Rumor Suggests Things Are Getting Worse For The Doc

It has now been a couple of weeks since Dr Disrespect was permanently banned from Twitch. Since then, everyone has been trying to figure out why this happened. Even a body language expert weighed in on the subject in an attempt to understand the bizarre last few minutes of the Doc's final stream. Neither the Doc nor Twitch have been particularly forthcoming with reasons behind this ban, with Dr Disrespect claiming that he doesn't know why he was banned. However, we may have a few new hints as to what's going on behind the scenes.


During a recent Twitch broadcast, Hasan Piker had gaming journalist and insider Rod "Slasher" Breslau as his guest. Breslau tends to have his finger on the pulse of the industry, particularly when it comes to gossip surrounding streamers and YouTubers. In fact, Breslau was one of the first people to report that the Doc's Twitch suspension was actually a permanent ban.

The two talked about the developing situation regarding Twitch and Mixer streamers who may be making moves to other platforms. At one point, they discussed the fact that Ninja and Shroud have allegedly been in talks with YouTube Gaming since it was announced that Mixer would be closing. In fact, all signs currently seem to point to Ninja making that move to YouTube, which prompted Hasan to bring up Dr Disrespect as a possible acquisition for YouTube Gaming.


However, Breslau shut this idea down. After a very brief pause, Breslau said, "No one is talking to Dr Disrespect ... YouTube is not talking to Dr Disrespect."

This seemed to come as a surprise to Piker, who didn't press the issue at the time. There were rumors that the Doc was in talks with YouTube to possibly move to that platform, but those had apparently fizzled out. That stands in contrast to what Breslau had to say, however. The implication instead seems to be that something major is keeping most platforms from considering a deal with the Doc at all.

Breslau also hinted very recently that he knows exactly why the Doc was banned, but he's not comfortable discussing it in a public forum just yet. As he explained to Piker, there is a serious concern that he could run into a defamation lawsuit if he talked about it on social media. Instead, he is hoping to receive indemnity from a publication that runs his story. This would protect him from any legal ramifications that could result from him discussing what he knows.

To put it lightly, this is all starting to sound very serious. As Hasan Piker put it, it appears that the Doc isn't making a "platform move" of any kind. Not only that, but there may be some kind of "severe criminal element" involved in Dr Disrespect's ban. However, much like Breslau, Piker doesn't seem eager to offer specifics. That would be the quickest way for either or both to wind up with a slander suit from the Doc.


While Breslau does give us a few tantalizing hints, there is still so much that we don't know about the exact nature of Dr Disrespect's ban. However, it does feel like some pieces of the puzzle are beginning to come together. At least now, some people are also actively beginning to shoot down theories regarding the Doc.

For instance, the folks behind upstart streaming service Brime have rejected the conspiracy theory that Dr Disrespect has something to do with the creation of the platform. There was a theory that Twitch found out that the Doc was working with other streamers to create Brime, which is why he was banned. That theory now appears to be off the table, as is the idea that he's been dropping hints about his ban through other streamers' channels. 

A viewer claiming to be Dr Disrespect recently told NickMercs that he was banned because "Twitch needed a scapegoat." TimTheTatman recently weighed in on this bizarre moment, telling people that there's no way it really was the Doc. After all, as TimTheTatman pointed out, anyone could sign in and give a donation with whatever fake name they wanted to use. In other words, all that this situation with the apparently fake Dr Disrespect accomplished was make things more confusing for everyone.


Hopefully Breslau will be able to tell his story soon or we hear something from the Doc himself. In the meantime, huge parts of the the mystery regarding Dr Disrespect's ban continue to be just that: a total mystery.