The Doc's Latest YouTube Upload Isn't What You'd Expect

Dr Disrespect returned to streaming in recent weeks, bringing with him one surprise after another. The Doc unveiled a map he designed for Hi-Rez Studios' Rogue Company and even streamed a game of Fall Guys with none other than PewDiePie. However, fans probably couldn't have expected how the Doc's latest video upload would have turned out. 


Instead of uploading another highlight reel from a recent stream, the Doc treated fans to a brand new music video. The video is for a song called "Eclipse," which was written by Dr Disrespect and recording artist J+1. The song features Dr Disrespect on vocals, which should be exciting for fans. However, even more interesting is the fact that the lyrics seem to hint toward the Doc's recent troubles. 

One of the lyrics that repeats throughout the song is "I feel like some things have been taken from me." This would seem to be a direct reference to the Doc's ban from Twitch. While the reasons surrounding the Doc's ban have yet to be revealed, Dr Disrespect has told his fans that Twitch hasn't told him why he was banned. This lyric seems to reference the fact that there's so much confusion surrounding the circumstances of his ban.


As if to drive that point home, the description of the video also reads, "Some things have been taken from me."

The overall concept of the video is pretty simple. It follows the Doc as he drives along the highway in his red Lamborghini. However, as is the norm with Dr Disrespect, the video boasts some slick production value. The CGI background shows a futuristic city covered in neon lights, which compliments the overall '80s tone of the video. There are also some cool visual cues that go along with the music, like sliding sound waves in the background that are clearly synced to the beat. While the Doc himself doesn't do much in the video other than drive, the camera never stops moving. It will occasionally zoom in to give viewers a closer look at the Doc while he sings. Other times, it will pan out and show off the city skyline, which keeps the video from feeling too static. All in all, it fits perfectly with the Doc's usual visual aesthetic.

This isn't the first time that Dr Disrespect has made a foray into the world of music. Earlier this year, he released a track recorded with Danish artist Wice. That song was called "Peek Once Peek Twice," and it was directed at people who "peek" at him during shooter games. Peeking is when someone quite literally pokes out from behind cover to lay down some quick fire before retreating. "Peek Once Peek Twice" was all about how the Doc could easily take down a peeking opponent.


In addition to the collaboration with Wice, the Doc has also teamed up with J+1 on more than one occasion. Around this time last year, the pair released the song "Give 'Em the Love," which the Doc himself described as a "banger." Following the Doc's mysterious ban from Twitch, he again teamed up with J+1 to release the ominous track called "Alleyways." That tune was accompanied by a moody video featuring the Doc in a rain-soaked alley and featured the repeating lyric, "It's out of my hands." Much like the lyrics in the Doc's latest single, it seemed like "Alleyways" was the streamer's way of telling his fans that the ban from Twitch didn't make much sense to him either.

"Alleyways" seemed to capture the imagination of the Doc's fans and frequent collaborators. When a viewer asked TimTheTatman how he felt about the Doc's Twitch ban, he quoted the song to tell fans that it wasn't up to him.

The reaction to this video from fans has been mixed. Many people seemed to really enjoy the track, but some took the Doc to task for his vocal performance. One person quipped that Dr Disrespect's voice sounded flat on the high notes, even with the aid of autotune. Others seemed fully blown away by the Doc's work. One superfan in particular said, "We are truly blessed to be in the presence of such a being. All we need now is a full blown album."


At this point, the Doc may actually have enough songs to justify a full album release. Considering the overwhelming support Dr Disrespect has received since his return to streaming, any album released by the Two Time Champion might turn out to be a hit.