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We May Finally Know Shroud's New Plans

Ever since the announcement that Microsoft would be shuttering its Mixer platform, fans have been wondering what this would mean for some of Mixer's biggest streaming stars like Ninja and Shroud. It appears that we may have heard our first inklings of Shroud's future plans. 


During a recent livestream, Mohamad 'mOE' Assad randomly mentioned that he was starting a pro Valorant team with none other than Just9n and Shroud. He also phrased it as though he was speaking out of turn, like it was supposed to still be a secret. 

As mOE put it, "I'm already ... speaking it into existence."

Now, this should be taken with a grain of salt until he hear from Shroud himself regarding his plans. However, it's worth mentioning that the idea of Shroud choosing this time go pro in Valorant kind of lines up with some of his comments regarding the Riot Games tactical shooter in the past. 

Specifically, Shroud was asked back in May if he would ever consider going pro in Valorant. In a clip of his stream posted to YouTube, Shroud explained that he felt it was basically impossible to keep up a normal stream and go pro, primarily because he'd be sabotaging his own strategies.


While he acknowledged that he quite liked Valorant, he explained, "Here's what you guys don't understand about going professional and playing in a game at the top level. If you truly want to play at the top ... you cannot stream your practice. You can't. That's just an easy way for people to just creep on your strategy and how you're gonna play ... So, granted, as much fun [as] playing a game professionally is, I can't stream it at the same time."

In other words, for Shroud to even consider going pro in Valorant, he would have to be free of the streaming lifestyle. Well, that has quite literally just happened with the closure of Mixer and Shroud's reported decision to step away from a contract with Facebook Gaming. While former Mixer streamer Ninja has since streamed on YouTube, Shroud has been strangely silent. Maybe he has, in fact, been doing some of that practicing he referred to.

Could we be on the cusp of a big announcement that Shroud is going pro? Only time will tell.