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Ninja's Not Buying Dr Disrespect's Ignorance

History is chock full of unsolved mysteries and unanswered questions. But for gamers who frequent Twitch, one stands out above them all — why was Dr Disrespect banned? For those out of the loop, former Twitch streamer Dr Disrespect was banned from the platform at the end of June 2020. To this day, Dr Disrespect claims he doesn't know why Twitch gave him the boot. Twitch, meanwhile, has refused to comment on the matter in any detail.


It seems unlikely fans will learn the truth anytime soon. This isn't the type of answer that's buried under home plate at Yankee Stadium, nor is it locked away in some secret government base in Nevada. Regardless, that hasn't stopped fans and other streamers from speculating. The latest Twitch star to do so is Ninja.

In a video clip archived by Dexerto, Ninja took some time to weigh in on why he thinks The Doc ultimately got the ax.

"This isn't some political bulls***. I can tell you that right now, man. Something happened," Ninja said in response to a fan's question on the matter. "I don't know what it was, but something happened."

Ninja continued, saying he believed Dr Disrespect "did something ban-worthy" before adding, "I do believe that he might not have been told about it. I don't think that he doesn't know what it is."


The Twitch star went on to make the argument that, if it were him on the receiving end of the Twitch banhammer, he'd "have a pretty good f**king idea" of why Twitch took action against him. When you add it all up, Ninja seems to be suggesting that Dr Disrespect isn't being entirely honest about what went down.

At the very least, Ninja apparently believes Dr Disrespect should have some sense of what he might have done to cross Twitch. Ninja doesn't seem to believe The Doc can plead total ignorance on his ban.

Ninja isn't the only Twitch streamer or YouTube star with theories about the Dr Disrespect situation. You might recall that, a few months back, PewDiePie offered up his own take on why Twitch ultimately did away with a man who was — at the time — its biggest star.

"The timing of Mixer shutting down to then Dr Disrespect being banned is an interesting timing, at least," PewDiePie said. "It's like, okay, Mixer shut down, so he can't go over there. So if we ban him — because he was clearly talking to Mixer about signing with them — if we ban him, we don't have to f**king pay him."

There was also a conspiracy theory about Dr Disrespect potentially partnering with a Twitch competitor called Brime. That theory, kicked up by YouTuber and guy who makes things up a lot Keemstar, quickly fell apart after Brime itself debunked the idea.


Then The Doc himself dropped some clues. In a YouTube stream toward the end of September, Dr Disrespect received a donation from an active duty member of the U.S. Navy. The Doc responded to the donation by stating, "Imagine the Navy going in there and getting rid of you, huh? Just out of nowhere, and then bringing in three new cadets [...] they say, 'Man, even though he's gonna turn Master Chief, like, that's a big, huge salary.'"

If you were able to look past the part where Dr Disrespect compared streaming video games to military service, there appeared to be a theory hidden in there. The Doc seemed to be saying that he was cut loose so Twitch could bring in "three new cadets." He seemed to imply his "big, huge salary" was too big, so Twitch sent him packing so it could afford to sign other streamers.

And that brings it all back to Ninja, who for the better part of a year was an exclusive streamer on Mixer. Mixer wound up shutting down back in June, so if you buy into Dr Disrespect's read on the situation, Ninja could have been one of those "cadets" — along with Shroud — who ultimately got a big payday from Twitch after The Doc was let go.

Dr Disrespect seems to have moved on, at least on the streaming side of things. Since being let go from Twitch, The Doc moved his enterprise over to YouTube, where he's essentially managed to pick up where he left off. The streamer has made mention in the past of potential legal action unfolding against Twitch, and has sometimes used that as an excuse to not elaborate further on his ban. It seems the real truth about Dr Disrespect's ban from Twitch may not come to light for some time, if at all.