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Dr Disrespect Loses Challenge From TimTheTatman

Riot Games' new tactical shooter Valorant has already brought out a fierce competitive side in some of the biggest streamers in the industry. According to Dot Esports, that recently lead to a match that surprised fans of both TimTheTatman and the ever-volatile Dr Disrespect. The two went head to head in a Valorant Placements Challenge to see who would rank higher. The winner would be gifted a whopping 100 subscribers by the loser, which seems like a fun way to keep things interesting in the streaming world without resorting to a cash payment.


At the time that the match was announced, even Dot Esports' Andreas Stavropoulos expressed surprise that the Doc was willing to participate in such a match. Dr Disrespect has been openly lukewarm towards the game since he started playing it. In fact, in a notable stream from early last month, Dr Disrespect seemed to make his feelings clear on the game when he asked a chat what they thought of Valorant. As people responded, the Doc feigned falling asleep in his chair. In other words, he's not wild about the game, but he was still up for the challenge.

In an unexpected turn of events, TimTheTatMan managed to outrank Dr Disrespect in the match. This is despite the fact that TimTheTatMan went winless in his placement matches. Apparently he still had the skills needed to beat Dr Disrespect, who admitted defeat and reluctantly rewarded Tim the promised subs.


To be fair, neither of the two gamers came out of the match looking particularly impressive. Not to take anything away from the victory, but even TimTheTatMan seemed unsure whether or not he even wanted to keep playing Valorant before the results came in. Still, TimTheTatman ranked at a Silver Two and Dr Disrespect ranked much lower at a Bronze Three. 

In a hilarious move, Dr Disrespect seemed to decide that this would be his last Placements Challenge. Following the defeat, he promptly uninstalled Valorant from his computer. To be fair, that's a move that many have made at this point, thanks to concerns surrounding Valorant's anti-cheat software. Something tells us that Riot's anti-cheat doesn't have anything to do with this, though.

It's honestly surprising that it took the Doc this long to uninstall Valorant. Though many players are having a fun time with the shooter, Dr Disrespect has frequently exhibited frustration and outright distaste towards the game. A few weeks back, he told viewers and fellow streamers that he couldn't understand why people were still playing or streaming Valorant at all. This was in response to the trend of streamers running their gameplay videos on a loop and advertising them as live streams, which was irritating fellow streamers like Summit1g and xQc.


He expressed his confusion regarding Valorant's popularity, despite the fact that he'd recently played quite a bit of the game himself. Then again, the Doc may have been distancing himself from the game following his recent Valorant drops scandal.

For those unaware, Dr Disrespect came under fire a few weeks back for making it seem like he would be giving away Valorant beta keys to his viewers. This wasn't the case, but he did have drops advertised in his stream titles, which led to quite a bit of backlash. The Doc was characteristically unfazed by the hate.

It's unclear if Dr Disrespect will return to streaming Valorant or even playing it casually after this defeat. Uninstalling the game in such a dramatic fashion is also just kind of his style, anyway. Dr Disrespect has always aimed to be rather over the top in his responses, so it wouldn't be too surprising to see him back in action on Valorant soon enough.

Speaking of over the top reactions, Dr Disrespect also unfollowed a few streamers on Twitter who made fun of his loss. After seeing that Ninja and Shroud had both roasted his loss, Dr Disrespect hilariously streamed himself unfollowing them, sharing his screen with viewers as he did it.


In the meantime, the Doc has been putting quite a bit of time into another popular shooter, Call of Duty: Warzone. That's another game that he's expressed major issues with, even threatening at one point to stop streaming the game entirely. Despite this, he has continued to play the game regularly on streams and has even offered suggestions on ways Infinity Ward could improve the experience.

In other words, a loss like this isn't going to keep Dr Disrespect down for long. However, it's funny to see a sure-thing challenge like this go in a way that none of the participants could have expected.