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The 5 Best And 5 Worst PewDiePie Plays Ever

PewDiePie might be the most famous YouTuber on Earth. His fame extends far outside his sphere of influence, as demonstrated by his spots on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and Conan. After all, Pewds has been around since the beginning of the Let's Play generation. And in this time, he has produced some truly memorable clips. But unfortunately, he has also created cringeworthy and highly offensive videos.


The highs and lows of PewDiePie cover more ground than the game genres he has played. Some distill the essence of the streamer into several minutes of unadulterated entertainment, and others display some of his "jokes" that were just plain repugnant. Furthermore, several clips demonstrate what happens when random game code butts heads with irony, and some reveal downright abhorrent thoughts.

Since PewDiePie has over 10 years of gaming videos, it would be an exercise in futility to chronicle every single one. With that, here are the 5 best and 5 worst PewDiePie plays ever.

Best - That isn't how gravity works

According to Jerry Seinfeld, timing is the key to comedy. If the space between the joke and the punchline is a nanosecond off, it won't stick the landing. Sometimes, reality is in charge of delivering the punchline, and one of the best kinds of well-timed punchlines is irony. Just ask PewDiePie.


A few days before the official launch of Goat Simulator, PewDiePie played an early release version of the game. He was faffing around, exploring the game's wild and wacky world when he visited an in-game laboratory to "find out how gravity works." Unfortunately for Pewds, gravity was on strike at that moment.

Now, Goat Simulator is infamous for its intentionally wonky physics engine. Bumping into any object is enough to shoot it into orbit, but no matter what, objects usually fall back down to Earth. Not this time, though. Pewds bumped into a chair, which stuck to the ceiling like velcro. His brain required at least 10 seconds to process the chair's flagrant disregard for physics.

While the scene would have been funny on its own, the irony of what PewDiePie said prior to it happening makes this clip one of Pewds' funniest moments.


Worst - Mixed up in a Warner Bros. mess

Since PewDiePie is famous, he has seen his fair share of controversy. In fact, his fame might be partially to blame for many controversies. Pewds doesn't even have to say anything and a scandal can still find him. Case in point: Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor.


To promote Shadow of Mordor, Warner Bros. paid PewDiePie, YouTubers, and other streamers and influencers to post Let's Play videos of the game. Just one problem: Warner Bros. didn't tell anyone that the videos were sponsored, and most audiences had no idea until the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Warner Bros. reached a settlement two years after the fact. Because PewDiePie was one of the most famous people contracted by Warner Bros., however, he was the main target of non-disclosure criticism.

Many websites called Pewds out on the matter, and he responded by revealing he actually did disclose the video's sponsorship. Granted, the disclosure was squirrelled away as a fine print-esque blurb in his video's description, but he disclosed it nonetheless.


The blame in this case rested exclusively with Warner Bros., but that doesn't change the fact that Pewds' Shadow of Mordor video landed him in a pool of criticism.

Best - PewDiePie played games on South Park

South Park is primarily known for two things: making fun of everything and everyone, and poorly imitating celebrity voices. The show is full of examples where cast members give intentionally Razzy-worthy voice impersonations, which makes PewDiePie's cameo all the more notable.


South Park has tackled numerous subjects, such as the spread of Let's Play channels and their lucrative appeal. In fact, two episodes were devoted to that subject: #Rehash and #HappyHolograms. #Rehash starts with Ike Broflovski watching a (very fake) clip of Pewds playing Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, and spirals into Eric Cartman forming his own Let's Play channel. Of course, Cartman's content mutates into reaction videos where he mocks his "friends" (because that's what Cartman always does).

However, Cartman's channel and dreams come crashing down in the next episode, #HappyHolograms, when PewDiePie magically hijacks Cartman's holiday special video. And, the episode ends in typical South Park fashion with Pewds thanking South Park for guest-starring in his video, not the other way around.


PewDiePie later posted a video where he praised the makers of South Park for the opportunity to be one of the show's few true guest stars. After all, when Matt Stone and Trey Parker ask you to appear on South Park, the only correct response is "yes."

Worst - So scary it hurts

A large chunk of PewDiePie's gaming fame stems from his tendency to scream at the top of his lungs whenever he's scared. Since he used to play a lot of horror games, he screamed continually — if not continuously — and his fan base loved it. However, you know what they say: It's possible to have too much of a good thing.


Many of PewDiePie's videos are peppered with screams that stretch so high, recording software can't comprehend their intensity. The result is high-pitched shrieks that blow out microphones. If PewDiePie kept these extreme terror squeels to a minimum, nobody would bat an eye, but in certain situations, these screams continue long after they outlive their welcome. These howls can easily drive viewers to swallow more aspirin than is recommended, especially older viewers who struggle to comprehend why children can't get enough of Pewds' cowardice.

Unless you've acclimated your ears by listening to loud music, you might not make it through a large portion of PewDiePie's horror game Let's Plays without turning down the volume.


Best - Classic PewDiePie videos aren't slender on scares

What is the quintessential PewDiePie video? Probably a Let's Play of a horror game, but Pewds has played so many of those, it's difficult to nail down one that encapsulates him at his purest and most terrified. However, one video contains virtually every Pewds trope, that being his playthrough of Slender. Not Slender: The Arrival, but the OG Slender game before it was renamed Slender: The Eight Pages.


