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Where To Find All Of Barret's Weapons In Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Final Fantasy 7 Remake offers plenty of opportunities for your characters to find some cool weaponry as you make your way through the story. What's even better is that each character has their own class of weapons, which keeps the game's combat from getting stale. Cloud may prefer his swords, but when it comes to firepower, nobody has a better arsenal than Barret.


Barret Wallace is the leader of the eco-terrorist group known as AVALANCHE, who will stop at nothing in their fight to prevent Shinra Electric Power Company from draining the life force of the planet. While he's not lacking in brute strength, Barret tends to let his prosthetic gun hand do the talking. That's why all of Barret's weapons come in the form of deadly attachments for his forearm. Let's take a look at where you can find Barret's other weapons in the game, as well as what kind of perks and special abilities come with each one.

Gatling Gun

The Gatling Gun is the easiest of Barret's weapons to snag, considering you start the game with it. As soon as Barret comes on screen, he's locked and loaded with this iconic weapon. It's easy to see why Barret brought this bad boy along, as it's already a pretty decent ranged weapon. It comes with the special ability Focused Shot, which fires an energy blast at opponents and increases the chance of staggering your foe.


The in-game description for the Gatling Gun reads: "A custom-order gun commisioned specifically to take down Shinra forces. Barret's longtime right-hand man."

Light Machine Gun

The Light Machine Gun is the first of the replacement guns you'll get for Barret, and it's a pretty easy one to snag. All you have to do is complete Chapter 6, "Light the Way." Afterwards, the character Biggs will reward you with a few items, including the Light Machine Gun. This bad boy comes with the ability Lifesaver, which allows Barret to absorb damage that was meant for other members of your party.


The description of the Light Machine Gun describes it as "A lethal, sturdy firearm with a large magazine."

Big Bertha

Big Bertha can be purchased in Chapter 13, "A Broken World." After making your way past the downed expressway, you'll reach a playground. A weapons vendor will be there and you can purchase Big Bertha from him. Big Bertha can boost Barret's HP in a big way and it also comes with the Maximum Fury ability, which fires a stream of bullets upon the enemy. It basically makes the character into even more of a human tank than he already is.


The game describes Big Bertha as "A firearm that boasts unrivaled destuctive force. Found in the slums' black market."

Steel Pincers

The Steel Pincers is an interesting Gun-Arm attachment, in that it's much more of a melee weapon than the rest of Barret's arsenal. Once you've reached Chapter 14 in the game, the Steel Pincers will be added to the inventory of Moggie, the Moogle Merchant from the Sector 5 Slums. The Steel Pincers are for folks who dig more close-quarters combat, which is reflected in the ability Charging Uppercut. This ability sends Barret thrusting forward with the sharp claws.


The weapon is described in-game as "A close-combat weapon with steel baldes designed to slice enemies to ribbons."

Wrecking Ball

The Wrecking Ball is the other close-quarters melee weapon afforded to Barret, but this one deals out significantly more damage than the Steel Pincers. This one is obtained after completing the Chapter 14 side-quest "Subterranean Menace." After defeating the difficult sub-boss Type-0 Behemoth, the character Wymer will reward you with the Wrecking Ball. This bad boy comes with the self-explanatory Smackdown ability, which hits enemies hard enough to send them flying.


The Wrecking Ball is described as "A close-combat weapon capable of pulverizing enemies with a sphere of solid steel."

EKG Cannon

Finally, we have the EKG Cannon. This is Barret's best magic-using option and comes with the power-packed Point Blank ability. Point Blank, much like the Wrecking Ball's Smackdown attack, is designed to send enemies flying with a close-range blast. In Chapter 16 of the game, you can obtain the EKG Cannon right after the start of the mission "A Helping Hand." After the cutscene in which you speak to the Mayor, you'll meet a fellow named Hart right outside his office. Hart will sell you the EKG cannon for a whopping 10,000 Gil. 


It's worth every last cent. As the weapon's description reads, it is "A firearm whose accuracy is dependant upon the wielder's emotional state." In this case, Barret is a hotheaded guy with a fiery weapon to match.