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Don't Get Your Hopes Up For Dr Disrespect's Book

Dr Disrespect recently revealed on social media that the has a book coming out. While this should prove to be an informative and entertaining read for fans, there are a few reasons why people probably shouldn't get their hopes up. At the very least, people probably shouldn't be expecting the book to delve into certain information regarding recent events in the Doc's life.


During a recent stream, one of the Doc's viewers mentioned that they couldn't wait to read his book. This prompted Dr Disrespect to pull up his Twitter feed to show off the cover art for his upcoming memoir, Violence. Speed. Momentum. The book is being released by Simon & Schuster, which means that this was likely a pretty lucrative deal for the Doc. Even more interesting is how the book has been described.

According to the publisher's listing for the book, the memoir will dive into the secrets of Dr Disrespect's success. It reads, "As one of gaming's most recognizable and provocative personalities, Dr DisRespect finally reveals what it's really like being the biggest global streaming sensation and, in his factual opinion, the greatest gamer in history. Featuring exclusive, never-before-told stories from his career and thoughtful advice on everything from growing superior mullets to thoroughly dominating life, this memoir is as unique and unforgettable as its subject."


The "About the Author" section features similar boasts about the Doc's abilities and lifestyle. It mentions the Lamborghini that he's frequently seen driving in his videos, as well as his impressive mustache, which Dr Disrespect refers to as "Slick Daddy." It also claims that the Doc lives in a "multi-million-dollar top-secret complex" and that he has already decided that this book will "definitely be a huge, massive, record-breaking bestseller."

In other words, the book is likely to have the same kind of over the top and fun vibe that fans of the Doc tend to enjoy so much in his streams. However, one thing that it probably won't have is any concrete information regarding why the Doc was banned from Twitch earlier this summer.

In fact, it's highly unlikely that the memoir will reference anything at all related to Dr Disrespect's ban from Twitch. Unfortunately for the Doc, that's one of the main bits of drama that people are interested in right now. The confusion surrounding the Doc's ban has led to all sorts of conspiracy theories being cooked up to try to explain things. Despite hints from journalists like Rod "Slasher" Breslau, it seems like fans will never know the truth about the ban unless Dr Disrespect himself lays it all out there. 


On the off-chance that the ban is actually referenced in the book, it's more likely to be either in passing or in a more joking tone. The Doc isn't really one to dwell on his failures, as evidenced by how he barely talked about the ban during his first official YouTube stream. It's also not really part the Doc's overall internet persona to get into the nitty gritty of a legal matter like this. Not only does it not fit the Doc's usual tone, but he's more than likely been advised not to say anything specific regarding the ban in public. This seemed to be the case when the Doc began giving interviews following his ban. Every time it seemed like he was about to answer a hard question regarding his content or rumors surrounding his personal life, he was cut off by his legal counsel. In other words, there's next to zero chance that the Doc will be devoting much of the book's page count to the ban, if any at all.

Aside from the fact that discussing the ban would probably run counter to the fun image the Doc is projecting for the book, it's also worth considering that the book deal was probably signed well before any of the drama with Twitch went down. Unless Dr Disrespect pulled off a ludicrously short turnaround time with this book, it was also probably entirely written before the ban. Much like Dr Disrespect's TV deal (which is presumably still in development), the book has likely been in the works for a good bit of time.


Violence. Speed. Momentum. is currently available for preorder, and it's probably still well worth a look for fans of the Doc. However, folks most likely should not get their hopes up for any straight answers regarding the Doc's Twitch ban, at least not in this book. Dr Disrespect is clearly very excited for people to be able to check the book out for themselves, but fans may want to set appropriate expectations for the book's contents.