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Gamers Who Farted Live On Stream

Everybody farts. There's absolutely no shame in it. Even streamers fart. In fact, it happens more often than you might expect.

When a gamer is streaming live in front of an audience, there are so many sounds coming from the game audio that you might think it would be easy to suppress the smelly symphony from behind. But where there's a will, there's a way, and often these gassy gamers manage to release an impressive noise that breaks the barrier of said game audio.


When the time comes, it's rarely a moment for those who supplied it to deny it. And indeed, many of these gamers, regardless of how famous they are, have no choice but to fess up and embrace the natural melodies that emanate from their bodies. Nobody judges them for it. Viewers laugh with them, not at them, as it's a time to celebrate the universal truth that farts are funny. Whether they take it in stride or do their best to play it off as if nothing happened, these are the gamers who accidentally farted live on stream.

Maybe no one noticed?

At one end of the spectrum, you have many streamers whose shameless flatulence should only put viewers at ease. But at the opposite end, you have this anonymous cheese-cutter, who hides behind the veil of anonymity, leaving the audience and co-host with nothing but an unaddressed elephant in the room.


It all happened during the grand finals of an Ultra Street Fighter 4 PxG Championship. Everything was going fine when all of a sudden a quick fart squeaked by that was loud enough to puncture its way through the sonorous music. Because the sound was perfectly nestled in the silent break between one announcer and another, it had nowhere to hide. But did either host address this freshly floated air biscuit? Not even slightly.

For viewers, it was impossible to know which of the two hosts let it rip, so whoever dealt it was able to let it waft by without feeling the need to claim it as their own. Who knows what effect this offending toot may have had on the match? Perhaps it left one of the competitors in such a laughing fit that it affected their performance in the remaining rounds.


Not so silent Ninja

Ninjas are typically known for their silence and stealth. In fact, if they were to have a signature fart, it would be the old "silent but deadly." Apparently, not all ninjas subscribe to such a technique.


Arguably the most famous streamer, Ninja is a celebrity in the gaming world. Perhaps when you reach his level of success, it's easy to shrug off a fart like it's nothing.

As he patiently waited and chewed on a snack during a stream, Ninja leaned in for the kill, which brought his fellow streamer Tfue into a laughing fit. There was a brief instant in the video where he looked at the camera as if to say to his audience "oh yes I did." It took a few seconds, but after Ninja settled into his seat, Tfue began cracking up, asking who the owner of that lonely fart was. Ninja, playing innocent, laughed and said "you heard that?" as if it wasn't intentional. But his expression gave it all away.

Maybe he truly didn't expect his friends to hear, but either way, he owned it, and they all shared a great laugh. Nothing brings people closer together than a good fart.


Owning her farts

If you were present for the stream where Sweet Anita accidentally farted, you might have thought she was slightly embarrassed. 

While watching a Jubilee video, a short but sweet toot accidentally snuck its way out, followed by "Oh, you didn't hear that," after which she covered her mouth and appeared to be a bit uncomfortable. She then resumed watching the video and burst out laughing. At first, it appeared as though she was cracking up at the video, but then she went on to reflect on the act of farting "in front of 2,500 people."


Whether she truly was embarrassed or not, she seemed to take it in stride. She reviewed all the embarrassing things she's done live on stream, then deemed this "a new low." Furthermore, she joked about how the incident would haunt her, but by the end, she had been so direct about this fart, it's hard to see any reason for embarrassment. Of course, she could have left it there, but she went so far as to create a highlight video on YouTube that featured the fart in the title. If you're going to fart in front of 2,500 people, you might as well make the most of it!

The sound you can't ignore

During a Clash of Clans Twitch stream, StonedSpoon appeared to be in the zone when a fart was begging to be set free. He leaned over as one does when they're on the cusp of passing gas, then ripped hard against his leather chair. "Oh my god, I hope you didn't hear that," he said after breaking wind. Unfortunately for him, everyone could, indeed, hear it loud and clear.


Even though he attempted to move on, he continued to orbit the fart in question, expressing how much he hoped no one noticed. His viewers confirmed that they heard it, some wondering if it was just a fart or something more. He laughed off the incident and explained how his leather chair and movement added a little extra juiciness to the sound. Overall, he spent nearly two minutes dwelling on the fart with laughs and a light attitude.

He admitted that the volume of this gaseous eruption was greater than he expected, but it made for a great moment that he himself clipped for all to see at any time. He even announced in the clip his intention to review the footage.

More than a fart

Let the following story be a warning that sometimes a fart is not just a fart. Streamer AmericanDad learned this lesson the hard way when a bizarre stunt to commemorate his three-year anniversary went horribly awry.


It seemed simple enough. With the announcement of "fart mic," claiming it as the first ever, he brought a microphone right up to his lower half, then proceeded to attempt this historic achievement. Things went south very quickly.

It was clear by the sound that the result was more than a little gas. Immediately after, he looked at the camera and it was abundantly clear something went wrong. At that point, he calmly announced that he had an accident, and then cut his camera. From there, his reaction escalated as he fully realizes what just happened. And even though it was pretty clear from the sound, he went out of his way to assure his viewers that this was no joke.

