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The Rarest Skins In Fall Guys

Within its first month of release, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout became a smash hit. On its launch day, it became a free game for PlayStation Plus subscribers. Twenty-two days later, Sony announced that it was the most downloaded PS Plus game of all time. Around the same time that Fall Guys broke the PS Plus record, it also reached seven million Steam downloads. The game's bright visuals and non-violent nature had its millions of players rethinking the battle royale genre, while also cussing up a storm in some cases. 


While it stands out among battle royale games in its playstyle and aesthetics, Fall Guys still has one thing in common with those titles: skins. By collecting in-game currency or meeting criteria like playing during a certain period, you can dress your Fall Guy in colorful patterns and costumes. And like the skins in traditional battle royale games, some Fall Guys skins are trickier to get than others.

If you want your Fall Guy to stand out from the rest, or if you need something different than the typical skin, consider the options on this list. These are some of the rarest skins in Fall Guys right now.

Crash Tester

The Crash Tester skin has the same colors, icons, and patterns as a traditional crash test dummy. Safety organizations and car manufacturers use these mannequins to simulate how much protection a car will provide or how a human body will move during a crash. It's definitely an appropriate design for a game that has you constantly colliding with other players. Mediatonic gave the Crash Tester skin to everyone who played the closed beta. According to the Fall Guys Twitter account, "if you EVER jumped into a game during the Beta," you got the skin. The team behind the title didn't enforce a minimum amount of playtime to get it.


This skin's rarity comes from its exclusivity to the fraction of current players who beta tested the game. For reference, the last closed beta for Fall Guys added around 100,000 Steam players and a "limited" number of new PlayStation 4 players to the existing beta player pool. Compared to the millions of people who have played the game since launch, those numbers are a drop in the bucket.

Big Bad

If you played Fall Guys soon after it came out, you probably saw a lot of players wearing this furry skin, which is called Big Bad. It's pretty cute for a skin that became one of many players' first cosmetics. Everyone who played Fall Guys during the first week after release received it. There was no need to take any other action — if you logged in, it automatically appeared in your costume options.


Millions of people played the game during this time, so millions of your fellow players have Big Bad. As the Fall Guys population continues to grow, however, it'll become more rare. At the start of Season 2, interest in the game still seemed to be going strong. Within the first 24 hours of its second season, Fall Guys became the second most-viewed game on Twitch and trended on Twitter, potentially drawing a new wave of falling beans. As people who played at the start of the game's lifespan step back from playing Fall Guys, you'll also start to see less of this outfit.

Gordon Headcrab

If you don't know much about the Half-Life series, headcrabs are one of the games' most iconic monsters and have an entire Half-Life 2 level dedicated to them. (High-five to you if you managed to get the achievement where you complete this level using only the gravity gun.) The Gordon Headcrab skin is, as the name implies, an exclusive variant of the Gordon Freeman skin that features a headcrab. Players who pre-ordered Fall Guys on Steam received this skin for free. Since Valve, the company behind Half-Life, owns Steam, this one ended up being exclusive to PC. Those on PlayStation 4 didn't get it.


PS4 players and PC players who didn't pre-order their game are currently out of luck. So far, Fall Guys hasn't offered any other way to get the skin, making it one of the rarest in the game. Half-Life fans who missed the pre-order or play on PS4 may still have hope for getting at least one version of Gordon Freeman, though. Gordon Headcrab appears to be a variant of a headcrab-free Gordon Freeman costume. That skin can be found the game's files, but players don't know how to get it yet.


The Prickles costume is a variant of a skin designed for one of the Make a Fall Guy contests. These competitions started in February 2020 and happened three times throughout the course of the year. One of the winners of the third contest was a version of the Prickles skin. The story behind securing this one is both good and bad.


Extreme popularity can have its downsides, especially when you have a server to manage. During its first week, Fall Guys became such a hit that its servers had to go down for maintenance. This situation led to an influx of negative reviews, then a "positive review bomb" to counteract them. As an apology for all of the trouble, the Fall Guys team gave players the Prickles cactus skin. Anyone who ever opened the game before midnight on the night after the tweet announcing the costume got it.

Since that time has passed, you can't get your Fall Guy a cactus skin in this color scheme, making it rare among current players. Fortunately, according to the Fall Guys Twitter account, the original light green version will eventually be sold in the store.


