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How To Unlock Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare's Rytec AMR Sniper Rifle

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has plenty of weapons to keep players happy. From fast and furious SMGs like the MP7 to slaughterhouse LMGs like the MK9, you have more weapons to choose from than most doomsday preppers. But, you can never have too many guns in a shooter, which is why the developers at Infinity Ward patched in the Rytec AMR sniper rifle — along with other features such as a fresh 200-player mode and a new map.


Since the Rytec AMR is a sniper rifle, you already know it will pack a punch, but this bad boy is classified as an anti-material rifle that shoots .50 caliber rounds. For those of you who don't speak bullet, that means the Rytec fires ammunition the length of a soda can that's designed to turn armored tanks into 50 ton lawn decorations. So, you can imagine the damage the Rytec can wreak on fleshy human beings. 

That being said, you can't just use a Rytec AMR out of the gate: you need to prove your worth before you're allowed to claim the weapon. Here's what you need to do.

Unlock the Rytec AMR through the Quickscope Kill challenge

You can unlock the Rytec AMR without purchasing the Season 4 Battle Pass by establishing yourself as a master shooter. To earn the Rytec AMR, you need to score 3 quickscope kills in 15 different matches using a sniper or marksman rifle. If you don't know how to quickscope, basically it means you have to aim down your rifle's scope, shoot, and return your vision to normal within one second, give or take a bit.


Luckily, the challenge doesn't have a distance requirement, so you can quickscope opponents at point blank range. It's not ideal and sort of defeats the purpose of a sniper rifle, but it's easier than trying to quickscope someone's head from across the map.

If you can bag those 3 quickscope kills in a match, you just have to repeat the process 14 more times, but if you only snag 2, then try again because your progress won't carry over. Once you have earned all quickscope kills, though, you will have a shiny new sniper rifle to play with.

Buy the Rytec AMR as part of the Lost Souls bundle

If you can't land those quickscope kills, you can do away with all the pride and accomplishment that comes with earning a sniper rifle and just buy it. This isn't the cheaper option, but it is the easier one by a mile.


Every Lost Souls bundle comes with a blueprint variant of the Rytec AMR known as "Damnation." For just 1200 CP (approximately $12), you can buy a Rytec, complete with an FTAC 448mm Dictator barrel, a Tac Laser, a Cronen C480 Pro Optic, an XRK Mastodon stock, and a Stipled Grip Tape rear grip. Oh, and the weapon comes with a red and white deco that makes it look like a race car, which is fitting since the Rytec AMR can kill enemies at supersonic speeds. Plus, the bundle also includes a creepily thematic calling card and emblem that strike fear into everyone who sees them.

If you're tired of trying to quickscope kill enemies and have 1200 CP laying around, you can't go wrong with a Rytec AMR sniper rifle.