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Live Stream Bloopers That Prove Ninja Is Still Human

In just a few years, Tyler "Ninja" Blevins has changed what it means to be a video game streamer. His huge list of achievements includes over 200 million hours viewed, more than 5,000 Victory Royales reached, and over 13 million followers. He has his own Fortnite skin so he and his fans can become Ninja in-game.


Despite all of these unprecedented accomplishments, however, Ninja's still human. Like anyone who streams video games, he makes mistakes now and then. These goofs happen in-game and in real life, and range from minor blunders to meme-worthy moments. Fortunately, as the viewer, you get to enjoy the humorous results. Plus, Ninja knows how to play off these incidents to make them more entertaining for you.

Whether you need a laugh or a reminder that everyone makes mistakes, these live stream bloopers from Ninja show a different dimension of him. The next time that you try your hand at streaming or play Fortnite, these clips can help you remember that nobody's perfect.

Ninja farted while waiting for his next game with Tfue

Ninja's goofy tendencies can make it tricky to tell if he's made a legitimate mistake or doing a bit. During a down moment while streaming with Tfue, Ninja farted by accident. Or, was it on purpose?

While waiting in a pro scrim lobby with his fellow streamer, Ninja leaned in his chair and let 'er rip. He directly looked into the camera after doing the deed, suggesting that he might have planned this "blooper." But, he was also making a similar face before the incident, leaving his glance to the viewer ambiguous.


Tfue found Ninja's "accident" hilarious. After taking a moment to process what happened, he burst out laughing and asked, "who was that?" with Ninja replying, "Oh, you heard that?" Soon, Ninja joined in on the laughter.

Ninja and Tfue have had their beefs, but it seems that this time, the two got to have a laugh together. Maybe all they need is a similar goof for them to resolve their differences again.

A Twitch malfunction shows a hidden side of Ninja

In 2019, Ninja accidentally went live during a time when he didn't feel his best. His messy hair and tired eyes showed that he wasn't acting like his cheeky, high-energy self. You can also see that he didn't have any of his overhead lights on in his streaming room.


One viewer in chat commented that "my dude looks like he needs some sleep" as Ninja typed at his keyboard and sipped a drink, unaware of his audience. After seeing messages saying hi to him, he responded "Hi" in chat and continued to work at his computer. Nightbot, a popular service that Ninja uses for his channel, posted that he had been streaming for nearly three minutes shortly after.

All of a sudden, you can see Ninja come to life as he realizes his mistake. "I literally didn't mean to click 'start streaming,'" he explained. He then laughed and acknowledged that even though he didn't mean it, he had obviously been streaming. He took the accident in stride and turned it into a moment to remember.


Jessica thought that her husband's stream was off

After one of Ninja's streams, he left his webcam on, giving viewers a glimpse into his post-stream life. He reached out his arms for a hug, and his wife, Jessica, obliged, with a friend joining the hug. That's when things got a little raunchy.


Without realizing that Ninja still had the camera on, Jessica grabbed Ninja's butt in clear view of the audience. After Ninja asked if she had done what he thought she did, their friend gave his behind a tap as a joke.

Nobody acknowledges the viewer during the clip, and the person who caught the moment explained that it was an accident. The clip doesn't show Ninja realizing that he left his webcam on, leaving it up to you to decide if he felt self-conscious about his audience seeing the "moment" he shared with his wife and friend.

Alcohol made Ninja a little rowdy

In a much older stream — one that took place before Ninja had a more family-friendly brand — he drank alcohol with his wife and a friend while they seemingly tried to make a Pinterest-worthy pineapple cake. As these kinds of activities can go, the project became a mini-party for the trio. They played Bruno Mars in the background and started taking shots of a mixed drink.


Drinking made Ninja a little cheeky, and he slapped his wife, Jessica's, behind. For the record, as you can see in this clip from a compilation, the couple seems to touch each other's butts as a sign of affection. But, Ninja may have been a little overzealous, since Jessica said that it hurt so bad that she "almost peed a little bit." Their friend, who was standing next to them when it happened, said that she could almost feel it just watching.

Everyone in the clip laughed it off, so it seems that all was well in the end. Here's hoping that Ninja remembered to be a little gentler the next time.

Well, that escalated quickly

Who knew that so much could happen in less than a minute? In this compilation clip from Ninja's PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds career, an encounter with a spider escalates to in-game and real-life disasters.


While Ninja was playing a round of PUBG, his wife, Jessica, let out a scream in the background because a spider had infiltrated the Blevins' home. This incident caused Ninja to look away from the screen while he let the van that he was driving in-game keep moving straight ahead.

He eventually had to get up from his chair to assist, and the driverless van crashed into a motorcycle. Thanks to PUBG's physics, the motorcycle caught on fire and erratically clipped through the van. Once the spider situation was resolved, Ninja took his character out of the van to travel on foot.

Sadly, the excitement wasn't over just yet. Jessica shouted again, this time because their dog Chance had an accident on the floor. What a day.


Spider surprise

During a PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds stream, Ninja found himself facing enemies on- and off-screen. While trying to stay alive in PUBG, he encountered a spider. It wasn't just any old spider — it jumped, making it even scarier than the average arachnid.


This incident happened before Ninja cultivated a more family-friendly brand, so you can hear him dropping plenty of F-bombs as he tried to take care of the eight-legged horror. Fortunately, he had a convenient roll of paper towels on hand for killing the spider. He screamed and jumped as he resolved the issue and checked that the deed was complete.

"JESS GO HELP HIM," wrote Pluto, one of Ninja's moderators, in chat. "HE'S GONNA DIE." Jessica, his wife, responded, "IM STAYING HERE. SOS." Additional recommendations from chat included asserting dominance by eating it, hitting it with his PUBG frying pan, and burning the entire house down.

Ever the professional, Ninja turned off the webcam before throwing away the defeated spider.


Ninja can't get the crowd to dance

According to Ninja, his most embarrassing streaming moment happened in front of thousands of people.

During the "Ninja x Twitch" stream from the middle of Times Square on New Year's Eve 2019, Ninja tried to get the crowd to perform the "floss" dance with him, but not many people went along with it. The camera crew tried to smooth over the situation by cutting over to the few crowd members who flossed along. Still, the moment was pretty rough.


When fellow player Reverse2k poked fun at him over the moment, Ninja explained that his team told him that the crowd would floss with him. "It was truly, like, one of the most embarrassing moments of my life," he said. While telling the story about the flossing fiasco, he laughed at himself about it and said that he was glad he leaned into making it a meme.

Ninja joined in on the flossing jokes a year after the blooper by creating a TikTok that made fun of his actions. After saying "this year's going to be different!" he tried to get his family to floss with him at home with no success. "Welp... this year wasn't any different than the last," he captioned the video tweet.