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The DC Universe Game We've All Been Waiting For

Rocksteady Games had quite the successful run with the Batman license a few years back. The Arkham titles are held up as some of the best action games of their time, and perhaps some of the best superhero games ever made. The studio's work on that front put Rocksteady on the map, essentially, and made it an outfit worth keeping an eye on. In the years since Batman: Arkham Knight's release, fans have been eagerly awaiting any word on Rocksteady's next project.


At long last, that wait appears to be over. This morning, Rocksteady Games tweeted an image of Superman with his head seemingly in the crosshairs of a Suicide Squad logo. An accompanying message read, "Target locked – #DC FanDome – August 22." The tweet also included the hashtag "#suicidesquadgame."

Just like that, the term "Suicide Squad" started trending, and the internet got to buzzing over what is very likely Rocksteady's next big game.

This pseudo-announcement may not come as a surprise to anyone who's kept tabs on leaks in the past few months. Back in June, a forum user on ResetEra posted about a few domain name registrations that, in hindsight, were quite telling. Warner Bros. appeared to secure the names "suicidesquadgame.com," "suicidesquadkillthejusticeleague.com," and "gothamknightsgame.com." On top of that, a report from Eurogamer's Tom Phillips added some credence to Rocksteady's next title being called Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League.


At this point, all there is to go on officially is the image from Rocksteady's tweet and the hashtag included in its message. So the game could simply be called Suicide Squad now. Either that, or the term "Suicide Squad" is being used as shorthand for what would otherwise be a very long hashtag.

DC FanDome — which the Rocksteady tweet also references — takes place on Aug. 22. It seems fans will have to wait until then to hear more. But that hasn't stopped some of them from sharing their reactions.

"Wait what?!? Superman being targeted by the Suicide Squad? Hot damn," wrote one person on Twitter. "The more I think about this game, the more genius it is," wrote another. "If you're given various missions and you're always being thwarted by the Justice League, the Boss fights in this game are going to be on a scale never seen before." Another still added, "So we are getting that Superman game. Just not the one we were expecting. Hope it'll be worth it."

It's worth noting that these remarks may not represent experiences the actual game delivers. They're more speculation based on the small reveal from Rocksteady today, as well as bits of information that have leaked in the past. But on the topic of rumors and speculation, someone with some renown in that area did comment on what kind of game Rocksteady could be prepping.


@Nibellion on Twitter shared that, "According to rumors this will be a GaaS title with online-co-op." The acronym "GaaS" stands for "game-as-a-service," which may indicate this title and the upcoming Marvel's Avengers could at least have that trait in common. Comic book fans could have two never-ending superhero games in the pipeline — one from Rocksteady Games and one from Crystal Dynamics. One centered around DC characters, and one focused on Marvel characters.

Who knows! As one Twitter user joked, maybe there'll be a "Playable Joker exclusive to PlayStation 5." You can sense that this particular quibble with Marvel's Avengers will not be easily forgotten.

If there's one positive fans can take away from Rocksteady's tease, it's that Superman appears to play a role in this next title. Gamers have long lamented the fact that, while heroes like Spider-Man and Batman have starred in critically acclaimed hits, Superman hasn't fared as well. Perhaps this project will finally give the Man of Steel a chance to shine. Rocksteady certainly has the pedigree to deliver as much, based on its history. Then again, it's not entirely obvious whether Superman will be the hero or the villain of this particular tale.


At any rate, and as stated earlier, you probably shouldn't expect much news about this game to trickle out in the days ahead. Rocksteady looks to be set on doing a more substantial reveal at DC FanDome, which will take place virtually. That event is just a few weeks away, so it may not be long until fans have a better look at Suicide Squad, or Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League, or whatever this one is called. Until then, keep it here for more updates on Rocksteady's next release.