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The Truth About PewDiePie And Marzia's Relationship

Marzia Bisognin and PewDiePie — real name Felix Kjellberg — met in 2011 in quite the surprising way. Marzia's best friend suggested that she watch "this idiot playing video games." So she did.

The future Mrs. Kjellberg was charmed by the wit of said "idiot," so she decided to contact him over email. It wasn't long before the couple started dating long-distance, with Marzia living in Italy and Felix in Sweden. As Mirror reports, PewDiePie made multiple trips to Italy to see Marzia in just 12 weeks. Within months of the start of their relationship, Marzia abandoned her studies to join Felix in Sweden.


On Aug. 19, 2019 — exactly eight years after they first met — PewDiePie and his girlfriend tied the knot. "It was the most beautiful day, which I will treasure forever," Marzia wrote on Instagram. "Incredibly ecstatic to be able to call Felix my husband for the rest of our lives."

PewDiePie is one of the richest YouTube influencers. According to Business Insider, he makes $3,319.71 per minute of video, and earned a total of $15.5 million in 2018. But what are some things you may not know about the bond between this famous YouTuber and Marzia, his wife? Let's take a look at the truth behind PewDiePie and Marzia's relationship.

When PewDiePie rose to fame, Marzia felt overwhelmed

Being in love with a celebrity may be exciting, but it isn't easy at all. Metro reports that, when PewDiePie became a YouTube celebrity, at first Marzia felt overwhelmed. "I was thrilled for Felix but I felt like I was a fraud," she said. "I definitely didn't deserve all the attention, I just happened to know someone who did."


Marzia had started her own YouTube channel shortly after Felix made his debut on the video sharing platform. However, as The Verge reports, she said that being a social media star made her feel isolated.

In October 2018, Mrs. Kjellberg posted a video titled "Goodbye YouTube", explaining to her fans why she quit her career as a vlogger. "I had never struggled so much up to his point to carry out everyday tasks," she says in the vlog. "I had allowed myself to be completely cut off from the world. I wasn't seeking any friendship, and I was just finding comfort in my own little bubble on YouTube."

After the announcement, Marzia decided to take off most of her videos off YouTube because she needed "a clear head." Hundreds of fans showed their support in the comments.


PewDiePie proposed during a trip to Japan

According to Metro, PewDiePie proposed during a trip to Japan. Marzia showed off the beautiful ring, which features a huge round-cut diamond, on Instagram. What did you expect from one of the highest-paid YouTubers?


The Sun estimated that Marzia's engagement ring cost from £75,000 to £100,000, i.e., from approximately $91,000 to $122,000. Jeez, that's more than the average part-time yearly salary in the UK! Daily Mail asked Gatsby Jewellery for the value of the ring, and the company replied that it's likely very high. "The diamond is a round brilliant cut with what looks like a very high white colour – G or better," said Gatsby Jewellery's spokesperson. 

In March 2019, PewDiePie published a YouTube video titled "QnA with future Wifey," where Marzia commented on the engagement. In the video, the future bride answered a fan's question about the wedding location, saying that she preferred to keep it secret. She also said that the couple planned on having an intimate wedding with just a few YouTubers as guests. 


PewDiePie clickbaited his fans pretending that Marzia had canceled the wedding

A year before his wedding, PewDiePie published on YouTube a video with the shocking title "Why the Wedding is Cancelled." Luckily, the vlog didn't contain a sad announcement. Instead, it showed the couple playing the cooking game Overcooked 2 together. Needless to say, fans were expecting a tragic announcement and were overwhelmingly relieved.


"I always think your clickbait can't get any better but you always surpass my expectations," commented a fan. "I've never been happier about getting clickbaited," wrote another.

While the famous YouTuber uses clickbait on his channel all the time, he doesn't fully support this practice, as he revealed in a vlog. "I have to clickbait just to stay relevant," said PewDiePie. He added that the YouTube algorithms are "unfair" because they give extra visibility to catchy headlines rather than good content. In fact, PewDiePie's clickbait experiments are more like jokes than actual ways to gain clicks. 

The wedding clickbait joke is not PewDiePie's first one. WeTheUnicorns recalls that, in 2016, the YouTuber announced that he'd delete his channel after reaching 50 million subscribers, but didn't deliver on his promise.


Marzia and PewDiePie's wedding cost over $140,000

With help from industry experts, Daily Mail estimated the total cost of Marzia and PewDiePie's wedding: more than £121,500, which is around $140,000. While this sounds like a huge amount of money for us mere mortals, it's likely not a big deal for PewDiePie.


The ceremony, held at the Kew Gardens in London, had a biophilia theme. Daily Mail said that, since the couple got married on a Monday, they probably paid the reduced rate of £21,000.

The Kev Gardens only accept wedding vendors, such as DJs and caterers, from a limited list. This made estimating the costs easier. Daily Mail calculated that the 40-guest wedding breakfast cost about £3,000, and that the couple spent approximately £6,000 for the DJ, microphones, and lighting.

