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PS4 Games You Should Never Play Around Your Parents

Video games are seen by some as an activity for children, yet a good amount of video games are marketed to adults. Titles like Conker's Bad Fur Day, Silent Hill, and the Call of Duty series were never meant to be played by children, and because of that, they feature a large amount of violent, sexual, or otherwise straight-up weird content that is not safe for work and should probably be enjoyed in private.

The PlayStation 4 has a massive library of games to choose from, so you'll inevitably run into a title or two bound to make your parents voice some concerns. To help you avoid the shame of explaining these uncomfortable gaming moments to your family members, here is a list of the PS4 titles you should probably never be caught playing around your parents.

Catherine: Full Body has puzzling content

The cult hit Catherine touches on themes of infidelity, exploration of gender, commitment, and facing deeply held fears. Catherine: Full Body, a quasi-remake of the original 2011 release, adds new characters, dialogue, and endings to the mix while keeping the same basic gameplay intact. Though the game is never overly explicit, it is certainly bizarre. Outside of some suggestive bits here and there, Catherine is filled with aliens, demons, murder, and strange puzzles to solve while Vincent runs around in his boxers. 

Pressured by his girlfriend Katherine to tie the knot, Vincent meets another woman named Catherine and begins an affair with the mysterious younger woman. Catherine: Full Body introduces yet another Qatherine, who comforts Vincent about the state of his relationships, to the pool of potential love interests. While Vincent flails about in his love life during the day, at night, he must frantically climb towers in his sleep, making up the bulk of the puzzle-solving gameplay. 

In addition to the weird happenings, the game features multiple instances of fan service and near-nudity. It's likely Catherine will both baffle and upset parents, so play it safe and keep this puzzle in its box until the folks go to sleep.

God of War 3 Remastered reminds parents about mature content

As the Ghost of Sparta begins his titan-backed assault on Mount Olympus in God of War 3 Remastered, it is abundantly clear Kratos will go to any length to enact his vengeance on Zeus. He gauges eyes, dismembers, and even caves in the heads of those who stand in his way, sometimes with the character switching to the first-person perspective of the person being beaten to death. But in the midst of all this bloody carnage, Kratos changes gears to engage in a different sort of conquest when he enters the bedchamber of Aphrodite to find the goddess of love enjoying the company of her two handmaidens. 

Aphrodite makes Kratos an offer to stay and provide her a moment's comfort. Should the player agree, the camera swings away from the bed and focuses on Aphrodite's handmaidens, and the player completes a quick time event so they can prove themselves worthy to the goddess. During the quick time event, Aphrodite's handmaidens make self-aware jabs about how they are truly witnessing "mature content" and how "parents should not let their children watch this." Naturally, the handmaidens are correct, and it would be an inopportune moment for a gamer's parents to walk in.

The Witcher 3 really dives into Geralt's fantasies

The titular monster hunters of the Witcher series are created through a long and complicated process of alchemical and mutational mixtures as well as extensive training to prepare them for a life of hunting supernatural prey. But changing their physiology doesn't rid them of every human desire. 

In The Witcher 3, this manifests in the sheer number of women that Geralt can get intimate with on his journey. With the exception of the brothels, the game's sexual encounters are tied to specific characters who will only pursue Geralt after you successfully complete a quest. However, once you initiate one of these events, you may notice that these sex scenes are not only long and awkward, but are also downright bizarre at times. It may be hard to justify to confused parents why Geralt is having floating cloud coitus, or why a unicorn needs to be involved in a sexy scene.

To avoid these uncomfortable questions, be prepared to dive into the pause menu and examine your Gwent cards in case someone walks into the room.

Grand Theft Auto 5 strips away the third person perspective

The Grand Theft Auto series is practically celebrated for its questionable and racy content, so it's safe to say absolutely no one would consider the series suitable for children. Few other games let players mindlessly cause chaos on such a grand scale without the threat of real-life consequences. From carjackings to intense shootouts, you can do just about anything you want, which has earned the series quite a bit of flack from concerned parents. 

Grand Theft Auto 5 has all of the typical racially charged language, drug use, and other non-child friendly activities the series is known for, but also adds a new gameplay feature to the mix that makes it stand out from previous entries. Now, you can enter the first-person view, letting you experience Grand Theft Auto from a more up close and personal perspective. While you could use this feature for perfectly innocent pursuits like jumping out of planes, or even something as mundane as reading a newspaper, you could also hit up one of the game's strip clubs and pay for a lap dance.

However you choose to wield the power of the first-person perspective, Grand Theft Auto 5 is definitely a title you shouldn't play around your parents if you don't want to find yourself banned from using the console indefinitely.

You know what you're getting with Dead or Alive Xtreme 3: Fortune

Dead or Alive Xtreme 3: Fortune doesn't try to sugarcoat its premise with some lazily thrown together story. No, this game is all about attractive women in bikinis playing water sports, and there really isn't much more to it than that. The gameplay ranges from volleyball to the more confusing butt battles, but you can also experience the game's more hands-on "Owner" mode. This dating-simulator-like mode encourages you to take pictures of the women in highly suggestive poses and romance the contestants in exchange for a strip-tease. Of course, the game's VR Paradise allows PlayStation VR owners to experience the game's assets from any angle, further cementing it as a rather risque title on the platform.

