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The Best MP7 Loadout For Call Of Duty: Warzone

If you favor close-to-mid range firefights in Call of Duty: Warzone, then you probably use a sub-machine gun (SMG). These fast and frantic little dynamos chew through enemies and armor at speeds that break Guinness world records. They don't pack quite the per-bullet punch as assault rifles, but the rates at which they spew hot death should not be taken lightly.


While players can choose from a host of SMGs in the game, the MP7 stands above the competition (and promptly buries said competition). This pocket death machine sports a dizzying fire rate and relatively high accuracy. Since it has middling damage, the MP7 is a "death by a thousand cuts" weapon and not suited for beginners. But that's where loadouts come in.

As with any weapon in Warzone, you can modify the MP7 to suit your needs. Granted, you can't transform it as radically as the Bruen MK9 — this SMG will remain a weapon more suited to indoor firefights than sniper shooting galleries. However, players have discovered quite a few loadouts that will please MP7 neophytes.

The best MP7 loadout for reducing recoil

The MP7 is a deadly-accurate beast of an SMG, but it can still kick like a mule if you aren't careful. The MP7's bullets are like mosquito bites compared to other weapons, so the last thing you want is to miss while firing this weapon. Nevertheless, some players have discovered how to turn the MP7 into a laser-accurate death bringer.


Recoil stabilization is king for this loadout, so you need the Commando Foregrip and FSS Recon barrel, which are designed for maximum recoil minimization. However, since the barrel also increases the MP7's range, you should attach the Monolithic Suppressor. Combined with the barrel, the suppressor makes the SMG deadly at medium ranges, and who doesn't love whisper-quiet guns that fire 950 rounds a minute (that's about 16 bullets per second)? 

Add Stippled Grip Tape to improve the MP7's aim down sight speed, and you are almost done. For the fifth and final slot, most combatants agree the MP7 needs 60 Round Mags. Regardless of playstyle, this extended magazine gives players the most bang for their buck, figuratively and literally. The more bullets you have, the longer you can stay in the fight.


As with most loadouts, players have discovered variations on this minimum recoil build that cater to their preferences. While the Monolithic Suppressor, FSS Recon Barrel, and 60 Round Mags are generally regarded as vital, some combatants trade the Stippled Grip Tape for a Tac Laser, which provides similar results, even though the laser makes them as stealthy as a rhinoceros in a rave.

No matter your preference, this build will leave the MP7 nearly recoil-free.

The best MP7 loadout for hip fire enthusiasts

Since the MP7 is designed for accuracy over firepower, it makes for an ideal spray and pray weapon. Iron sights might help players hit targets, but they aren't necessary since the weapon is just as deadly when fired from the hip. Not needing to aim can save precious seconds and lives, which is why some players mod their MP7 into pelvic pulverizers.


As with most MP7 loadouts, the Monolithic Suppressor, FSS Recon Barrel, and 60 Round Mag are standard with this aggressive build. However, this loadout's key attachment is the Merc Foregrip, since it minimizes recoil and maintains accuracy while hip firing. 

There are two main options for the fifth mod slot. You can double down on hip fire accuracy with the 5mW Laser, which basically lets you fire the gun blindfolded and still kill your enemies. Plus, the laser allows you to quickly swap from sprinting to shooting, which is perfect for surviving surprise ambushes. Players who like to occasionally use iron sights but want to keep the sprint to fire boost are better off with Stippled Grip Tape instead.


With a build like this, the MP7 basically does all the aiming for you.

The best MP7 loadout for hit-and-run strategies

The only thing better than a fast gun is a fast operator. Unfortunately, most MP7 loadouts tend to weigh the gun down and trade player speed for gun range. One build in particular, though, turns MP7 wielders into Sonic the Hedgehog — or at least Shadow the Hedgehog given his temporary stint with firearms.


As usual, the Monolithic Suppressor and 60 Round Mag stick with this build, but, unlike most loadouts, this one ditches the MP7's stock to greatly decrease the weapon's weight. Since the complete lack of a stock makes the gun fire as wildly — and accurately — as a Star Wars stormtrooper, this build requires the Merc Foregrip to mitigate recoil. Also, this loadout doubles down on the weight reduction with the FSS Strike barrel, which features all the extra range and bullet velocity of the FSS Recon barrel but without the weight penalty. Then again, the Recon barrel weighs more to reduce recoil, so user beware.

This build might not be as accurate or recoil-free as other builds, but it is perfect for players who want to be as fast on their feet as they are with their hands.