Baby Blue faceplate

If you needed a blue faceplate to match your Fall Guy's aesthetic or simply because you dig the color, Baby Blue was the only choice for Season 1. Like many other online multiplayer games, Fall Guys has a season pass that allows you to get exclusive prizes when you reach certain levels. After reaching Tier 35 on the first season pass, players got the Baby Blue faceplate. According to Reddit user AJCham, it took a total of 21,800 Fame (experience) to get to level 35 in Season 1. 


The Baby Blue faceplate was tricky to win when it was available. While getting the Baby Blue faceplate seemed simple on paper, depending on how often you played the game and your number of wins, getting to level 35 could be quite a grind. Reddit user Badger_Wadger found that you can get as little as 15 Fame per game or more than 400. Plus, the first season pass for Fall Guys ended in October 2020 when the game moved on to Season 2. With the first season over, it's not a guarantee players will be able to get this skin ever again.

Hunter top

Unga bunga! This skin, which borrows its aesthetics from a few million years back, made up the top part of the Caveman set from Season 1. Players who reached level 36 of the Fall Guys Season 1 pass received the top part of the Hunter costume for free. The bottom part of the costume unlocked at level 33, but the Hunter top was the only costume reward given after level 35, making it a little more rare. Since the Fame needed to reach the next level scaled, there was a difference of 5,400 Fame between level 33 and level 36. According to Reddit user Badger_Wadger's calculations for Fame per game, that means it would've taken you at least ten games to close that gap, and only if you won a lot.


Getting to level 36 to win the top part of the Hunter costume required a total of 23,800 Fame. Since the highest level you could reach in the first Fall Guys season pass was 40, it was pretty close to the maximum level for the season. Now, since Season 1 ended in October 2020, only players who grinded to that point in the season pass own the Hunter top. The rest of the player base, unfortunately, appears to be out of luck.

Zebra Stripes pattern

This Zebra Stripes pattern unlocked in the Fall Guys Season 1 pass brought out players' wild sides. What's more: it goes great with colors like Beach Ball (available from the beginning), Ecto Pirate (1400 Kudos), and Bumblebee (2 Crowns). You could also go with a subtler look by pairing it with the Stealthy black-gray combo (1 Crown). At level 37 of the first season pass, the game automatically gave players this skin — no extra purchases necessary. To get to level 37 and win the Zebra Stripes pattern, however, players needed to gain a total of 26,000 Fame. That was quite the hike in Season 1.


The appearance of Zebra Stripes in the Season 1 Pass makes it rare among the many patterns available in the game. It took 2,200 Fame just to make it to level 37 from level 36, so it could have become a lot of work for someone who didn't play frequently. Season 1 ended in October 2020, so it's unclear if players will ever get a chance at this pattern again.

Pirate pattern

The Pirate Pattern was one of the most detailed patterns that you could get for free during Season 1, featuring an intricate compass at the front and pirate motifs all over. Like you can do with the Zebra Stripes pattern, you can switch up how you style this pattern by switching to a bolder or subtler color combination. This pattern was the last skin that you could get by leveling up in the Fall Guys Season 1 pass. After getting 6,000 Kudos at level 38, a player's prizes for the level 35-40 grind went back to patterns with the Pirate pattern, unlocked at level 39.


Only players who dedicated a lot of time to Fall Guys during Season 1 have this pattern for their beans. Reaching level 39 and getting the Pirate skin involved earning 31,500 Kudos, which is a lot of Fall Guys rounds, especially if you don't win often. Season 2 started in October 2020, so it's possible the Pirate pattern won't be seen ever again.


Bonk! Fall Guys references a Valve classic, Team Fortress 2, with this special outfit. If you want to relive your TF2 glory days through your Fall Guy, though, you'll need to have enough Crowns. This item first appeared on the Steam version of the Featured Item store on Aug. 13th, 2020, and the exclusive nature of Featured Item skins make them rarer than most of their counterparts. While all players have the same pool of Featured Items to buy at the same time, they only stick around for 72 hours, with no indication of their next appearance.


It's also worth noting that special skins — such as cameo costumes — cost 5 Crowns each per top and bottom, meaning that you have to win 10 times to afford the entire outfit. And you can't buy Crowns with real money, no matter how much money you try to throw at the screen.

The Scout costume is also a little more rare for PlayStation 4 players than it is for Steam players. While Steam players could buy the Scout costume during its September 2020 release, PS4 beans could get the Chilly blue mammoth outfit. Fortunately for PlayStation 4 players, Scout returned on both platforms between Oct. 3 and Oct. 5, 2020.


