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We Finally Know Why Tfue Can't Play Fortnite Anymore

Turner "Tfue" Tenney has had a pretty rough go of things lately. He's spent over a year embroiled in a legal battle against his former teammates in FaZe Clan, which would cause anyone to be pretty on edge. Now, it appears as though Tfue has finally decided he's had enough of the game through which he built much of his following. That's right; Tfue is finished with Fortniteonce and for all. It may not be the news that some fans want to hear, but it seems like Tfue has good reasons for stepping away.


In recent months, Tfue has been streaming Call of Duty: Warzone much more frequently. It soon became clear that he wasn't as invested in Fortnite anymore, but a recent stream marked the first time that Tfue addressed the situation directly.

In a clip posted by Twitch user Aaronnn19, viewers can see Tfue finally breaking his silence on why he hasn't been playing Fortnite. While streaming on August 5, he read a message in his chat that said, "Fortnite is trash."

This seemed to give Tfue a bit of a chuckle, and he quickly agreed with some choice language. "Fortnite is f—king a—, bro. Bro, you guys got to understand, like, a lot of these kids that play Fortnite now, they weren't playing Fortnite when I was playing Fortnite." He clarified that he'd been playing Fortnite since the very beginning.


"You can't play a game for f—king years straight, bro. For me, it's usually ... 2 to 3 years is like, the max for, like, playing a game, you know?" said Tfue. According to him, "You can't play a game for ... five years straight," without losing one's mind completely.

Basically, Tfue feels like Fortnite overstayed its welcome in his life. While he's become one of the most popular and recognized Fortnite players in the game, it appears as though he's simply burnt out on playing it. That can happen pretty often with casual gamers, so it makes sense that playing a game like Fortnite every day to make a living can make someone ready for a break. This is especially true when it feels like nobody else is playing by the rules.

This isn't the first time that Tfue has expressed a distaste for the current state of Fortnite. He complained extensively about some of the locations recently introduced in the game. Beyond that, though, he seemed to feel that the types of players who populate Fortnite these days are ruining the game. For one thing, the continuing presence of stream snipers — players who follow streamers' feeds so they can find them and kill them in the game — has been a constant source of frustration for Tfue. After getting killed by stream snipers multiple times, Tfue had some harsh words for Fortnite fans a few months back.


He told viewers, "The Fortnite community is f—ing garbage, it's filled with a bunch of f—ing immature 12-year-old stream sniping pieces of s—t. They have nothing going for them in life, so all they do is just f—ing cheat."

Tfue has also expressed the opinion that he thinks the Fortnite competitive scene basically shouldn't exist. Some people have seen this as something of a shady move on Tfue's part, especially considering the fact that he has played competitive Fortnite in the past. Still, the number of stream snipers and cheaters clearly wore down Tfue's love of Fortnite to almost nothing. Now, it appears as though he's never going back.

Tfue's fans seem to be on board for this decision to move away from Fortnite, even though it may have cut Tfue's viewership. One fan said that it seemed like Tfue was fine with possibly losing viewers. The idea of being able to play something that he enjoyed more was probably much more enticing to him than subscriber numbers.

Some people on social media have felt that Tfue's reasons for feeling burnt out don't fly with them. A few fans have pointed out that some gaming pros have been playing titles like League of Legends for longer than Fortnite has even been available. However, one fan reasoned that the amount of time spent playing Fortnite isn't necessarily as much of a problem as is the fact that Tfue simply wasn't having fun anymore. As this person put it, "What he means to say is that he doesn't have the mental to slog away at a game that he's lost all enjoyment for. You can play a game for endless time if you're enjoying it."


Some fans seem to think that Tfue will be back to Fortnite eventually. In fact, one fan believed that Ninja's apparent return to streaming would spur Tfue to also return to streaming Fortnite. After all, if Tfue's longstanding feud with Ninja doesn't get him back in the game, then perhaps nothing will. In the meantime, it seems like Tfue is glad he decided to stay with a game that causes him much less frustration.