Here's The Feature Everyone Wants For GTA 6

Grand Theft Auto 5 has been a hit, to put it lightly. The latest entry in Rockstar's controversial series has sold over 130 million copies since its 2013 release. Given its massive commercial success, any follow-up entry would no doubt be a highly anticipated title. And word on the street is a new Grand Theft Auto is indeed in the works. Rockstar is reportedly developing it as we speak. Unfortunately, we don't know much about it.


Still, the lack of any solid information hasn't stopped fans from speculating about a Grand Theft Auto 6. Inverse sent a survey around to its readers asking what they'd like to see in a potential new GTA game, and the single most requested feature might surprise you. It was more building interiors. 

While GTA games take place in massive, sprawling cities, most of the action happens outdoors. Only a scant handful of buildings have anything inside of them. In fact, in a map that's estimated to be nearly 50 square miles, only about 40 of GTA 5's buildings can actually be entered. 

It seems that this is what a lot of Grand Theft Auto fans would like to change. One popular mod called (appropriately enough) "Open All Interiors" opens up a lot more of GTA 5's buildings for players to explore, which helps to scratch that itch. Obviously, though, players would like to see the game itself doing this without the need for mods. Why even have such a massive city, with hundreds of different buildings, if you'll only let players access a few dozen of them? Especially given rumors that GTA 6 will be returning to classic locales like Vice City, this would be a great opportunity for Rockstar to let players see familiar places in a new way.


Now would be the right time for Rockstar to implement this idea, too. The PlayStation 5's powerful hardware would make it possible to transition from outside to inside without stuttering or loading screens. It might finally be possible to fulfill players' dreams of getting into firefights indoors, then having the action seamlessly spill out into the streets where you might have a helicopter waiting to fire on the poor saps who chase you out. 

On the other hand, making every building (or even most of them) explorable would be an enormous task, especially in light of the debate about crunch culture at Rockstar. Is it really reasonable to expect developers to create so many building interiors? Programming an open world map with a city theme is one thing, but this would require them to program an actual city.

As it turns out, Rockstar may already have given an answer to that problem. Reportedly, one plan for the new GTA game is to release a smaller map and add to it over time with updates. That approach would hopefully let Rockstar developers create the kind of depth that their fans are clamoring for, while avoiding or at least mitigating the need for their infamous 60, 80, or 100-hour work weeks. 


In addition to the request for more indoor spaces, another thing Inverse found is that players really, really want more customization options, especially for hairstyles. GTA 5 boasts an impressive amount of customization already, with more clothing options added regularly, but some players will never get tired of collecting more and more ways to personalize their character. 

Unfortunately, no matter how many snazzy new shirts Rockstar adds, your character's hair will inevitably be straight and flat. Wavy and curly hair hairstyles have been noticeably missing from the game, even after a lot of player feedback and a petition asking Rockstar to add them.

As with the building interiors, modders have taken this matter into their own hands and created a huge array of different hairstyles for players to use. With the right mod you can give your character anything from a simple undercut to dreadlocks. One obvious downside to this solution is that you have to rely on modders to make the content that you want, and hope that the quality of the mod is up to snuff. Also, this option is only available to people playing GTA Online on PC, which obviously leaves a lot of gamers stuck with just the in-game options. And mods don't answer the question of why Rockstar has been so reluctant to add more variety to its hair options in the first place, even as it keeps adding more and more clothing styles.


If and when we do finally get an official release date for Grand Theft Auto 6, we can only hope that Rockstar will keep its fans' wishes in mind: more customizable characters, especially paying attention to the hair, and a deeper, richer city to explore.