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PS5 Customization May Become A Reality

The release of the PlayStation 5 is mere weeks away, with the console set to launch Nov. 12, 2020. As fans get more and more excited to get their hands on the PS5, a few unanswered questions remain, These questions include how the console will perform with PS5's next-gen exclusives, whether or not the console will have a Quick Resume feature like the Series X, and whether or not the console will ever be available in other colors or designs. Luckily for hardcore PlayStation fans, Sony may have already shown off how PS5 customizations may be possible in the future. 


Although the color of the PS5 has much more to do with aesthetics than performance, it has nonetheless been a constant topic of conversation ever since the look of the PS5 was first revealed. Almost immediately after Sony showed off the PS5 during this summer's Future of Gaming livestream show, fans became preoccupied with the design of the console. Specifically, people have been surprised by just how different the PlayStation 5 looks when compared to previous generation Sony consoles. While gamers are excited to finally test out the PS5 for themselves, the design of the console has proven to be incredibly divisive. It's safe to say that the all-white color scheme is actually one of the main things about the PS5 that fans can't stand.


In fact, fans have taken to mocking up their own ideas of what a special edition PS5 should look like. Superstar artist BossLogic has posted a few ideas, including one that utilized the familiar all-black color palette. BossLogic has also posted PS5 designs inspired by everything from Spider-Man to Pokemon.

However, fans who have been disappointed by Sony's design choices may not have to remain that way for much longer. A recent video posted by Sony has shown gamers how PS5 customizations might not only be possible, but easier to pull off than in previous console generations.

Sony finally showed gamers what the inside of the PS5 looks like in a "teardown" video with Hardware Engineering and Operation EVP Masayasu Ito. While fans got to take a closer look at the PS5's extensive cooling system — which includes a massive fan, multiple vents, and a thermal conductor that uses liquid metal — one of the coolest moments of the presentation occurred at the very top.

As he began to dismantle the PlayStation 5 console, Ito showed how easily the plates on the sides of the console can be removed. It appears that gently pulling the plates up and to the side will allow PS5 owners to slide these panels off with ease. This means that regular cleaning and maintenance of the console should be pretty hassle-free. Beyond that, however, it gives gamers an idea of how simple it may be to change these plates out.


Previous console generations have seen plenty of interesting limited edition designs. For instance, the launch of Marvel's Spider-Man was accompanied by a limited edition PS4 Pro console bearing the titular character's unmistakable color scheme and spider insignia. Nintendo Switch customers also went nuts over Animal Crossing-themed Joy-Cons, earlier this year. Limited edition consoles are always pretty cool, but they're also quite an investment. Not only do limited edition consoles occasionally cost more than a standard edition, but then you're pretty much stuck with that design until you get another system. 

The removable plates on the PlayStation 5 suggest that gamers may be able to swap out different outer shells on a whim. It wouldn't be much of a surprise to see Sony begin selling alternate plates for gamers who want to spice up their PS5 a bit. This could be how many fans can finally get that sleek, all-black PS5 design they've been clamoring for.

Of course, this would come at the cost of having the console no longer match the PS5's all-white DualSense controller. Again, though, Sony is very likely to release controllers in different color palettes at some point down the road.


A few months back, PlayStation's vice president of UX Design Matt MacLaurin expressed his excitement for the special editions that would be made possible with the PS5. He told fans, "While this [model] is the flagship/reference, you can count on even more beautiful (and hopefully radical) special editions." He later added, "Customization with special editions will be beyond anything seen before."

While MacLaurin didn't specifically explain how such a level of customization would be made possible, Sony's recent teardown video has seemingly made that much clearer. It's looking like PS5 customizations will quite literally be a snap.