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Games Dr Disrespect Can't Stand

If you're looking for healing of any kind, this is a Doctor you'll want to avoid. Dr Disrespect, the online alias of gamer Herschel "Guy" Beahm IV, is a true character and an unabashed villain. On Twitch, he calls himself "the most ruthless competitor in video game history," and he's certainly a contender when it comes to the battle royale games he streams, including Apex Legends, Call of Duty: Warzone, Fortnite, and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.


But he's never been one to keep quiet about his opinions, even though it might embroil him in controversy about racism or breaking rules at E3. It's all part of being a dominant, larger-than-life personality with a huge following. And being negative about games is part of a formula that has worked for him, given that he recently signed a multi-year streaming deal with Twitch. Given that, take a look at some of the games Dr Disrespect doesn't like (whether he's played them or not).

Dr Disrespect doesn't think Valorant is watchable

Dr Disrespect is dismissive of Riot's tactical shooter, which entered beta in April 2020 and released in June. He's got a good reason, from a streamer's perspective. He said in a Twitch stream on the eve of the beta release, "I'll tell you, the one thing with Valorant, it's hard to watch."


A few weeks later, he hadn't changed his mind. Commenting on a Valorant-related controversy in which streamers were re-broadcasting content and calling it live, he was unfazed by the issue at hand. "I've got to say something about it," he said. "What everyone is missing here, the big problem, the big issue I have (is) why are people still watching Valorant."

His dislike for the game may have another cause — the fact that the supremely confident streamer doesn't seem to be any good at Valorant, a title which is drawing some comparisons with Counter-Strike.

"Let me go ahead and clarify before, yes, we're not at a high level in this game right now," he said. "We're terrible. We're going negative every single game. Map knowledge, very key, I have none of it. The abilities – throwing me off. All my hot keys and s**t. My aim sense and everything, and I don't have that much Counter-Strike ... experience."


And then in late May, the Doc uninstalled the game altogether after losing a bet, saying, "Never playing it again!" So far, he appears to have been true to his word.

Doc looks down on everyone's favorite plumber

Dr Disrespect loves his shooters — to the point where he insults other kinds of games. Even popular ones. When asked about whether or not he was excited about Nintendo's Super Mario games, he was disdainful.


"Nintendo? I mean, listen, I deal with high-level, first-person shooter, high-skill, open-world, interactive apocalyptic arenas where you gotta be the last guy alive and you have to kill, demolish everyone that gets in your way," he said in an interview with H3 Podcast from 2017.

However, he seemed a bit more open to changing his mind on this one than on Valorant. When presented with the idea that Mario can get into the body of a T-rex to save Princess Peach from a giant lizard, he mulls the prospect over. 

"Okay, I'll reconsider," he says in the clip. "Now that you've put it that way, I might reconsider."

Well, that's a change! Sadly, it doesn't seem like he's become a Mario super-fan since then.


Dr Disrespect has a love/hate relationship with Fortnite (and all the games he plays)

The truth is, Dr Disrespect seems to have a love/hate relationship with every game he streams. He's bashed Fortnite, which is part of his bread and butter — his second most-streamed game on Twitch. Back in July 2019, he even rage-quit a tournament (not for the first time), saying he was done with it and criticizing Fortnite's mechanics, such as the weapon bloom. He also said that the game encouraged "pathetic behavior."


"Can you believe that game? Never playing it again, not interested, phony baloney!" he said. "It's for the fake and the phony. I'm not about it, I'm about being real. I'm about being majestic."

He has also bad-mouthed Call of Duty: Warzone since the beginning — although he seems to have changed his mind and it's currently his third most-streamed game. He has also been critical of Apex Legends, another big one on his Twitch stream.

In a tweet from 2018, he bemoans, "Why do I hate the games that I love? Why do I love the games that I hate? Passion." 

Negativity is part of this guy's character, so all this isn't surprising. But he's definitely entertaining while he does his game-bashing, so people will mostly likely continue to tune in — maybe just to see which game Dr Disrespect is hating on next.