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TimTheTatman Wins With Bizarre Gulag Tactic

The Gulag is an interesting part of the Call of Duty: Warzone experience that sets it apart from other battle royale titles like it. When a player is downed for the first time during a match, they are whisked away to the Gulag, a prison-like structure that players must battle their way out of in fight to the death. Whoever emerges victorious from these one-on-one fights is allowed to return to the match in progress. It gives players a second chance at victory, but still comes with challenges of its own. 


Then again, you could just do what TimTheTatman did in a recent stream and secure a hilariously sneaky victory in the Gulag. He just pretended he wasn't even playing. In a video clip posted by Twitch user xLeddy, we can see TimTheTatman decide to go with this cunning strategy. 

As TimTheTatman finds himself in the Gulag, he announces to his viewers, "I'm gonna do the AFK strat, ready? This is gonna work."

He's referring to the "Away From Keyboard strategy," in which players keep their characters perfectly still to make it appear as though they've stepped away from the computer during gameplay. This would probably be extra effective in a Gulag scenario, considering it's more likely that a frustrated player would step away after being struck down for the first time.


His opponent comes into the room chucking a flash grenade. Then the other player appears to line up a shot before realizing that Tim isn't moving at all. Apparently thinking that he's caught Tim away from his keyboard, this player seems to pauses very briefly, possibly considering their next move. TimTheTatman then springs into action and one-shots his opponent, winning the Gulag and getting him back out into the field. TimtheTatMan can be seen laughing in disbelief at the fact that the strategy worked.

It's a pretty bold move, if not a little devious. After all, it seems like the opponent was willing to keep a respectful distance instead of attacking a defenseless player. Still, the clip is pretty hilarious. This strategy has a slim chance of winning most of the time, simply due to the nature of a game like Warzone. Players attempting this strategy are far more likely to get shot full of holes as soon as their opponent lays eyes on them. Kudos to TimTheTatman for making it work.

The Gulag has proven to be rather popular with Call of Duty: Warzone players. In a recent stream of the game, Ninja mentioned that he'd be interested to see Epic Games add a feature similar to the Gulag to his favorite game, Fortnite. It's a cool idea, but let's just hope that every Gulag-style mechanic in battle royale games doesn't turn into a deadly staring contest like this one.