Dr Disrespect Breaks His Silence On Next-Gen Consoles

Dr Disrespect isn't known for keeping his opinions to himself. During a recent stream, a fan asked the Two Time Champion what his feelings were concerning the new console generation. Specifically, they wanted to know whether the Doc preferred the PlayStation 5 or the Xbox Series X. Not only did the Doc give a definitive answer, but he went into detail about why he preferred one over the other.


 The Doc mulled the viewer's question over for a bit, even turning off his music while he considered his words carefully. Finally, he replied that it is "not even a question," he will be going with the PlayStation 5. 

The Xbox Series X won't be released until November, but Microsoft has already seen an interesting first week of sales. Pre-orders for the console have almost entirely sold out, but there may be an interesting snag. It seems that a huge number of customers may have mistakenly ordered the Xbox One X, which may lead to an even bigger uproar on the internet. At the very least, it looks like the Doc won't have this problem, as he's more than likely sticking with the PlayStation 5 and PC gaming for the foreseeable future.


The Doc did not mince words in his response. "From what I've seen, like, Xbox has nothing going for it right now," the Doc said. "Nothing."

He later added, "if I'm going to play console, I'm going to play PlayStation. Right? I think Microsoft should just step away from the console area. Just step away, or sell everything to Sony, and then just focus on their PC and the future of technology."

That's right; Dr Disrespect has more or less checked out when it comes to Microsoft. The Doc also made his feelings known on Xbox's slate of upcoming exclusive games, finding them wanting. According to Dr Disrespect, the only Xbox exclusive title that seems worth getting excited over is Halo Infinite. Unfortunately for Halo fans, the next installment of the franchise has been delayed until sometime in 2021. In other words, there's basically nothing left to entice the Doc into buying an Xbox Series X at launch date.

Dr Disrespect also pointed out that Halo Infinite will be available for the PC. In his eyes, this means there's even less of a reason to plunk down a hefty chunk of change on an Xbox Series X, even after Halo Infinite is finally available for purchase.

In the Doc's defense, Sony does have a robust selection of exclusive PS5 titles. The Series X has fewer exclusives, which may be one of the biggest reasons why the Doc has soured on the new console. It seems like Dr Disrespect wants more options, and he's more excited about the wide array of games that will available for the PS5 from the jump.


Despite these harsh feelings toward the next generation of Xbox consoles, it seems the Doc still has quite a bit of love for the brand. At one point in his broadcast, he talked about how fantastic the Xbox 360 was.

The Doc particularly loved the Xbox 360's UI, which he described as "the ultimate gamers' console, in terms of just how easy it was to access friends and messages and game invites....just the whole layout and design of it was easy to process and take in and flow through." According to the Doc, simplifying the layout of the Xbox UI is "step one." 

The Doc might be in luck in this regard, as Microsoft has recently been talking up what it calls "the new Xbox Experience." While the dashboard hasn't seen a huge overhaul between the Xbox One and the Series X, efforts have been made to simplify and streamline the overall experience. For example, all notifications will be collected in one place, rather than being spread out over a series of apps. The Series X and Series S will also be adding new features like Quick Resume, which allows gamers to seamlessly hop from one game to another. Maybe these little tweaks will be enough to turn the Doc around on the Xbox UI.

The Doc's comments stand in stark contrast to the views expressed by another streamer in recent months. Earlier in the summer, Shroud reacted to the reveal of the PS5 with quite a bit of skepticism. He disliked the design of the console and felt that the games shown off during PlayStation's Future of Gaming livestream event were "average." This just goes to show that different fans have different things that impress them.


It remains to be seen how sales for the Xbox Series X will stack up when compared to the PS5. However, it's clear that some heavy-hitters like Dr Disrespect have already made their choice.