If you watch the 10-minute long video, you will be treated to a smorgasbord of everything that made PewDiePie famous. Weird jokes of questionable appropriateness? Check. Being terrified into a Game Over by the first monster encounter? Naturally. Babbling incoherently and cursing in Swedish? Of course. Ending the video with calming pictures of kittens? You bet.

The video is one big reminder of why people fell in love with PewDiePie. It's hard to resist the siren call of a man who is so easily scared that he will spout obscenities at a screen in an attempt to defuse his own goosebumps. That's pure schadenfreude.

Worst - A terrible Ao Oni video

Early into PewDiePie's career, he played the horror game Ao Oni. This title demonstrated that RPG Maker could create more than just RPGs. The game spawned spin-offs, officially licensed stories, and inspired other horror titles created in RPG Maker. PewDiePie, however, used Ao Oni to make a truly offensive video.


Pewds started with a clip of him hiding in a closet while the titular Oni was in the same room — the Oni quickly discovered him. Pewds took the clip, inserted his mouth over the Oni's mouth, spliced in screenshots of the Oni dancing to the tune of "Shut Up (And Sleep With Me)," and titled the music video "It's Raping Time." Pewds chose that title because he prefaced the video with a clip of him pretending to be the Oni while uttering that phrase.

This video obviously horrified many viewers, and Pewds removed it from his channel (though other channels have reuploaded it since). However, the overall response convinced PewDiePie to rethink what kinds of videos he posted on his channel.

Best - Building helicopters is more difficult than it looks

Most games have a set goal you work towards, but some are designed so you can create your own fun. When the reins are taken off, that's where the real fun begins, especially when your friends are along for the ride.


Garry's Mod is a popular physics sandbox title that uses Valve's Source engine. The mod contains various popular player-made game modes, but the most popular one is the regular sandbox mode. PewDiePie was messing around with fellow streamers Jacksepticeye and Markiplier when they had the most random of ideas: create a helicopter out of junk. They stapled together gears, rods, planks, and chairs, and were in the middle of customizing their frankencopter when PewDiePie decided a car would look fabulous on its makeshift rotor. Garry's Mod's physics engine didn't like that.

As soon as PewDiePie removed the car (because cars never look good on top of helicopters), the haphazard helicopter launched itself into the air, and its various pieces started to orbit each other at dizzying speeds. Poor Jacksepticeye, meanwhile, served as the junkcoptor's guinea pig/crash test dummy. The result was history's only office chair to break the sound barrier.


Worst - PewDiePie drops an N-bomb

Battle royale games are notorious for players who twitch around like caffeinated rabbits, which makes them difficult to shoot. PewDiePie isn't known for his steady hand, so Pewds and games like PUBG make for disastrous combinations. One day, he played a PUBG round with some friends. Things weren't going smoothly, and Pewds was stuck in a sniper battle. His target dodged and weaved, and PewDiePie couldn't hit him, so PewDiePie did the unthinkable: he called his opponent the n-word.


As soon as the words left PewDiePie's mouth, he realized his mistake and spent the rest of the stream paying for what he said. Of course, the video didn't last long and was removed (although other channels have reuploaded it), and PewDiePie quickly posted an apology video.

However, PewDiePie's n-word utterance in PUBG wasn't a one-time event. During his subscriber war with T-Series, Pewds was playing Fortnite when he was stream sniped. Half a dozen players were gunning for Pewds and succeeded, and in a bout of sheer rage, PewDiePie was about to call them all the n-word. He caught himself before the words left his mouth, but he still almost said the n-word twice in his career, which is two times more than anyone ever should.


Best - Celebrating 100 subs in the most PewDiePie way possible

PewDiePie has over 100 million subscribers, which makes his channel the second-most subscribed-to on YouTube. You can't achieve that kind of fame overnight, and Pewds had to start small. Still, he was humble when he began.


In December of 2010, PewDiePie celebrated his first 100 subs with a callout during a Call of Duty: Black Ops match, thanking everyone who supported him. While Pewds stated 100 subscribers is insignificant to many YouTubers, he didn't agree. He spent almost 3 minutes thanking his subscribers and answering questions about joining Machinima and becoming famous. While Pewds admitted he wouldn't mind being a part of Machinima, he also stated he didn't want to be famous — which is ironic given where he is now.

Still, Pewds confessed that he made videos because it's fun, not because he courted fame. He eventually became famous, but he did so by creating videos for the sheer enjoyment of content generation. This honesty might partially explain why he became so famous.


Worst - Nazi imagery is a no-no

Shortly after PewDiePie's infamous Fiverr stunt, sites such as Wall Street Journal posted articles and videos that chronicled past Pewds streams with Nazi imagery. These included clips that featured Hitler and PewDiePie listening to Hiter's speeches. However, many sites (except Gizmodo) forgot one of the worst examples of Pewds' Nazi-themed videos: The Hitler Simulator.


Now, since there isn't a game called The Hitler Simulator (that we know of), PewDiePie just created a vaguely Hitler-esque character in Conan Exiles and filled the video with thematically-related (and inappropriate) "jokes." He continually refers to his character as Hitler and gives random in-game enemies names such as "level six Jew" and "turtle Jew." And yes, PewDiePie eventually utters the infamous "Hitler did nothing wrong" meme quote. To top it all off, the video ends with prominent S.S. war criminals such as Joseph Goebbels and Heinrich Himmler listed as video editors and writers.

As you might expect, the video was taken down and reuploaded by other channels. As with other objectionable clips, this video makes you question what was going through PewDiePie's head and why he thought it was funny.