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Small Details You Missed In Dr Disrespect's New Map Pictures

Shortly after Dr Disrespect's return to streaming, he was introduced to the game Rogue Company. After being impressed with the gameplay, he offered to make an arena for the tactical shooter. The developer of the game, Hi-Rez Studios, took the Doc up on his offer, giving him a short period of time to design his own map. While Hi-Rez was clearly impressed by the Doc's design, it was unclear when fans could expect to see the new map in action. Now, Hi-Rez may have given fans an idea of how close to reality the map is, as well as how true it remains to Dr Disrespect's vision.


When Dr Disrespect originally unveiled The Arena, it was obvious where his main inspiration came from. As he showed the map to his YouTube audience, the similarities between The Arena and the Doc's own Champion's Club set became even more clear. Much like the various green screen sets that Dr Disrespect employs during his streams, The Arena has had the vibe of a 1980s gym from the very beginning. The white tiling and palm trees spread throughout the structure give the place a sort of Miami Vice feel, which is 100% on-brand for the Doc.

Hi-Rez Studios has recently posted new screenshots of the map that show off just how seriously the developer is taking this collaboration. Fans will be excited to know that the newest looks at The Arena show the Doc's ideas have been taken to the next level. The in-progress map almost looks like a cheesy mall, in the best way possible. Think the Starcourt Mall from Stranger Things season 3, only with way more action.


One of the latest additions to The Arena in these images is a gift shop. There's no word on whether or not players will be able to purchase items from The Arena's gift shop, but wouldn't that be hilarious? Imagine being able to walk into that gift shop in the middle of a pitched firefight and then purchase a Dr Disrespect themed skin for Rogue Company.

It seems that fans are already clamoring for that exact thing to happen. At least a few fans have mentioned that a Doc skin would be perfect for Rogue Company's Dallas. It wouldn't be entirely out of the question for a game to base a character skin around a streamer. After all, Ninja announced his own Fortnite skin at the beginning of this year.

It's more likely, however, that the gift shop is just a fun backdrop. It doesn't look too full of merch, which means that it has also most likely been designed so that players to be able to duck behind and around the displays for cover. Likewise, The Arena's arcade probably won't feature any playable games, but it's sure to look awesome when gamers finally get a chance to check it out for themselves.

Also, longtime fans of the Doc will know that the red skies seen above The Arena map come straight from Dr Disrespect canon. The red skies have become something of a recurring motif in a lot of the Doc's content. In addition to being seen above his Champion's Club set, this atmospheric phenomenon has been seen in all of Dr Disrespect's music videos. 


After Dr Disrespect's ban from Twitch, during the time when he wasn't streaming anywhere, he released a short music video called "Alleyways," which depicted him in the rain-slicked streets, standing under a stormy red sky. Shortly afterwards, Dr Disrespect released a song literally called "Red Skies," which further explored the Doc's feelings of hopelessness following his Twitch ban. In one of his most unexpected video uploads, Dr Disrespect released a full music video for a song called "Eclipse." Once again, the red skies were in full effect. The video featured the Doc in his signature Lamborghini, speeding down a neon-lit highway into an unknown future. The presence of the red skies in these new Arena images show that Rogue Company's latest map fits right into Dr Disrespect's world.

For fans, the most exciting thing about the latest images posted by Hi-Rez is just how close they look to being finished. If the design of The Arena is this far along, maybe the full map will be available in-game before too long.

Dr Disrespect's reaction to The Arena's progress indicates that the map is exceeding his expectations. Dr Disrespect responded to Hi-Rez's new images by tweeting, "Absolutely incredible. I can already feel the energy of this place."


Hopefully that energy will translate to exciting gameplay. No release date for The Arena has been announced, but you can be sure that the Doc will let fans know when it's available.