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The Truth About A Dr Disrespect Streaming Deal

Some people thought it would never happen, but Dr Disrespect finally decided to go live again. After more than a month of speculation following his mysterious ban from Twitch, it seems like Dr Disrespect is ready to get back in the saddle. This has naturally raised a ton of questions regarding the nature of his latest plans. Has the Doc finally found a new way of bringing his special brand of gaming commentary to the masses, or is this just something temporary? 


There weren't any answers during the Doc's first livestream. When his YouTube channel went live on the afternoon of August 6, it turned out to actually be more of a teaser for the main event. Even so, it seems like Dr Disrespect is making a concerted effort to hype up his fans for what's to come.

It is totally understandable that people are wondering if YouTube will be the Doc's new streaming home. However, the truth is that even though the Doc is streaming on YouTube, he's not doing so in any official capacity.

According to gaming journalist and info leaker Rod "Slasher" Breslau, Dr Disrespect's latest streaming ventures are being done completely independently. Essentially, without any kind of actual contract in place with a major streaming service, Dr Disrespect has gone rogue. Yesterday and today's streams are being done on the Doc's own time, not as part of any kind of obligation to a service. 


Breslau tweeted on August 6, "sources at Facebook Gaming and YouTube tell me DrDisrespect has not and will not be offered a partnership with either company at this time, but is free to go live just as any other creator would." In other words, the Doc apparently isn't even having early conversations with anyone about signing a new contract. These new streams are strictly for the Doc and his fans.

When the Doc began teasing his return, Breslau said pretty much the same thing. At the time, Breslau told his followers, "as far as I understand if there is a stream on YouTube or other platforms, it is all on his own, nothing has changed from before and it will not be a stream in partnership with YouTube."

This pretty much echoes what we have heard from Breslau in the past. According to Breslau, nobody is actively pursuing a contract with Dr Disrespect, which means that he may have to build a new streaming empire of his own, pretty much from scratch. There may be a chance that the success of these new streams will garner interest from potential streaming partners, but that remains to be seen.

In other words, Dr Disrespect is basically just streaming like any old average joe would, only this particular average joe already has a massive built-in audience. Again, he reportedly made a good amount of money from the teaser stream. Being a free agent may end up working out in the Doc's favor.


The Doc isn't the only streamer that has been teasing their future plans in recent weeks. Ninja went live on YouTube last month, leading to many people wondering if that platform would end up being his new streaming home. Earlier this week, Ninja shocked fans when he logged into his old Twitch account and played Fortnite with DrLupo. Much like the Doc's apparent situation, both of Ninja's surprise streams were done without any official support from either streaming platform; he was just doing it for fun and it worked out splendidly. 

However, both Ninja and Dr Disrespect have been heavily hinting that there may be much more to these surprise streams than meets the eye. Ninja told DrLupo that he was in talks with someone about a new contract and promised his fans that he'd see them soon. Meanwhile, Dr Disrespect tweeted a link to his YouTube channel yesterday with the caption, "Tomorrow, we arrive."

Again, that's not a whole lot to go on, which is probably why the speculation is driving fans crazy. Basically, while it's good to know where they Doc will be streaming, it's important to remember that it could change at any time. If the Doc is doing these streams in an unofficial capacity, then there's always the chance that a better deal will come along and he could end up going elsewhere. As with all things involving the Doc lately, fans will simply have to wait and see what he's willing to reveal.


For anyone interested in checking out what the Doc has in store for fans today, he will be going live on YouTube at 12 p.m. PT.