How Shroud Really Feels About The PS5

Last week, Sony finally unveiled the PlayStation 5 to the world with its Future of Gaming livestream event. While the event showed off many of the new games coming to the next gen console, the biggest surprise of the show was getting to see what the PlayStation 5 itself looked like. The reactions to the new console have been rather mixed, with many people making memes out of the console reveal and others expressing their excitement for the new system.


One person who seemed less enthused by the PS5 reveal was Shroud. In a recent Mixer stream, Shroud asked everyone in the chat what they thought about the reveal event as a whole. He quickly dove into his take on the livestream, which was a bit more negative than some may have expected. 

Shroud did start with the positives, however. He told his audience that he was most excited for Spider-Man: Miles Morales, the upcoming spinoff of Marvel's Spider-Man for the PS4. 

Overall, however, Shroud said of the event, "It was alright. Average. Average, average stuff. Ratchet & Clank was kind of cool, I guess."

Shroud also seemed to dislike the design of the new console, saying that it looked like a router. 


Maybe the strangest of Shroud's comments was directed at the size of the console. He said, "It looks okay, but I'm just concerned because it looks pretty small. So I don't think that good of a console, spec-wise, if it's that tiny." He further stated that he thought that the Xbox Series X would end up being the superior console.

It's odd that Shroud seems to think that the PlayStation 5 is tiny, because it has been well-established at this point that the console is actually kind of massive when compared to other systems. Even previous PlayStation consoles are dwarfed by the system. There's some speculation that the PlayStation 5's new custom cooling system is taking up quite a bit of room, even in the Digital Edition of the console. 

Also, as pointed out in the comments of Shroud's YouTube video, a smaller console doesn't automatically mean that it's less powerful. Even if the PlayStation 5 were as small as Shroud seems to think it is, it wouldn't automatically mean that the system would be inherently weaker.

Shroud also took issue with the all-white design of the PlayStation 5. He expressed his desire to have more color options for the new system. However, he explained that he plans to purchase all of the new consoles when they come out, regardless of how underwhelmed he is regarding the PS5.


Some people took issue with Shroud's comments. A few even felt that Shroud may have been trash-talking the PS5 because of his deal with Microsoft's Mixer platform

What was especially interesting was how underwhelmed Shroud seemed when compared to Dr Disrespect, who has kind of built his entire brand around dunking on things he dislikes. While the Doc had plenty of jokes to crack during his Future of Gaming reaction video, he also had plenty of positive things to say about the event.

In particular, the Doc was excited about the portals shown in the upcoming Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart. Dr Disrespect asked his viewers to imagine a battle royale style game that used a similar mechanic, which honestly sounds pretty awesome. He also seemed very impressed by the trailer for Oddworld: Soulstorm.

When Sony finally showed the design of the PlayStation 5, he said it was "pretty slick looking ... Slick, but impractical." That's still not exactly a condemnation, particularly when he told his viewers shortly afterwards that they should be happier about an exciting presentation like this.

Overall, he told his viewers that he "liked the presentation" of the event as a whole, even though not all of the games blew him away. All in all, it was an odd thing to see Dr Disrespect being much more optimistic about things. Dr Disrespect has been openly hostile in the past regarding games and platforms that frustrate him, almost to a ludicrous degree.


If nothing else, it shows fans just how divided the next console generation will continue to be. People are reacting negatively to the news that the Xbox Series X will retain the same dashboard as the Xbox One, while others are annoyed by the PlayStation 5's overall design and possible massive price point. It's easy to see why people would flock to one over the other. However, the divide is much more obvious when it's displayed by two high profile content creators like Dr Disrespect and Shroud.