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How To Unlock The Sonic Skin In Fall Guys

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout met with stunning success when it released in August 2020. It managed to achieve 7 million sales on Steam within three weeks and become the most downloaded PlayStation Plus game in history. Many companies, including Walmart, Konami, and KFC, wished to capitalize on this success by advertising their own brands as Fall Guy skins. Developer Mediatonic has yet to release any cosmetics based on these companies but instead opted for skins from the games: Gris, My Friend Pedro, Portaland Team Fortress

During release month, Mediatonic hosted a competition called Battle of the Brands, offering Fall Guys costumes to the brands that made the biggest charity donations. Ninja, G2 Esports, Aim Lab, and Mr. Beast won the bidding with a combined $1 million donation. Additionally, gamers have shared their own fan-made skins on social media, which range from Jojo's Bizzare Adventure's Dio to Banjo-Kazooie.

It's clear fans and corporations alike are clamoring for more high profile crossovers. They finally got one with Sonic the Hedgehog. Mediatonic revealed the cosmetic during a Sega stream celebrating the company's 60th anniversary. So, how can your get your virtual hands on this soon to be rare Fall Guys skin?

Unlocking Sonic

Fall Guys' Legendary Sonic skin comes in two parts, costing five crowns each. The Blue Blur hit the in-game store on Oct. 14. Given the price, it requires a significant amount of gameplay to unlock. Thankfully, Season 2 of Fall Guys added 600% more golden crowds to its rewards. Players can reportedly win 18 crowns by working their way through the battle pass and even more by winning matches.

Fall Guys may be getting more crossovers in the future if certain leaks prove to be true. One tweet suggested skins for Johnny Silverhand and male and female V from Cyberpunk 2077 are on the way. Another tweet teased bath time Geralt from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. A CD Projekt Red collaboration may be happening but, for now, Fall Guy players have a Sonic skin to win. Make sure you act fast, as it appears to only be available for a limited time. And no, it won't give you a speed boost.