There's little here in terms of depth, so you'd be hard-pressed to convince anyone you're playing for the story and not for the pretty giggling girls onscreen. Considering Dead or Alive Xtreme 3's voyeuristic nature and excessive sexualization of its characters, it's probably best not to hit the download button if you don't want your mom to throw out the PS4 altogether.

Leisure Suit Larry: Wet Dreams Don't Dry is full of innuendo

Based on the title alone, it should come as no surprise that the latest entry in this decades-old series is filled to the brim with innuendo and suggestive imagery. Like past Leisure Suit Larry titles, Larry Laffer is still a sex-obsessed nobody, but this time things play out a bit differently. In short, Larry time travels from the '80s and wakes up in the present day. Almost immediately, he endeavors to have sex with as many people as possible through the dating app, "Timber." 

Larry is a sleaze, always slipping innuendo into every dialogue. Every aspect of the game world is suggestive, from the architecture to the shape of fruit. One mission early in the game sees Larry acquiring a pair of used women's panties for an employee at a knock off Apple store. To boot, one of the first women you are given the opportunity to seduce is a scantily-clad cam girl who has her tools of the trade lying around her apartment.

Most parents probably wouldn't care for their kids bringing home a real-life Leisure Suit Larry and would only be slightly less displeased if they did so digitally. For that reason, Leisure Suit Larry is likely one bit of '80s nostalgia that your parents won't appreciate in their living room.

Mafia 3 has a risque gallery of collectibles

Tucking away a few extra bits of hidden lore or rare items is still a time-honored tradition in video games. As you go through the story in Mafia 3, you'll find there's plenty to collect. Lincoln Clay can pick up quite the impressive sampling of iconic cultural fixtures of the late '60s, such as period-accurate album covers, bits of communist propaganda, and issues of both Hot Rod Magazine and Repent Magazine. However, Mafia 3 offers some more uniquely adult rewards for players to find within the game's open-world. 

Hidden inside homes and desks around the map are 50 issues of Playboy Magazine inspired by the actual magazines released between February 1963 and November 1968. Similarly, astute players may also notice digital versions of pin-up paintings created by Alberto Vargas hanging around New Bordeaux that you can add to your growing collection of adult content. 

Between the magazines and paintings, players may be tempted to explore their trove in the pause menu. However, it's probably best to keep these virtual items hidden from view. After all, if you get caught, you can't claim to be collecting them for compelling articles since you only have access to the front cover.

Nier: Automata has a very 'revealing outfit'

Developed by Platinum Games, the creators of the acclaimed Bayonetta series, Nier: Automata is a tightly crafted action RPG that received rave reviews upon release. One of the significant factors that helps Nier: Automata stand out from similar genre entries is that it requires at least five full playthroughs to get the whole story. While five playthroughs may seem like a daunting task for most gamers, many found Nier: Automata was a blast to experience due to the storytelling and gameplay.

What lies in this highly praised game that could possibly provoke an adverse reaction from concerned parents? Aside from seeing their child replaying the same game upwards of five times, the worry could be in the presentation of the main character. You control 2B, a humanoid android that fights with other androids against alien robots that have taken over the earth. All in all, 2B's stock outfit looks like it came straight from an anime and is clearly meant to be attractive, but it's mostly inoffensive. The real concern is 2B 's alternate outfit provided in the "3C3C1D119440927" DLC. The aptly titled "Revealing Outfit" is essentially lingerie with a few bandages thrown on for aesthetic purposes.

If this is your choice of gear, you may want to keep the PS4 turned off until mom and dad leave the house.

Outlast 2 features a lot of disturbing religious imagery

Outlast and its sequel Outlast 2 are often regarded as two of the best survival horror games of all time. Both titles feature adrenaline-inducing chase sequences, terrifying villains, and dark, uninviting environments. However, Outlast 2 is arguably a bit more gruesome with its imagery. It doesn't shy away from some themes and scenarios that are likely to make even the most seasoned survival-horror aficionados uncomfortable. 

Though some of the characters are certainly scary enough to concern parents based on appearances alone, the violent and graphic imagery will likely raise more eyebrows. For instance, dead, bloody bodies are casually strewn around the cult village, continually reminding you of the constant threat of death looming overhead. Even more horrific, Blake's wife gives birth into her husband's bare, expectant hands, which is a scarring experience for both Blake and the player. 

More noteworthy are the game's psychological approaches to horror and its themes surrounding sexual violence and child abuse within the Catholic church. Outlast 2 was so provocative and steeped in controversial topics throughout development that an alpha build led to the game nearly being banned in Australia before its release. If a game is too much for Australia, it's likely going to be too much for mom and dad.

