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Is This Our First Look At Apex Legends Season 7?

Apex Legends isn't the newest name on the esports/battle royale block anymore, but it is still a popular one. Respawn Entertainment has provided a continual stream of content via Seasons, and each new one brings something fresh to the table. Season 4 introduced the playable assassin android Revenant and an original map location known as the Planet Harvester. Meanwhile, Season 6 brought yet another character, a new weapon, and crafting. Each time Respawn primes Apex Legends for an updated injection of content, gamers look for any leaks they can find to satisfy that upcoming season itch. And wouldn't you know it, it's that time once again — the time when gamers start discovering Season 7 leaks.


When Respawn Entertainment recently updated Apex Legends, data miners dug deep into the freshly patched code and unearthed quite a few cosmetic options and new features that might rear their heads during Season 7. Several dedicated code diggers have since shared their findings, and there looks to be some pretty good stuff in here.

The majority of Apex Legends Season 7 leaks originate from digital archaeologist Biast12. For instance, he found tiny origami gun charms that players might be able to earn in Season 7. These charms recreate the Leviathan and Prowler in five folded paper colors: gold, silver, multi (green and orange for the Leviathan and orange and grey for the Prowler), grey, and brown. Biast12 even found physical models for the charms, a new skin for the Hemlok Burst AR dubbed Ascension, as well as a model of an in-game ukulele. It turns out Apex Legends' tank Gibraltar might use this Hawaiian instrument as a new skydive emote to provide some bardic inspiration for his allies.


Biast12 also dug up quite a bit of code for items such as a HoverBike, a Winchester Lever Action rifle, and pets that may or may not be exclusive to the upcoming Shadow Royale event. The pets even have stats and names. However, Biast12's biggest shiny nugget of information was an in-game error message for when a Nintendo Switch loses connection to Nintendo Online Services and EA's servers. Perhaps the Nintendo Switch version of Apex Legends is just around the corner.

Biast12's partner in data mining crime, Shrugtal, also posted their own finds, including two more Ascension skins. These skins apply to the Longbow DMR and to the character Wraith. According to Shrugtal, Wraith's Ascension skin might be a Battle Pass reward, and Biast12 pointed out Wraith's Ascension skin is nothing more than a recolor of her normal skin — a rare recolor, but a recolor nonetheless. Shrugtal also found what they believe is a new weapon, simply called bow, which will use arrows for ammunition, as well as the in-game model for the Winchester Lever Action rifle.

While Shrugtal's contributions might initially pale in comparison to Biast12's, Shrugtal possibly discovered something far more juicy than all of Apex Legends' cosmetics: confirmation that Season 7's new playable character is Horizon. Shrugtal reached this conclusion from several rough finisher animations, one of which Shrugtal believes displays a victim being sucked into a black hole. However, Shrugtal modified that initial belief after discovering code fragments that imply the black hole finisher might actually be Horizon's Ultimate ability. Shrugtal also believes Horizon's Passive ability will remove fall stun, and her Tactical ability can change a target's elevation. To add further credence to Shrugtal's Horizon theory, they posted code for the Horizon's Test Subject minit-event challenges, the start times, and badge reward. And yes, Shrugtal has pictures.


Biast12 and Shrugtal also found various skins that, while unrelated to Season 7, will likely see a lot of action at the start of the event. These include Halloween-themed skins for Wraith and an eye-gougingly bright Twitch Prime skin for Lifeline.

Please remember that until Respawn Entertainment confirms or denies anything uncovered by Biast12 and Shrugtal, their leaks are speculation at best, and fake at worst. Plans can change during development, as well, and there's even the possibility that Respawn could be dropping some fake details in to keep what's actually coming a surprise. After all, Respawn has leaked selective disinformation in the past to misdirect dataminers. After hackers leaked Revenant, Respawn took revenge by planting breadcrumbs that tricked data miners into assuming Forge would be the next playable character.

For all anyone knows right now, all the signs pointing to Horizon are red herrings. Fans will have to wait until Respawn Entertainment actually announces Season 7 before any of these leaks can be considered confirmed.