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Things Nemesis Can Do That Mr. X Can't

Mr. X is the villain that launched a thousand memes. The Resident Evil 2 remake had an obvious star — not in Leon, but in the surprisingly stylish and wholly terrifying Tyrant known as Mr. X. He was crazy strong, insanely determined, and largely indestructible: the ultimate villain. Or so players thought. 


Nemesis, a kind of uglier cousin of Mr. X, is even bigger, badder, and more bulletproof. As a more advanced Tyrant model, there are things Nemesis can do that Mr. X could only dream of. These enhanced abilities and smarts make him a nightmare for Jill Valentine, who seems to have a harder time than Claire and Leon ever did. Mr. X might've had quite the right hook, but he never had a flamethrower.

Nemesis can run

While Mr. X was persistent, he wasn't very fast. He power-walked with menace, but his slow, thumping stride was easy enough to avoid. Leon and Claire could evade him by dashing forward or by forcing the Tyrant to try to navigate around a desk or two. 


Nemesis is smarter than that. Players have been horrified to find that, because of this Tyrant's increased intelligence, its AI makes startlingly accurate predictions about where Jill is about to go next. This means he's not so easy to fool. Also, despite his size, Nemesis can really book it when he wants to. Yes, he can run. This is something important to keep in mind next time you hear his earth-shaking steps.

Nemesis is packing heat

Mr. X was old fashioned. He liked to subdue his prey by brutalizing them with his fists. A couple hits from this big brute, and you'd find yourself down for the count. But staying out of his reach shouldn't be too hard, right? 


When it comes to Nemesis, he can extend his already considerable reach with the help of weapons. In case you missed it, the January 2020 Nemesis trailer proved this antagonist is not messing around. Just know that he can and will use a flamethrower at one point in the game. What's scarier than a giant, screaming monster with tentacles? A giant, screaming monster with tentacles and a flamethrower.

Nemesis spreads his menace around

Nemesis is blessed with enhanced brains compared to Mr. X, but this upgraded Tyrant has even more perks to contend with. One of his most unpleasant powers is the ability to spawn random tentacles on his body for the purpose of grabbing and infecting zombies with super-powered parasites. If that sounds terrifying, that's because it is. Nemesis can turn the average zombie, already a considerable threat, into a tentacle-laden terror. Seriously, these things are ugly, with drooling mouths eager for Jill-flavored flesh. 


Umbrella may have succeeded in creating the ultimate bioweapon upon crafting the dastardly Nemesis. Jill Valentine, and anyone else who gets in his way, has her work cut out for her.