Dreams can turn into nightmares

From the creators behind LittleBigPlanet and Tearaway, the PS4 exclusive Dreams allows gamers to make their own video games and share them for other players to enjoy. There are nearly endless possibilities of what you can create using Dreams, and players have already crafted some wildly impressive creations

The idea behind Dreams is that if you can dream it, you have the power to build it. But limitless possibilities means there are going to be some strange creations shared online. Do you want to play a platformer where you control Big Chungus? No problem! Have you ever wanted to simulate the excitement of using the bathroom? Toilet Simulator has you covered.

Though Dreams can be used to make weird and trippy experiences, some users have leveraged Dreams to bring all manner of twisted, frightening creations to life. Notably, one user remade P.T. while another recreated Dead Space. Aside from unofficial remakes, some original horror has also surfaced, such as The Eternity House, proving that Dreams offers a place for nightmares too. 

With so many possibilities, you can stumble onto just about anything. Adult content is filtered in the Dreamverse so you won't find anything too inappropriate online, but that doesn't necessarily mean you can't create anything you want. Just be sure your parents don't catch you working on any explicit projects in your room.

Gal*Gun 2 takes exorcism to weird places

Gal*Gun 2 is a rail-shooter where you play as a schoolboy who finds himself suddenly irresistible to his possessed female peers. To cure the love-struck girls of their demonic affliction, you must shoot them with your trusty weapon: The Demon Swapper. Notably, with each shot you take, you help bring the girls to "Euphoria," and hitting certain sweet spots will net you a quicker performance boost. If it wasn't already apparent what tone this game is going for, then hopefully that should clear things up. 

Aside from exorcising a swarm of infatuated schoolgirls, Gal*Gun 2 occasionally lets you break away from the rail-shooter formula with a few side quests. These quests are usually pleas for help from female students, which will reward you with their phone numbers or items you can use in meet-ups. The meet-up sessions are par-for the course for this type of game. You can dress up the girls, give them gifts, and even have a massage. 

Overall, Gal*Gun 2 is a weird, silly game that doesn't take itself very seriously. However, the premise of shooting highly sexualized schoolgirls to get them to euphoria is probably not something you want to explain to your mom and dad.

Hatoful Boyfriend lets you date pigeons

Nowadays, there's a dating simulator for just about every niche interest. Have you ever wanted to go on a date with a literal piece of meat? There's a dating sim for that. Have you ever found Colonel Sanders irresistibly sexy? No worries, because KFC now delivers. In short, no matter how crazy or strange the idea may seem, somewhere out there, a dating simulator probably exists to deliver on every possibility you can imagine.

Enter Hatoful Boyfriend, a dating simulator where all of the love interests are pigeons. What makes the premise even stranger is that you don't play as a pigeon yourself. You play as a human girl who is accepted into the esteemed St. PigeoNation's Institute. So in this game, you are human seducing birds. Now to be fair, the title was originally released as an April Fool's joke back in 2011, but the fact that a pigeon dating simulator exists at all is still pretty strange.

Even if the game is meant to be taken as a joke, confused onlookers may have a hard time understanding the concept behind romancing avian creatures. Unless you want your family to cry fowl, it may be better to play Hatoful Boyfriend without their knowledge.

My Name is Mayo? More like May-no

If you've ever opened your refrigerator and felt a twinge of excitement when reaching for a jar of mayonnaise, then My Name is Mayo might just be for you. Though the game isn't necessarily offensive, it is definitely an odd little title. The entire premise is clicking on a jar of mayonnaise with a hand-shaped cursor. No, really, that's it.

Though the gameplay doesn't really change, there are a variety of different stories to unlock. For example, you can click on a story titled "The Lady in Red" which will start you with the story, "Sometimes I like to wear my red bikini."Of course, the mayonnaise jar will be garbed in a red bikini to match the theme of the story. Overall most of the stories are harmless, but just very random. Still, it's pretty strange to aggressively tap on a mayonnaise jar with a censor bar suggestively placed across the top. 

In the end, My Name is Mayo isn't likely to upset anyone, but it will probably make people question why you'd devote time to tapping the viscous white condiment. A jar of Hellman's may cost three or four times as much as the game itself, but if you're that interested in dressing it up, honestly, it'd be weirder not to go for the real deal.

It's risky to play Frisky Business

In Frisky Business, you play as a private detective looking into the case of a creepy clown that is stalking a trio of women. Playing as the dapper detective Falco Frisky, you develop feelings for the women who have asked you to get to the bottom of this clownish conundrum. Aside from the odd occurrence of the clown, the game features a sizable amount of fan service and even multiple endings with each potential love interest.

While being seen flirting with these character models could be embarrassing for any gamer, what is even worse is the prospect of doing so in such unpolished game. Several reviews note the persistent glitches, and the gameplay reveals many typos in the game's text. And that's to say nothing of the main gameplay loop, where inconsistently drawn character models cycle through a few poses in front of a few static backdrops.

But if you're still considering this game for your collection, the lackluster story and gameplay aren't likely to deter you. Frisky Business is relatively short and can be beaten in about an hour. So unless you are trying to explore every possible ending, this might just be one title you can get your fill of before the parents rush home from work.