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Things You Should Do In Destiny 2 Before They're Gone In November

Beyond Light, the first of a trilogy of annual expansions for Destiny 2, launches on Nov. 10, 2020, bringing new locations, raids, and collectibles. However, to trim back the install size by as much as 70 GB and prep the game for the next generation of consoles, Bungie is moving many worlds and missions to the Destiny Content Vault.

The most significant removals in the game will be locations. Mars, Mercury, Leviathan, Io, and Titan will all be vaulted, removing missions associated with them and making drops and armor sets that come from those locations no longer obtainable.

While Bungie has said that it is their goal to cycle content from all eras back into the game and stated that they would not retire any exotic weapons, the studio hasn't said how this will happen. Destiny 2 fans will get their first look at unvaulted content when the first Destiny's Cosmodrome returns in Beyond Light, but if there is a weapon you're looking for or a raid you haven't run in an area that's leaving, now is the time to check it out.

Here is everything you should do in Destiny 2 before Nov. 10.

Raids and mission to run in Destiny 2 before Beyond Light

Many important campaigns will be vaulted in November 2020, such as the Red WarCurse of Osiris and Warmind. If there are any significant parts of the game's story that you haven't experienced yet, there's not going to be a better time than right now to dive in.

Only two of the seven raids that are currently available will be sticking around after Beyond Light launches. The "Leviathan" raid is leaving, and so is "Eater of Worlds," "Spire of Stars," "Scourge of the Past," and "Crown of Sorrow." Each raid features different bosses and unique loot, so if you have time to play through them, you should.

However, if you don't have the time or the scheduling availability to get six people together to run five full raids, you might jump on one of the strikes that will be vaulted. These three-person missions require less of a time commitment, making them more achievable. The strikes set to be vaulted are "Pyramidion," "Festering Core," "Strange Terrain," "Will of the Thousands," "Savathûn's Song," "Tree of Probabilities," and "A Garden World."

Alternatively, you could try and run the gravity bending "Prophecy" dungeon, also scheduled for temporary vaulting in November.

Weapons to look for in Destiny 2 before November

Bungie has explained that no legacy exotic weapons are retiring from Destiny 2, although many legendaries will be sunsetted. Some of the quests that reward players with these high-value items are leaving, though, which means that gamers who don't have them by Nov. 10 will have to use the new Memorial kiosk.

You can still grab some of powerful items by traditional means, however. One of the best sniper rifles in the game, Whisper of the Worm, can be acquired through the "Whisper" mission in a tough 20 minutes from its starting point on Io. Running the "Ace in the Hole" mission rewards you with Cayde-6's powerful Ace of Spades hand cannon. The "Zero Hour" mission nets you the Outbreak Perfected pulse rifle. The classic Bad Juju pulse rifle is waiting in the "Other Side" mission, which can be accessed via the Leviathan's Tribute Hall.

If you've run out of quests to run, this is also a great time to earn a title. The Wayfarer, Blacksmith, Chronicler and Shadow titles will all become unavailable on Nov. 10, along with titles from previous seasons.