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Twitch Streamer Loses It Over PewDiePie Donation

A big focus of PewDiePie's YouTube channel has been based around interaction with his audience. However, in a video he recently uploaded to YouTube, PewDiePie decided to go one step further and give a little something back in a fun way.


In a video uploaded on Sept. 24, PewDiePie decided to play a game called "You Laugh You Donate." Basically, he went through a series of memes and videos sent to him by his fans and viewers. If he laughed or even chuckled at any of them, he would donate money. During this particular video, he decided to send those donations to streamers on Twitch. Naturally, all of these streamers were shocked to see PewDiePie suddenly popping into their chat with a donation in tow. However, the reaction of one streamer in particular was a special brand of wholesome.

PewDiePie lost the challenge almost immediately after beginning the video, hilariously chiding himself for his weakness. After that, he decided to seek out whichever person was streaming Among Us with the lowest number of viewers.


Among Us has become a hugely popular game over the last few months, particularly among Twitch streamers and viewers. In fact, PewDiePie himself has played the game live on more than a few occasions. On September 25, he'll be joining Lazar, Summit1g, xQc, and more in a livestream of the game hosted by G FUEL. In other words, it's a game that has become quite near and dear to the YouTuber, so it makes perfect sense that he'd want to give to someone currently playing it.

PewDiePie quickly found a streamer who goes by BluWolfie123. PewDiePie typed in his username and donated $69 to BluWolfie123, telling his viewers as he did it that this marked the first time he'd ever made a donation on Twitch.

Within moments, BluWolfie123 could be heard saying, "Holy sh*t ... PewDiePie has donated $69." His partner quickly replied, "Are you serious?" This caused Pewds to start cracking up at their excitement over the donation.

Then, BluWolfie123 said, "That's my first donation, and it's by someone named PewDiePie." It seemed as though BlueWolfie123 didn't totally believe that the real PewDiePie had stopped by to leave him a donation, but he was still super grateful. 

This also seemed to make PewDiePie himself very happy, as he excitedly repeated that he was their first donation.


In a clip uploaded to Twitch, BluWolfie123 can be heard realizing that it was the real PewDiePie who sent the donation. The streamer's partner mentioned that they should check PewDiePie's channel later to see if it was legit. BluWolfie123 seemed completely shocked, saying, "Thank you so much, PewDiePie, or PewDiePie imposter, whichever you are."

It's hard to imagine how exciting it must be to be just starting out on Twitch, only to have one of the biggest YouTubers in the world become your first viewer to leave a donation. PewDiePie kept up this momentum for the rest of the video, donating to various streamers every time he laughed at the memes sent to him by viewers.

PewDiePie isn't the only content creator who has been trying to give back to their community in recent days. Pokimane recently left Twitch streamers speechless when she sought out different streamers and donated either subscriptions or money to them. She said she wanted to focus on helping smaller communities grow and to draw viewers to streamers that were working hard but hadn't quite taken off yet. She also boosted some of her favorite fellow streamers by gifting subscriptions to their channels. She made the whole event into a super wholesome video, and it is pretty obvious that Pokimane really made some people in the Twitch community very happy.


Since signing an exclusive deal with YouTube Gaming earlier this year, PewDiePie has seemingly focused on changing his public image in various ways. He has previously told viewers that he's doing his best to avoid controversies and drama in the future. He has also apologized for snapping at his fans in the past. This healthy dose of wholesomeness seems to be in line with how PewDiePie has been trying to operate since he came back from taking a break from YouTube.

PewDiePie has also been very active in donating to charities over the last year. Back in June, he raised over $160,000 for various Black Lives Matter efforts. Last month, during a video about cancel culture, he encouraged his viewers to help raise money for the Lebanese Red Cross. It seems as though PewDiePie is happy to keep that sense of good will going for as long as possible.