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Did Dr Disrespect Reach Out To NickMercs?

It's been a little over a week since Dr Disrespect was mysteriously banned from Twitch. While it initially appeared to be a suspension, it has been confirmed that the Doc has been permanently removed from the platform. The Doc has told fans that Twitch has not been forthcoming with him regarding the reasons for his ban. Adding onto the weirdness, a recent stream from NickMercs either provided some clarity or made things more confusing in regards to Dr Disrespect's ban. 


While playing Call of Duty: Warzone, NickMercs suddenly got very excited when he realized that he had just received a $50 donation from someone claiming to be Dr Disrespect. NickMercs kind of laughed it off, but told his viewers that he's received plenty of donations from the Doc during previous streams. Not only that, but he told his viewers that this donation was done "exactly how [the Doc] does it." NickMercs didn't elaborate on that point, but he did read the truly bizarre message that was sent along with the donation.

The message took on the form of a poem. It read, "Check the records and VODs. Barely laying on a lounge chair right now; I hear everything. The ponytail still drippin', The Two-Time never slippin'. Twitch needs a scapegoat? I ain't even trippin'."


So, yeah. For all the world, it appeared as though Dr Disrespect logged into Twitch, donated $50 to NickMerks, and then capped it all off with a few cryptic verses about his situation. You're not alone if you think that whole thing sounds super weird. 

The donation apparently seemed suspect to NickMercs as well, who immediately started saying, "I don't know, bro," as soon as he finished reading the bizarre poem from "the Doc." It appears as though NickMercs isn't entirely convinced that the donation was actually from Dr Disrespect.

If it was actually the real deal, that leaves the question of what he meant by the insinuation that Twitch used him as a "scapegoat." Was the Doc part of a larger issue and Twitch just decided to cut ties with him as an easy solution? This whole thing is starting to sound a whole lot like that bizarre conspiracy surrounding the new streaming platform Brime.

For those out of the loop, there was some speculation that Dr Disrespect and a few other high profile streamers were joining forces in a new streaming service called Brime. There were theories that Twitch had banned the Doc after allegedly finding out that he was planning to co-found a competing streaming platform. However, it turns out that this wasn't the case, with Brime outright denying any connection to Dr Disrespect or knowledge of his ban. In other words, the mystery continues to grow.


Who was this mysterious donor if it wasn't actually Dr Disrespect? It could be that this is simply the work of a frustrated fan who is trying to get their own theories out there into the world. What better place to send that message than through the stream of one of the Doc's regular collaborators?

It seems as though NickMercs holds out hope that he'll be able to stream with the Doc again, one day. In a recent clip shared by YouTube channel Esports Talk, NickMercs could be seen mentioning that he wants to play with TimtheTatMan and Dr Disrespect soon. However, he then made an awkward face, like he brought up something he shouldn't have.

In other words, there are a ton of questions still regarding Dr Disrespect's ban. Nobody seems to know why it happened and if they are, then they're not telling. Fellow streamers like Alinity have looked into the matter and haven't figured out why the Doc was banned. She did this after being accused of somehow being involved in the Doc's ban. 

Frequent streaming partner TimtheTatMan has made it clear that he is actively avoiding looking into rumors surrounding the Doc's ban. He told his fans that he wanted to "wait and see" what the truth is, rather than simply assuming the worst or jumping to conclusions. He also had to field accusations that he was involved in the previously-mentioned Brime conspiracy. All in all, a very strange web of rumor has been spun around the Doc's mysterious ban and much of the streaming world.


Hopefully fans of the Doc will know soon what exactly went down concerning Dr Disrespect's ban. In the meantime, things continue to get more confusing. All of the uncertainty makes moments like this interaction with NickMercs seem extra weird.