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Warzone Players Demanding Change To 'Frustrating' Item

In the heat of battle, it's particularly important to be as quick and efficient as possible. This doesn't just go for the act of shooting and defense, either. Unfortunately, players of Call of Duty: Warzone are having an especially difficult time when it comes to the seemingly simple act of picking up items. When looting a fallen enemy or a crate in the battlefield, players want to do so as fast as they can. When you're already good on ammo, it helps to be able to judiciously grab only the essentials and then get back to cover immediately. 


It seems as though Warzone players are running into issues with being able to select precisely what they want. Instead, they're grabbing things that they don't necessarily need, just because they're all clustered together. 

According to a recent complaint from Warzone players, one of the most annoying offenders in this regard is the Armor Satchel item. The Armor Satchels were added to the game near the end of April. They can prove to be an invaluable asset in Warzone, particularly in the later parts of a match. These satchels allow players to carry extra armored plates for their character. These extra plates give soldiers much more protective shielding than normal and make it easier for them to withstand a bit more punishment than usual.


However, more often than not, players are finding that they are accidentally picking up extra ammo or other items nearby, rather than the one thing they specifically need.

As one Reddit user explained, "From a dead enemy, it's frustrating to pick their armor satchel up. No I don't want the pistol ammo! I would like the massive armor satchel that should be easy to pick up, cheers! Gives me anxiety standing there trying to pick one up!"

They furthermore described it as the "hardest thing" about the game and said that it's not entirely limited to the Armor Satchels.

While another user points out that simply walking over an armor plate will equip it for players who don't have one, the fact still stands that the looting animation takes a bit of time. This is especially true for folks who are looking to bulk up their armor beyond the standard amount.

Speaking of animations, a lot of players are also having issues with the animation that occurs when picking up or taking off a gas mask. Though it's a potentially lifesaving item within the game, many players have simply forgone even attempting to grab them. This is because putting one on temporarily freezes the player character, leaving them open to attack.


However, as proven recently by one ingenious player, gas masks can be an invaluable part of a long survival strategy. A Reddit user by the name of schmayward made waves when they posted a clip of themselves simply camping out next to one of the battlefield's Buy Stations toward the end of a match. As the match-ending gas started to close in, schmayward simply used the cash they'd looted throughout the match to buy one gas mask after another. The gas was safely filtered out and schmayward sat tight while their remaining opponents dropped like flies, winning schmayward the match.

However, it was determined that schmayward wasn't actually cheating. Other players actually applauded the win, saying that it had been earned because schmayward wouldn't have had the necessary funds for those gas masks if they hadn't already made plenty of kills.

In the meantime, Infinity Ward has made it very clear that it will not allow cheaters to prosper in Call of Duty: Warzone. Still, it certainly seems that there are little bugs that are indirectly cheating the players.

In other words, while the Armor Satchels are one of the biggest offenders in attempted item pickups, the mechanics of picking up items remains kind of an issue across the boardHopefully this issue will be addressed in the next update for the game. Infinity Ward and Activision recently announced that the next season of Call of Duty: Warzone would be delayed until an unknown date. This was a bummer, because it has been theorized that the next update could tie into a new Black Ops game, perhaps even the rumored Call of Duty: Black Ops — Cold War. Perhaps the delay will give Infinity Ward time to address the growing check list of things that need to be fixed in the game.


Call of Duty: Warzone is already a successful game, but there are numerous quality of life improvements that could make it even better.