His reaction appeared to be a slightly humorous, slightly exasperated response to what happened. Suffice to say this commemoration did not go as planned, but at least he owned it. So remember, be careful the next time you feel a fart coming on.


Never fart in a mic

Farting in a mic just doesn't seem to be a very good idea, as the results can run counter to what you might have hoped. In an attempt to show how he felt about a Witcher 2 trade offer, Cro_ decided to remove his headset and fart right in the microphone. It was fortunate he seemed to have some gas at the ready, but what happened next was unfortunate.


It sounded like a regular old fart, but after settling down and putting his headset back on, it became quite obvious something was off. He sat still for a bit, perhaps trying to process what happened and how to proceed, then abruptly made the announcement that he soiled himself. His mood shifted drastically as he came to terms with the urgent and imminent cleanup. It was a somber moment as he signed off to wash himself down.

Had he so desired, he probably could have played it off as if it were just a fart, but the mess was something he had to deal with as soon as possible. So remember, think twice before farting in the mic. You might wind up with an unpleasant surprise.

The perfect way to end a stream

For centuries, scholars and philosophers have tirelessly debated on the age-old question: what is the perfect way to end a stream? It would seem as though none other than the streaming celebrity Ninja himself has solved this eternal quandary. Simply top it off with a fart.


A repeat offender, Ninja is no stranger to farting in front of his audience. During one of his Fortnite streams, Ninja appeared to be pretty unenthusiastic — possibly burnt out. His sign off began as a typical sign off with him dropping his social media handles and promoting some new merch, but once he was done with all that, he managed to sneak one in just before cutting off the stream.

It was a high-pitched trumpet sound that caused Ninja to twist slightly and say "Oh my—" as if he was mildly embarrassed. Who knows, perhaps this was the first in his live-farting career. Or perhaps he was just being silly. It's impossible to know with certainty, considering how he ended his stream mid-sentence. One thing's for sure — Ninja did not deny it, but he sure did supply it.


He felt it coming

What could arguably be one of the greatest farts ever captured live on Twitch, streamer Forc3_Sim knew something special was brewing inside. Casually signaling the coming storm with a "God d***," he leaned over and let loose a bubbly symphony that lasted a full five seconds, living up to his vocal announcement. After his instrument produced its final note, Forc3_Sim resumed an upright posture and cracked up from the musical toot his body produced. But can you blame him? The sound was downright hilarious. If anyone ever tries to tell you farts aren't funny, simply prove them wrong with this clip.


One can only imagine how much of an impact that moment must have had on him. Fate really smiled upon him that day, as it's so rare to experience a passing of gas that redefines your entire body of work. And to make it even more magical, this one was performed in front of a live audience. It's no wonder he took it upon himself to clip this glorious fart, which left behind a legacy that will go on for many generations to come. Let this fart be an inspiration to all.

The subtle art of not giving a fart

Quite the prolific "fartist," streamer Annchirisu has farted live on stream so many times, both intentionally and accidentally, that entire compilations have been dedicated to her craft. There's quite a variety in her work as well. Farts have varied by volume, context, intention, and apparently even scent. Many times she has initiated a countdown and has occasionally rated them.


It's quite impressive how consistently gassy one streamer can be. At a particular point in the video, she let one loose, then sighed with great satisfaction and proudly proclaimed "First fart of the day," leading one to wonder if she farts in every one of her streams. She did explain how "fizzy drinks make [her] gassy in general," so she must be constantly fueling the fire inside.

Her mission, it would seem, is to remove the stigma of farting. Her shameless attitude towards this simple bodily function should be a lesson to us all that there is nothing to be embarrassed about. Everybody farts, and it's okay! Perhaps one day society will evolve to a point where farting is accepted as a social norm. Who knows — it may become humanity's main form of greeting in the future.


ASMR gone too far?

You may feel that farting is offensive, but should it be a punishable offense? While some streamers have gotten away with sneaking one out in the past, they may want to begin practicing the old "silent but deadly" technique, because this practice apparently won't fly (or float, rather) on Twitch anymore. Or at least they won't for one popular streamer in another controversial category, who faced the platform's wrath after taking things a toot too far.


TheGamer's George Foster reported on an incident in which two creators in the "Hot Tub” category, Amouranth and Indiefoxx, were competing against each other to see who could take ASMR to its greatest extreme. As a result, they were both suspended from Twitch. What was it that took this competition too far? Throw a "T" at the end of the last word in the previous sentence, and that's what got Indiefoxx in trouble. She offered a donation tier that would prompt her to fart directly into her mic. No, seriously. By comparison, Amouranth's streams in which she wore various animal masks seemed almost quaint.

As a result of this challenge, the two streamers were criticized by quite a few viewers and fellow streamers on the grounds of producing content that they considered to be inappropriate for the platform. This particular suspension only lasted three days, but Indiefoxx continued to land on Twitch's radar afterward, eventually resulting in her partnership status being revoked.