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The PS5 Has More Color Options Than You Realized

Ever since fans finally got to see what the PlayStation 5 looks like, there have been concerns surrounding its design. Shroud clowned on the PS5, saying that the console looked like a router. Others have commented on how monumentally huge the system is when compared to previous Sony consoles. Overall, one of the biggest issues people seem to have with the PS5 is the all-white color scheme. Luckily for fans, they're about to get plenty of new options.


Earlier this month, Sony showed off what the inside of the PlayStation 5 looks like, courtesy of a teardown video. One of the most exciting moments in that video came when Yasuhiro Ootori easily popped off the outer faceplates on the PS5. This showed gamers that maintenance on the PS5 is going to be a breeze. More importantly, it made it more obvious than ever that Sony will be allowing for an unprecedented level of customization with the PS5's design. After that video, it seemed like only a matter of time before either Sony or a third-party company began offering alternate faceplates for the PS5. Now it appears that a company with the clever name of PlateStation has already answered the call.


According to the company website, the PlateStation brand began when its creators saw the demand for a PS5 that resembled Sony consoles from previous generations. The website reads, "PlateStation 5 was born out of the single desire to create a Matte Black custom faceplate, simply because we believed it was what the PS5 community deserved. Along the way, the community and our partnering manufacturers have inspired us to craft even more options."

The Matte Black faceplate is joined by other color schemes, including Cherry Red, Indigo Blue, and Jungle Camo. In an interesting marketing tactic, the design that started it all is being offered as a limited-time product. That's right; according to PlateStation's FAQ page, the Matte Black faceplate is only being offered through the end of the year. It's unclear if this is because PlateStation feels it'll be in the most demand, or because PlateStation is anticipating Sony will release an official matte black faceplate of its own. After all, recent leaks have seemingly revealed Sony's plans to make fans' dreams come true and release a black DualSense controller.

Obviously, there can be a bit of hesitation when it comes to purchasing third-party cosmetics and accessories, particularly for a pricey console that isn't even out yet. To put potential customers at ease, PlateStation has addressed common concerns with its lengthy FAQ page, which also revealed some interesting things about the product.


Perhaps the most exciting thing mentioned on the PlateStation website is that the company may allow customers to customize their own PS5 faceplates. Apparently that option has not gotten past the planning stages just yet, but the fact that it's being considered should be extremely exciting for PS5 fans. In the months since the PS5's official reveal, the internet has seen plenty of mockups for potential custom PS5 units. Superstar artist BossLogic has designed a few, including a matte black console and some consoles themed after specific video game characters. The idea that some of these outlandish designs could become a reality through PlateStation is very exciting.

The reactions to the reveal of these faceplates have varied wildly on social media. Some people have commented on how much they like PlateStation's designs, while others are already weighing in with different colors they'd like to see. One of the more excited (and blunt) responses came from iZombie and The Haunting of Bly Manor actor Rahul Kohli, who simply wrote, "Thank f**k."

Others have been a bit more guarded in their enthusiasm for PlateStation's products. One fan encouraged people to wait for reviews of the product, just in case the measurements weren't quite right. As far as this issue is concerned, PlateStation has assured gamers, "The plates are identical to the original white plates that come with the console, including the shape, size and thickness. The only difference is that our plates do not have the PS logo."


Another Twitter user mentioned that the heat of the new console could also have unforeseen effects on these third-party faceplates. Because of these unknown factors, it seems like some fans may be sitting out the first round of PlateStation orders.

Still, the option of ordering new faceplates should come as good news for the folks who were less than enthusiastic about the PS5's design. Maybe people will stop ragging on the console for looking kind of like a router — although doesn't the Chromatic faceplate make it look more like a toaster?