If you add up to £5,000 for Marzia's Joanne Fleming wedding gown, £5,600 for Felix's designer tuxedo, and £900 for the photo booth, the total cost becomes impressive. Additionally, PewDiePie hired American photographers Jessica Kobeissi and Flannery Underwood, who probably charged him over £5,000, according to Daily Mail.


Felix is a romantic at heart

You'd never guess that PewDiePie has a very romantic side. As Metro reports, Felix pampered Marzia with a sweet surprise on their first Valentine's Day as a married couple. After being separated from his wife for three weeks, the YouTuber brought her breakfast in bed and gave her a ring from Tiffany & Co. with a cute love note.


Before Felix became an internet celebrity, his romantic gestures for Marzia were less expensive, but still meaningful. A subreddit dedicated to the YouTuber, r/PewdiepieSubmissions, shared a video where a very young PewDiePie sang a romantic song for his girlfriend. Aww ... isn't that sweet?

One thing is sure: Marzia really appreciates PewDiePie's romance. In August 2019, when sharing on Instagram the photos of her wedding, she wrote "I feel like I'm the luckiest person and I'm so full of love. Incredibly ecstatic to be able to call Felix my husband for the rest of our lives." On another wedding-related post on Marzia's profile, a fan commented "im proud of how you both can maintain your relationship this far and i always wishing you both will be happy and healthy."


PewDiePie and Marzia love to travel together

Couples who travel together, stay together. Marzia and Felix are both globetrotters, and they love to discover new places together.

In April 2019, PewDiePie documented a trip to Marrakesh on his YouTube channel. In the video, the couple explores the city. PewDiePie said that the trip was an early wedding present from Marzia's family. In November 2019, the YouTuber posted a vlog from Toronto, where he was with Marzia. In there, the couple opened a pop-up shop for their clothing brand, Tsuki. After the pop-up event, the couple visited Niagara Falls. 


As for the couple's dream honeymoon in Bali, PewDiePie documented it in a 25-minute vlog. After relaxing at a stunning resort, Marzia and Felix visited the Indonesian island. The YouTuber also learned how to surf! In addition, PewDiePie created many vlogs about his trips to Japan with Marzia, including one where the couple visited the Sanrio store in Tokyo and one where they explored the bamboo forests in Kamakura.

It's clear that the couple shares the passion for traveling. In PewDiePie's blogs, traveling appears to play a big role in keeping their relationship strong. In all of the videos mentioned above, the couple seems very close.

The couple bought a house in Japan, their dream destination

Marzia and PewDiePie have lived in several countries throughout their relationship. According to Mirror, Marzia moved to Sweden to be with PewDiePie during the early stages of their relationship. In 2012, the couple moved to Italy so they could live with Marzia's parents.


In 2013, Marzia and Felix relocated to Brighton, UK, because they wanted to live in a place where both of them spoke the language. How awkward would it be to rely on your significant other as an interpreter?

As Dexerto reports, after several trips to Japan, PewDiePie and Marzia fell in love with the country and decided to move there. During this time, the YouTuber announced in a live stream that he planned on moving to the Asian country in early 2020.

It isn't surprising that Marzia and Felix love Japan, as it's the dream destination for many gamers and lovers of pop culture. In February 2018, Felix posted a video where seems like Marzia is perfectly capable of reading Japanese, while PewDiePie only has a superficial knowledge of the language.


When PewDiePie is away, he connects with Marzia using their security cameras

Sometimes, Marzia and Felix need to spend some time apart. However, Insider reports that they found a smart way to stay in touch when they're away from each other.

In January 2020, while the couple was in Japan, Marzia decided to go home a little earlier than her husband. Mrs. Kjellberg posted on her Instagram a screenshot of a WhatsApp conversation with her husband, who confessed he was watching her from the house's security cameras. It seems creepy, right? But it was actually a very romantic gesture. 


"U look hot," he wrote to his wife, sharing a snapshot from the surveillance camera. A fan promptly shared Marzia's story on Twitter, commenting on how sweet PewDiePie's remark was.

Marzia and Felix are co-founders of the ethical clothing brand Tsuki

As the lifestyle website ManOfMany reports, Marzia and Felix launched their Japan-inspired clothing brand, Tsuki, in 2018. At the time of this writing, the brand has three collections: Basics, Why Are You Sad Again?, and Tsuki Space Program. The Basics collection also features a skincare kit and some household items. All the items are ethically-sourced, and Marzia and PewDiePie model the clothes themselves on the brand's official website and Instagram profile.


Marzia also has a brand of handcrafted pottery, home accents, and jewelry called Maì. According to the brand's website, she has a team of three people working on the project. Marziano creates iron decor accessories, while Veronica crafts Maì's jewels in Vicenza, Italy. Ellie deals with customer service and, as the website states, Marzia's pug Maya checks all orders before shipping.

According to Influencer Update, the idea of creating an unisex clothing line came to Marzia when she was shooting a lookbook with Felix, trying to match each other's outfits. "We wanted a small selection of minimal and oversized pieces that both of us could wear, and followed our favourite colour palette: black, white and pink," she said.