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Tfue Has Some Harsh Words For Fortnite Fans

Tfue has always been brutally honest when it comes to his feelings on gaming and fellow gamers. During a recent stream, Tfue had some rather choice words for Fortnite players. 

In a clip shared by Twitch user SH4N3_ _, Tfue says, "The Fortnite community is f—ing garbage, it's filled with a bunch of f—ing immature 12-year-old stream sniping pieces of s—t. They have nothing going for them in life, So all they do is just f—ing cheat." With that, Tfue rubs his eyes, almost as though even thinking about this has given him a headache.


Obviously, these are some generalized comments, but the frustration with stream sniping in particular is probably the most understandable part. Stream sniping has been an extremely sensitive issue for Fortnite streamers in particular. This is when viewers of a stream will use a streamer's channel to figure out where the streamer is in a game. Then they will find them and kill them while the streamer is live. It's a dirty tactic that has reared its ugly head on more than one occasion. 

A few years ago, Ninja kicked up controversy when he accused multiple players of stream sniping him. However, as Ninja quickly learned, it can get exceedingly difficult to prove whether someone is stream sniping or if they were just in the right place at the right time.


Anyone who has followed Tfue for a significant amount of time is likely used to these kinds of incendiary comments. However, it does feel like the streamer is getting particularly tired of Fortnite. These latest comments are just part of a string of negative feelings he's expressed toward Fortnite and its competitive scene. 

In fact, earlier this month, Tfue essentially said during a stream that he felt like the Fortnite competitive scene didn't need to exist. "Fortnite is not a competitive game," he said. "I don't care what anyone says. In my eyes, Fortnite is not a competitive game ... and you are not a pro player, because this game does not have a competitive side to it. This game isn't competitive at all. Competitive Fortnite is not a thing. It's made up, it's not real."

As if that weren't enough to alienate plenty of players who take the game very seriously, he added, "If you're a competitive Fortnite player you're living in a fantasy land because this game is so far from competitive. It's not even close to even being titled that."

Again, fans kind of expect Tfue to behave in a somewhat curmudgeonly manner. It's also worth remembering that the streamer has had a pretty intense year. In between feuding with other streamers, Tfue has also been embroiled in a lawsuit against his former partners in FaZe Clan. Tfue sued them over an "oppressive" contract, which he felt exploited him and other streamers like him. He was actually countersued by FaZe Clan, which claimed that Tfue still contractually owed them prize money that he'd won through his esports victories. The wildest part of all of this is that he's still technically under contract to FaZe Clan, which can't make for a very relaxed performance on his part. 


Yesterday, Tfue tweeted, "Too much Fortnite might cause my brain to explode." 

This wasn't well-received by some fans on Twitter. One response read, "You've made a career out of this game since it started and you know you're not stopping, shut up."

Others pointed out that sometimes streamers have to follow the fanbase, playing what their viewers would prefer to see. "It's hard [to play something else] when you that famous cause if he does half his viewers won't follow," tweeted one fan.

It's enough to make one wonder if Tfue's days of playing Fortnite may be coming to a close. While fellow Twitch streamer Dr Disrespect has threatened to stop streaming Call of Duty: Warzone out of frustration toward that game, Tfue doesn't seem to be making any such comments toward Fortnite. It's worth noting that Tfue is still playing Fortnite in a regular capacity. 

However, it's obvious that his frustrations toward the game are growing. This can happen with pro players every now and then, even with games they appear to enjoy and have spent a lot of time playing. After all, longtime Overwatch pro player Jay "Sinatraa" Won just quit playing Overwatch altogether, switching to Riot Games' Valorant


For the time being, however, it does appear that Tfue is sticking with Fortnite. Fans will probably just have to expect him to let off steam like this more often.