo for Resident Evil 3, in which Jill/Isabelle (Jillsabelle?) and Carlos meet with Carlos' commanding officer to discuss how to get the stalled train full of survivors moving out of Raccoon City.

This time, however, the mods have all come out to play. Carlos is sporting a musclebound Orange and blue costume that resembles Mega Man's design from the original (terrible) NES box art for the first MM game. Jill, of course, has Isabelle's head. It's a bizarre image, since the rest of Jill's body looks the same, giving her the appearance of someone wearing a dead-eyed Isabelle mask. There's also a constant spatter of blood on the side of Isabelle's face.


It's also shocking to see and hear Isabelle dropping f-bomb after f-bomb during the gameplay portion of the video. Then again, Animal Crossing fans know that Isabelle likes to have a strong drink every now and then, so maybe we shouldn't be entirely surprised. Maybe she's an angry drunk. That would seem to be the case as we then watch Isabelle putting a cap in every zombie head she comes across. She even manages to unload several shotgun blasts into the big bad Nemesis, staggering the unstoppable bioweapon and bringing it to its knees for a moment.

The clip ends where the demo does. Isabelle puts out the fire in the alleyway (much like she puts out many fires between the citizens in the Animal Crossing games) and begins to make her escape when she comes face to face with Nemesis once again. There's something wonderfully badass about Isabelle's unblinking expression as she pulls her gun and stares down the giant beast before the screen fades to black.

Why did Crazy Potato make this? The only explanation that has been given on the Nexus Mods page is in the description, which simply reads, "Jill is a fan."

What does this mean? That Jill is an Animal Crossing fan? Well, we get it. Animal Crossing is rad.


This isn't even the first time that a Resident Evil game has had an unlikely character modded into it. Just last year, we were taken by surprise when Thomas the Tank Engine was modded into Resident Evil 2, replacing the rampaging Mr. X and somehow being even scarier. Another mod replaced Leon Kennedy with Shaggy from Scooby-Doo. A notable mod for the new Resident Evil 3 remake has replaced Nemesis with Ultron from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Oh, and don't you worry: someone did manage to put Thomas the Tank Engine in Resident Evil 3, as well. Now Nemesis has been replaced by the smiling face of that friendly locomotive. Resident Evil fans like to get weird, is what we're saying.

The fan response to this mod has been amusing, to say the least. Some folks are elated to see Isabelle kicking ass and taking names. As one comment on Twitter reads, "Damn, Doom guy really did teach Isabelle how to shoot a gun."

This is a reference to the unlikely crossover between fans of the Animal Crossing and Doom franchises in recent months. When it was discovered that both games would share the same release date, there was an amazingly wholesome reaction from the fan base. People created artwork merging the two world's together, much of which featured the Doom Slayer showing Isabelle how to fight and the two characters generally having a great time together.


Isabelle has become something of an icon among Animal Crossing fans. Recently, gamers began to speculate that New Horizons featured the franchise's first openly gay characters. This has led many fans to revisit the long-standing theory that Isabelle may be pansexual or bisexual, something that has also boosted her popularity among fans of the series.

Jill Valentine is likewise one of the most beloved Resident Evil characters, so it's no surprise that combining the two in one volatile package would be popular among fans of both franchises.