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This Is Warzone's Best Origin-12 Shotgun Loadout

Call of Duty: Warzone sets itself apart from other battle royale games with highly moddable weapons. Instead of relying on whatever blue shotguns and purple rocket launchers you find in chests (or enemy corpses), you can customize guns and use them in matches — if you can scrounge up $6,000 of in-game currency during a match, that is.


Gamers customize MP7 SMGs and MK9 LMGs to shore up their weaknesses and accentuate their strengths, but players have also discovered the transformative properties of mods such as Snake Shot. Why would anyone bother with a shotgun when they can turn the .357 Magnum into a bite-sized cannon capable of downing a T-Rex? Because Call of Duty: Warzone's gun customization system also lets you turn the Origin-12 shotgun into an opponent-demolishing beast, that's why.

Here's how to make that happen.

Maximum speed for maximum blast

YouTuber jackfrags discovered an overpowered Origin-12 build that modifies the shotgun into an accurate behemoth and melts through opponents without weighing players down.

Jackfrags' Origin-12 recipe has five crucial ingredients: the FORGE TAC Impaler barrel, a Choke muzzle, one 5mW Laser, a removed stock, and a cache of 12 Round Mags. Mix them all together, and you've got the jackfrags special. Unlike the vanilla Origin-12 and the Stalker shotgun jackfrags used for a foundation, this shotgun is as fast as it is deadly.


The FORGE TAC Impaler barrel and Choke muzzle increase the Origin-12's damage range (video game shotguns are basically glorified confetti-blasters if not fired point-blank) and decrease pellet spread. Because these attachments weigh down the weapon, the 5mW Laser and stockless options mitigate added weight at the cost of accuracy. The 12 Round Mags tie everything together as they increase the weapon's ammo capacity. With the mags, wielders can spend more time shooting and less time reloading, especially since the Origin-12 is a semi-auto shotgun.

With jackfrags' Origin-12 combo, you have everything you need to prove those Warzone shotgun naysayers wrong. It might not have the pellet spread of a normal Origin-12, but you can't go wrong with a weapon that puts the burst in "burst damage."