In addition to Valve characters like Gordon Freeman and Chell, Fall Guys cameo costumes reference characters from games from Devolver Digital, the publisher for Fall Guys. The Bulletkin outfit references Enter the Gungeon, a combination roguelike and bullet-hell game. In layman's terms, it has procedurally generated levels and plenty of obstacles on the screen to dodge. As the name implies, it also has a lot of guns and gun-related puns. In Enter the Gungeon, Bullet Kin are one of the most common enemies around. While Enter the Gungeon has many themes that contrast with the laid-back nature of Fall Guys, the two games have very complementary aesthetics, making Bulletkin a great pick for a costume.


This outfit first appeared in the Featured Items store on Aug. 17, 2020. Like the other cameo costumes, the Bulletkin outfit costs 10 Crowns total — 5 Crowns for the top, and 5 Crowns for the bottom.

As a Featured Item, Bulletkin appears temporarily at unpredictable times, making it pretty rare. Since Featured Items only appear now and then for 72 hours at a time, remember to snag it while you can if you're an Enter the Gungeon fan.


At press time, the P-Body costume probably has the most bizarre history out of the cameo skins brought to the Featured Items shop. This Portal 2-themed skin belonged to a single person for two days. On Aug. 20, 2020, the Fall Guys Twitter account exclaimed, "OKAY, I'VE GONE ROGUE AND DONE A MEME." The social media manager then gave The Fallen One, the player with the best Fall Guys statistics, the P-Body skin two days early. That player turned out to be the streamer DrLupo, who discovered the costume in his inventory about half a day later.


That Saturday, Aug. 22, 2020, P-Body first appeared in the Featured Items store for 72 hours. Like other cameo costumes, the outfit consists of a top and bottom that each cost 5 Crowns, totaling 10 Crowns.

The P-Body skin's high price and 72-hour availability at unpredictable times makes it rarer than most of the buyable items available in the game. Unlike the Steam-exclusive Scout and Gordon Headcrab skins, the P-Body costume could be bought by both Steam and PS4 players.


The Portal-themed Chell skin had a bit of an unconventional reveal on Twitter. In response to a fan asking for a Chell skin, the Fall Guys Twitter encouraged them to check the Featured Items store and asked for someone to take a screenshot. Twitter user @DaBigQrit gladly obliged, and discovered a Chell costume with details geared toward true Portal fans, from the jacket tied around the waist to the shock-absorbent shoes that you can see at the beginning of this gameplay video.


Players could first buy the Chell skin from the Featured Items store on Sept. 3, 2020, where it remained for 72 hours. The top and bottom cost 5 Crowns each, adding up to 10 Crowns for the whole outfit.

As an expensive cameo costume that only appears in the Limited Store, only beans with a lot of Crowns and the right timing have the Chell skin. If you want it — and you probably do — keep checking the store for a repeat appearance.

My Friend Pedro

On Sept. 6, 2020, Fall Guys went a little bananas and released the My Friend Pedro skin in the Featured Items shop. Based off of the Devolver Digital game of the same name, this skin resembles its iconic banana. This costume appeared in the Limited Items store for 72 hours. Players had to shell out 5 Crowns each for the top and bottom, which means the entire getup ended up costing 10 Crowns total.


Like its fellow cameo skins, the My Friend Pedro costume requires plenty of wins and good timing to buy, making it a rarer cosmetic. If you don't have much Fall Guys luck, you can always buy the top and use a yellow color on your bean's bottom. It doesn't appear this item has been back in the Fall Guys shop ever since, but there's always a chance it could show up again someday, so — banana pun — keep your eyes peeled.

Gato Roboto

If you've ever wanted to turn your Fall Guy into a cat, and you enjoy Doinksoft's feline Metroidvania, you'll enjoy the Gato Roboto skin. Made under the Fall Guys publisher Devolver Digital, Gato Roboto puts you in control of a cat on a mission to save its space captain owner. The main character wears a robot suit reminiscent of Samus from the Metroid series, except, well, it's a cat. The Gato Roboto skin first appeared in the Featured Items store on Sept. 12, 2020. Like its fellow cameo skins, it consists of a top and bottom that cost 5 Crowns each.


This costume's rarity comes from its status as a Limited Item and its high Crown price. There's a chance this one could return at some point in the future, affecting its rarity. Whether you're after it for the reference or the cat ears, good luck catching its next appearance.