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The Truth About Tfue's Incredible Transformation

Last month, Tfue shocked fans and critics alike when he revealed that he'd made a startling physical transformation within the last six months. The streamer and pro Fortnite gamer showed off that he has an entirely new body. The formerly skinny streamer is now covered in muscles and is sporting six-pack abs. On his Instagram and Twitter feeds, Tfue posted a surprising pair of before-and-after photos that showed the results of his work. While this is definitely impressive, there are some who believe that he achieved this transformation through less conventional means.


According to Phillion, Tfue's progress doesn't make any sense unless the streamer is using steroids or some other kind of performance enhancing substance. Specifically, Phillion takes issue with the idea that Tfue has made this entire transformation within six months without any kind of steroids. Phillion points out Tfue's pronounced abs and the bulging veins in his arms, noting that many of the changes in Tfue's body would be possible on a case-by-case basis. However, Phillion maintains that it is highly unlikely that someone could make all of these bodily changes at one time.

As Phillion puts it in his video, "I always revert back to this: pick two out of the three — big, shredded, and natural. You can be big and natural, you can be shredded and natural, but you can't be all three. I'm sorry, you just can't."


Phillion explains that Tfue's diet and sleep schedule, as a regular Fortnite streamer, would not be the ideal conditions to build this kind of muscle in the period of time that it has happened. Again, Phillion's sticking point is that the six month training period just doesn't line up with what he understands the human body to be capable of, particularly someone who is living the streamer lifestyle like Tfue.

"Six months is not a long time. The problem I have here is that Tfue just got bigger while maintaining the same, if not less, body fat," said Phillion. He added, "Fifteen pounds of lean muscle within six months is not humanly possible without the help of a Slurp Juice or a Chug Jug." These last two cheeky references to Fortnite power-ups are a sly nod to the fact that Phillion is positive that Tfue is using some kind of performance enhancement.

It should also be noted that most people were very congratulatory when Tfue posted these photos. Though there were plenty of people making jokes about how shocking the change was, there were also some very kind remarks.

Pro Call of Duty player Attach tweeted, "You're a machine," while fellow streamer Myth remarked, "I just started my workout journey, seeing this definitely motivates me!"


However, Phillion isn't alone in his skepticism. Just last week, pro bodybuilder Greg Doucette also took Tfue to task for his dramatic transformation. Doucette does a series of videos called "Natty or Not?" that dig into whether or not someone's physical journey could be made without performance enhancing drugs. Much like with Phillion's conclusions, Doucette was of the opinion that Tfue's progress was "not natural." While the bodybuilder admitted that the change was admirable, he felt that it simply wasn't possible without the use of steroids.

Tfue responded to Doucette's reaction in a later stream. Tfue felt like Doucette was just calling him out "for publicity" and that the bodybuilder actually knew how much work Tfue had put into his exercise and dieting routine.

Tfue is the latest internet personality to get ripped seemingly out of nowhere. Just last month, fans of PewDiePie were shocked to see the YouTuber sporting a set of abs in a post his wife made to Instagram. This led to people asking how in the world he could have made such a transformation. According to PewDiePie, it came down to doing simple workout routines on a regular basis and changing his eating habits. Apparently cutting out soda from his diet was a huge factor in his ability to slim down and build muscle tone. 


Tfue hasn't been quite as forthcoming with his workout routine, which may be why some people are trying to get to the bottom of it. Still, it seems like it would be pretty wild for him to go to the lengths that are being claimed by Phillion.

On Twitter, Tfue responded to Pillion by showing off some of his workout routine. He posted a clip of Phillion's video in which he asks to see Tfue's strength level, which is followed by a clip of Tfue lifting weights in the gym. In other words, it appears as though Tfue is insisting that he put the work into this transformation, and he's not about to let the negative buzz get him down as he continues his fitness journey.