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PDestruction AllStars PS5 - What We Know So Far

Sony's generally well-received Future of Gaming event featured plenty of titles to excite gamers, including Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Horizon: Forbidden West. However, one title remains almost a complete mystery: the mix of Fortnite and Twisted Metal that is Destruction AllStars.


While Destruction AllStars was revealed in June along with all the other upcoming PlayStation 5 games, Sony and developer Lucid Games have been oddly quiet on the title. One might assume Lucid Games would be proud to discuss Destruction AllStars, especially since the studio rose from the ashes of Bizarre Creations, the company that brought us critically acclaimed games like Project Gotham Racing and Geometry Wars

Racing games are right in Lucid Games' wheelhouse, yet it has revealed very little about Destruction AllStars. Here's what has been established so far.

What is the release date for Destruction AllStars?

Most of the games announced during the PlayStation 5 reveal event featured release windows. Sony mostly refrained from providing solid dates, instead favoring more broad targets like "Holiday 2020" and "2021." Destruction AllStars, however, was not one of those games. It's unclear when Destruction AllStars will launch, and even the Announcement Trailer lacked much useful information. The game could release in time for the PlayStation 5 holiday rush, or it might not come out until 2021.


The only clue available is that Lucid Games is currently hiring people to help finish the game and work on future projects. Since these job openings include positions such as UI Artist and Junior Game Designer, the title might have a ways to go. Or maybe the studio plans on supporting Destruction AllStars with future DLC. It's difficult to say for sure.

Is there a trailer for Destruction AllStars?

The Announcement Trailer that debuted during the June 11 PlayStation 5 reveal event utilizes what appears to be heavily edited gameplay footage to demonstrate Destruction AllStars' visuals and mechanics. The video emphasizes the destruction derby-meets-Fortnite aesthetic, and primarily consists of neon-colored cars crashing into one another in a ballet of flaming tires and twisted bumpers. 


You also get a look at the characters that make up the Destruction AllStars' roster. These individuals wear unique, outlandish costumes and display different madcap personalities as they scurry around the arena, dropkick opponents, and showboat at every opportunity. If there is any takeaway from the Destruction AllStars trailer, it's that effectively dismantling the competition in the game isn't half as important as rubbing it in their faces.

Viewers and journalists were quick to compare Destruction AllStars to titles like Rocket League and Twisted Metal, a fellow PlayStation exclusive. Lucid Games is known for its work on Geometry Wars 3 and Need for Speed: Payback, experiences that seem to have influenced the studio's take on outlandish vehicular combat.


What is the gameplay like in Destruction AllStars?

Based on the Announcement Trailer, Destruction AllStars is a colorful destruction derby where players will have to ram their cars into opponents, as well as lead them into traps that litter the arena(s). However, even after your car is a smoldering wreckage, you are not out of the game yet since you can use parkour to either snag a new vehicle or plant a sneaky bomb on whomever trashed your ride.


During the trailer, you might have noticed Destruction AllStars' cast of characters. Well, they come with more than just luchador costumes and cat helmets with winking LED faces. The Lucid Games Twitter account has confirmed each character will feature unique skills, including a special vehicle to slice and dice or leave the competition in the dust. Better yet, if you grow tired of facing off against opponents in multiplayer matches, Destruction AllStars will feature a single-player mode.