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Small Details You Missed In The Modern Warfare Season 6 Trailer

In early August 2020, Infinity Ward released Call of Duty: Warzone – Season 5. The update introduced new locations such as the Acropolis National Arena interior and the mobile freight train, as well as new weapons and game modes. The developers have been burning the midnight oil and are almost ready to unleash Season 6 — and they've got the trailer to prove it.


The Modern Warfare & Warzone – Season 6 Cinematic trailer takes place in the claustrophobic, dimly lit corridors of Verdansk's underground subway. The video drops a few tidbits of information, such as how Warzone antagonist Victor Zakhaev and his guns for hire have used the tunnels to travel undetected. Yet, they apparently never thought to switch on the power and ride the subway trains. That's what two heroic soldiers are doing in the tunnels. That, and eliminating Zakhaev's men.

The video is short and sweet, but it contains a few small details you might not notice on your first viewing. Keep reading if you want to explore the Season 6 teaser's secrets.

Subways might serve as a fast travel option

Season 5 introduced the freight train, which is a decent way to chug along the map, all while staying safe in a mobile bastion. The Season 6 trailer implies the subway will serve as yet another mode of transportation.


At the end of the Season 6 video, viewers are treated to the sizable Verdansk map. By this point, most Warzone players have the map tattooed on their brains, but the trailer suggests that Season 6 will also add seven pit stops for the subway. These will encircle Verdansk and likely give players a quick, easy, and safe(r) means to traverse the map. Unless, of course, an enemy boards the train with you, in which case only one of you is getting off alive.

Alternatively, the trailer might also imply players can rip a page out of the Zakhaev handbook and just walk along the subway tunnels to silently navigate the Verdansk underground. But, with the trains running, doing so might run the risk of turning you into a subway sandwich. You will just have to wait to see if these implications pan out when Season 6 launches on Sept. 29.