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Where To Find All Of Tifa's Weapons In Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Cloud often overshadows some of the other characters in Final Fantasy 7. The remake gives players the chance to better appreciate the rest of the team, such as Tifa. The updated graphics do an excellent job showing off her toned physique. She is a melee fighter, after all. But that doesn't mean she doesn't use weapons.


Like Cloud, Barret, and Aerith, Tifa has five different weapons scattered throughout the game. These weapons take the form of Knuckles with different abilities  — significant upgrades from her simple leather gloves. Tifa has to make do with the shabby old pair until the Crab Warden fight in Chapter 5, at which point she receives some Metal Knuckles that pack a serious punch. The Metal Knuckles suck up magic and defense, leaving Tifa with only offense on her side (which seems to be just the way she likes it).

Her next upgrade isn't until Chapter 7. Be sure to check out all the chests you find in the Reactor, because one will contain the Sonic Strikers. These Knuckles  add a little magic damage to Tifa's punches while sacrificing defense. 


In Chapter 10, the sewers hold a secret ... Feathered Gloves in chest by the first sluice gate! These sharply decrease damage taken by Tifa while she's blocking. A good defense is just as important as a good offense. 

Chapter 13 sees the gang fighting the Failed Experiment boss. After you defeat it, Tifa will receive the Mythril Claws, which are all about magical, offensive attacks. 

Tifa's final weapon awaits her in Chapter 16. While breaking into the Shinra building, Tifa jumps between lights. At one point she falls, but that's okay: go to the opposite end of the conveniently located ladder to find a purple chest containing the Purple Pain Knuckles. This set specializes in critical hits and critical damage a — perfect combination for the game's final boss battles.