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Apex Legends Shows Off Their Newest Character

Apex Legends fans have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of Rampart, the game's next big character addition. While she's not available for play just yet, a recent leak and a few new trailers have shown off what the character is really made of. To put it lightly, Rampart looks awesome.


In a Reddit post that has since been deleted, one user shared a screenshot that appeared to show what Rampart will look like on the player select screen of Apex Legends. The screenshot was luckily saved and shared by Apex Legends News on Twitter. 

The icon over her character appears to indicate that she will be a defensive character like fellow Apex Legends characters Gibraltar and Caustic. In addition, she's referred to in this screenshot as "The Base of Fire," which tells fans (as if they couldn't already guess) that the giant machine gun slung over Rampart's back isn't just for show. It's pretty clear that Rampart is all about shooting first and asking questions later. That is, if the screenshot in question turns out to be legitimate — and there are more than a few reasons to think it may be.


The character model in the screenshot is pretty much identical to how Rampart appears in a new gameplay trailer released Friday morning. Rampart can be seen utilizing shields to block herself and teammates from harm, as well as deploying a massive turret that can be used by the other Legends in the match. In other words, she seems to be the ideal mix of defense and offense, which should make her pretty popular with diehard Apex Legends players.

Fans also got to see Rampart in action in a new animated teaser released earlier this week. Her general cocky attitude and fashion sense in that teaser trailer seems to be present in the supposed leaked screenshot, which lends it a good bit of credibility. In the teaser, Rampart seems to have a friendly rivalry with fellow Legend Bangalore. Rampart challenges her to a fight, but the two end up laughing it off and exchanging pleasantries. Later that night, a group of killers come to attack Rampart, but she heads them off with a series of booby traps and weaponry. Rampart is also seen activating a force field and using a machine gun turret to take out her opponents' heavy machinery. She gets knocked out, but is rescued by none other than Titanfall 2 antagonist Kuben Blisk. In Apex Legends lore, Blisk is also the warrior who first founded the Apex Games, making it especially interesting that he sought her out and apparently saved her life after a losing battle like this.


The description of Rampart from the official Apex Legends Twitter account reads, "While running her own modding shop, Ramya Parekh (aka Rampart) built her rep in underground gauntlet circuits. But success has a way of making enemies. Good thing she knows how to use all those fancy weapons she's upgraded..."

In addition to the sweet new moves glimpsed in the new trailer, fans believe they have found a partial move list for Rampart. However, this move list has seemingly been debunked (at least partially) by Apex Legends writer Tom Casiello, who referred to it as "old leaked content." In other words, Rampart's abilities may have seen a significant overhaul in the time since the character was first conceived.

Still, the current leak is still exciting for fans who are chomping at the bit to officially meet the new Legend. It's also worth mentioning that Rampart isn't the only new Apex Legends character that may have been introduced in recent months. There is plenty of evidence to suggest that Titanfall 2 villain Ash may be joining the game as well. The cyborg was glimpsed earlier this year in a trailer announcing Revenant's arrival in Apex Legends. Not only that, but a recent questline in the game led to a sequence that seemed to imply that Ash had been rebuilt following its destruction during the events of Titanfall 2. Only time will tell if Ash will become a playable character or simply another looming presence in the lore of Apex Legends like Kuben Blisk has been.


In the meantime, players have plenty to look forward to in the future of Apex Legends. Not only is the game adding new characters on a regular basis, but the game will most likely be available on the Xbox Series X and the PS5 whenever those consoles hit the market, ensuring that Rampart and the gang will be battling it out for some time to come.

Rampart will be joining Apex Legends when Season 6 of the game launches August 17.