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The Real Reason Ninja Hates 'Brain-Dead' Fortnite

Ninja has another major bone to pick with Fortnite. This time, the streamer has his sights set on some of the weaponry he feels should be removed from the game.

Ninja's latest tirade began during a game with his new Duos partner, SypherPK. In a clip posted by YouTube account Daily Clips Central, Ninja got more and more visibly frustrated as he and SypherPK were dispatched by a few other players in their match. When he was finally downed, Ninja stood up and walked away from his monitor, clearly having had enough. When he returned, he had a few choice words for what had just transpired.


"First game, died to one of the sweatiest players I've seen in this f—ing game, in a long time [...] Sypher has 150 shield, gets heavy sniped from 200 meters away. Gets knocked. Second guy, heavy snipes him [...] he's dead," Ninja explained. "Launch Pad over to me, minigun spray [...] It's so bad. That's not fun. I don't have fun. That's not fun. Getting heavy sniped isn't fun."

The streamer continued, "Can they remove the f—ing heavy snipers from this game, dude? [...] Let me tell you two guns that should have never returned to this game: heavy snipers and miniguns, literally."

Later in the stream, Ninja's frustration reached a fever pitch. "It's so bad, man. It's so stupid. And I hate that I complain so much, but why is it in the game?" Ninja screamed. "Like, I guarantee you there's not a single person that dies to that gun, in the planet, that's like 'Oh, very skillful, like that guy actually sh-t on me.' Like, no. Never. Brain-dead, dude. It's so dumb."


Ninja's comments are naturally already causing a bit of debate among Fortnite players. According to one gamer, Ninja seems to be overreacting, arguing that it takes way more skill to use a heavy sniper rifle in the game than Ninja is willing to admit.

However, Twitch affiliate streamer Steakh0use argues, "If you look into the Fortnite pro community. They are all complaining about the heavy sniper because it deals 150 damage to the body. Every pro can hit a sniper shot."

It seems that Steakh0use's argument is that the sniper makes the game feel highly unbalanced in the pro community, which is an interesting theory. It would more or less explain why Ninja feels like the weapons are overpowered. If they can deal such heavy damage from a vast distance, it would certainly make it easier for seasoned players to simply camp out and wipe out the competition in comfort. Still, that scenario doesn't necessarily tie into Ninja's more generalized comments about the state of the game.

This latest rant from Ninja feels like the latest chapter in a bummer of a trend for the streamer. For years, Ninja has been one of Fortnite's most high profile defenders. However, the streamer has been highly critical of the game in recent months, taking issue with one feature after another.


Of course, as mentioned before, Ninja isn't alone in his issues with the game. However, he has always been one of the most prominent voices in the Fortnite community. Ninja's devotion to Fortnite eventually led to the creation of an official Ninja-themed character skin for the game, after all. It's kind of hard to write a complaint about the game off when it's coming from such a high profile and passionate source. It just seems like Ninja has had way more issues with Fortnite recently than ever before.

Ninja has even taken the game to task very recently for features that have been present for a long time. Earlier this year, Ninja expressed that he felt that anyone using a gamepad to play Fortnite on a PC was basically cheating. This was due to the aim assist afforded to gamepad users. Ninja compared this feature to the kinds of aimbot hacks that have landed even hugely successful players like FaZe Jarvis in hot water.

All hasn't been gloom and doom with Ninja recently, however. Aside from an awkward stream with Nadeshot, Ninja has mostly been enjoying Call of Duty: Warzone. In fact, the streamer has recommended that Epic Games look into adapting a few tricks from Warzone to Fortnite, such as the Gulag that allows downed players to fight for a second chance at glory.


While it may appear as though Ninja doesn't enjoy the game as much as he used to, it's highly unlikely that he's ready to call it quits. After all, this is the guy who posted a video to Twitter back in December imploring gamers and content creators to stop criticizing Fortnite. There's clearly still some love there, otherwise it seems like Ninja would have stopped streaming Fortnite already.